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Empower Yourself! Professional Skin Care Products You Can Use at Home

We can never escape aging, but we can certainly slow it down. Thanks to the efforts of wonderful specialists and technicians advancing the capabilities of technology, we have discovered all new revolutionary ways to stall aging, bring forward a healthier skin, and treat acne. Our team at Platinum Skin Care places top priority on making sure all our customers are treated to the best of our ability. This means more beautiful skin, a wider smile, and increased self-esteem.

We offer products for every skin type and every age – for both men and women! You'll find anti-aging skin care products, products for acne treatment, home peels and so much more; all containing highly effective ingredients you just can't get in drugstore and supermarket products.

  Discover the Platinum Skin Care Difference

We are here to help you through your skin care journey. Our site is teeming with information to help you make the correct choices the first time. And, if you can't find all the answers you are looking for, we are here to help you. We have certified skin care representatives that will help you right over the phone, on chat, or if you are local, you may step right into our showroom.

Here at Platinum you will NOT overpay for our professional products. Yes, they are professional:

  • Carried in Spas and Dermatology offices all over the world.
  • Here you will find CERTIFIED skin care products. Peels, Acids and Emu oil products all carrying the proper paperwork.
  • All created in the United States with ethical practices and high standards.
  • All monitored and batch labeled for your safety.

Our prices are amazing for the quality of product that you are getting. Start your skin care journey now.

  It's Easy to Shop at Platinum Skin Care

If you are not sure on the specifics, a super easy way to start shopping is by choosing your specific Skin Type. Just select "Shop by Skin Type" in our category menu (left column). You can shop by just about any need or product type. But the simple truth is, you have to begin if you want to SEE those changes!

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AB Acne Cleanser 15% Glycolic Hyaluronic Serum Eyelift Xpress Caffeine Eye Roller
AB Cleanser
Our Price: $14.95
Accelerate the removal of dead, dull skin, increase collagen, and reduce the appearance of fine lines, sun damage and hyper pigmentation. Formulated to help achieve softer, smoother skin texture and tone.
Eyelift Xpress: Minimize wrinkles, puffy eye bags. pigmentation and dark circles.

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