CUSTOM | Anti Aging + Pigmentation Kit

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CUSTOM | Anti Aging + Pigmentation Kit

Custom | Anti Aging + Pigmentation Kit.  Base: TCA 7% + Retinol .10% + 2-Potion Actives + Day Cream + Eye Cream + Fade Bright + Super CP Serum. 

Additional options:  Upgrade TCA to 13% or 20%
Additional options: Add on High Octane Vitamin C   or BOTH Vitamin C + Fade Bright
Additional options: Upgrade to SuperCop 2x
Additional options: Upgrade to .20% or .30% Retinol

Pigmentation + Anti Aging Custom Kit

The biggest request we get from customers is a regimen for pigmentation and anti aging. The two seem to run hand in hand for most people - and rightfully so. As we age not only do lines begin to appear, but for the most part spotting across the face, jawline and chest appear as well. This is from a lifetime of sun exposure and is, unfortunately perfectly normal. 

We have put together a set that you can customize that will take care of each problem + a TCA peel. Why TCA? Because it is the best acid for the job. It has been proven to stimulate collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans and it is excellent for lessening pigmentation. We have coupled this with our Molecular Retinol Serum which is also extremely beneficial for not only spotting on the skin but for wrinkles as well. 

Choose your TCA percentage. If you are very sensitive our 7% will be perfect for you. Most will not fall into this category though, and for the majority of people the 13% will be the preferred option. Please refrain from choosing the TCA 20% unless you have been using the 13% and are applying 5 layers or more and would like to move up in strength. 

Choose your Retinol percentage. Most will begin with the .10%, but if you are not sensitive, you can begin with the .20%. Please refrain from selecting the .30% unless you are coming from a stronger retinA prescription. 

Choose your Copper strength. Super CP Serum is a perfect place to begin your skin remodeling journey. Copper is excellent for scarring and also wrinkles. It is a tissue re-generator that will quickly further your regimen. *If you do not mind a bit of tingling/itching during application, then you may wish to choose the very strongest copper which is the SuperCop 2x. The tingle will go away after about 1/2 hour or so. 

Choose your Pigmentation product(s).  We have selected the Fade Bright to be your base product. It is our premium melanin inhibitor with skin lightening properties. You can use this for pretty heavy pigmentation. If you have lighter pigmentation, then the High Octane Vitamin C serum may be all you need to transform your skin. If you have very problematic pigmentation and/or melasma, you may want to choose the 3rd. option which is a combination of both the Fade Bright and the Vitamin C to tackle your spots.  

Choose your High Active Potions.  This 2 - combo bottle of our super high percentage actives (35% - 75% strength) is available here. You may choose both of the same active or you may choose two different actives for a combination. The actives are as follows: 

  • Synake - This is a neuropeptide that will help to slow muscle contractions when it builds in the skin. In turn the fine lines will be less visible. 
  • Syn-TC - TC stands for Total Collagen. This is the active to choose if you are looking for collagen growth. *We highly recommend this be a choice. 
  • Apple Stem Cell - This is for general renewing of the skin. Apple stem cells teach your skin how to behave like it is young again. 
  • Citrus Stem Cell - Excellent for smoothing the feel of the skin and stimulating tight elastin fibers. *Excellent choice.
  • EGF + Stem Cells - This is 2000 IU of human cloned epidermal growth factor. It is excellent to use after peels and other acidic product that break down old tissues. It also has some apple and citrus stem cells in it. 
  • Matrixyl Synthe '6 - Absolutely excellent for the eye area. Aids in minimizing crows feet. *We highly suggest this as a choice. 

Choose your Day Cream. GABA Elite Super Antioxidant is full of botox alternatives and other antiaging ingredients. It is formulated for all normal and normal - oily skin types. If you are on the dry side, or are super dry, then please choose our DermaSnap 8LM antiaging day cream. This one has neuropeptides as well and will help to quench your ever-dry skin. 

Choose your Eye care product(s).  You may select just the Platinum Eyes Restoration Therapy for minor puffyness and dark circles plus antiaging, or you may add on the Eyelift Xpress Caffeine Roller if your circles and bags are extreme. Apply roller. Wait a few seconds to dry, then apply your eye cream.




Wash with your favorite Platinum Cleanser. Apply your Pigmentation product (Fade Bright and/or Vitamin C) and then apply 1 pump of your High Active Potion. Top with your day cream and Dab on your eye product(s). 


Wash. Apply Pigmentation products again. Apply Potion again. Apply Copper Serum or Cream. Top with Retinol for deep penetration. Dab on Eye products.  *Wait 1 minute in-between layers of products to allow absorption. 


For your peel, follow Peel Manual to see how many times you will be able to apply per month. On average 1-2x per month is normal. 

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