Glominerals Pressed Foundation

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Glominerals Pressed Foundation

glominerals pressed powder makeup. Vitamins C, A, K, E. Good for all skin types - including acne.


  • Foundation
  • Powder
  • Concealer
  • Antioxidant Benefits
  • Broad Spectrum UV Protection






GloMinerals pressed bases are formulated using powerful pharmaceutical-grade antioxidants, natural, high-pigment minerals and broad spectrum UV protection. These products are designed to deliver a flawless complexion while improving the health and appearance of the skin and protecting it, from the outside - in.

Skin Nurturing Benefits

  • Antioxidant power - glominerals incorporates the science of antioxidant benefits with unsurpassed coverage to help the skin perform to its potential. Vitamins K, C, A, E and Green Tea Extract are nutrients vital to helping the skin regenerate and produce healthy cells.
  • Anti-Inflammatory - Acne and Rosacea Prone Skin - Anti-inflammatory ingredients, including Green Tea Extract, Zinc an Vitamin C, help improve the appearance an condition of acne and rosacea-prone skin.
  • Continuous Coverage - We use only the finest ingredients and micronized minerals so every application provides continual coverage that lasts without fading.
  • Non-comedogenic - Every glominerals product is non-comedogenic so skin can breathe, which helps inhibit potential for bacteria to become trapped in pores.
  • Allergy sensitive - Our pressed base contains no perfumes or chemical dyes. It is suitable for even the most sensitive skin types or conditions.
  • Quality commitment - glominerals is committed to formulating the smartest working formulations with only superior pharmaceutical-grade vitamins and minerals.
  • Cruelty-free- None of our products or ingredients are tested on animals!
  • Makeup with a purpose - Our micronized mineral bases combine powerful antioxidants and UV protection in a delivery system that provides flawless coverage. It's skin-nurturing makeup for beauty with a higher purpose.

See Color Chart Below

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Keep the following hints in mind as you choose:

  • Pressed powder shows up lighter on your skin than in the picture.
  • Most colors are self-adjusting! Even if you are not right on target, the color will blend in with your skin tone.
  • Select a slightly darker foundation color if difference between skin tone and hyper pigmentation is minimal.
  • If differences are severe, choose a foundation color that is in-between the hyper pigmentation color and skin color.
  • If hyper pigmentation appears in isolated areas only, conceal with a color that most closely matches skin tone.
  • Yellow/Olive undertones with red surface tones = Peach
  • Yellow/Olive undertone with golden surface tones = Golden/Yellow
  • Yellow/Olive undertone with red & golden = Warm Peach
  • It is easiest, and will give more professional blending results to apply your foundation with a Kabuki Brush.

These are nice full size compacts! 10 Gram/.35oz. These are much larger than many other mineral pressed powder foundations.

Warm Golden - Yellow or Olive undertones

glo-gldn-lght.jpg glo-gldn-med.jpg glo-gldn-dk.jpg

Cool Beige - Pink or Peach Undertones

glo-bge-lgt.jpg glo-bege-med.jpg glo-bge-drk.jpg

Neutral Natural - Peach or Yellow Undertones

glo-nat-fair.jpg glo-nat-lght.jpg glo-nat-med.jpg glo-nat-drk.jpg


Deep Honey - Yellow or Olive Undertones

glo-hony-lght.jpg glo-honey-med.jpg glo-honey-drk.jpg glo-chstnt-light.jpg glo-chestnut-med.jpg

Deep Honey - Yellow or Olive Undertones


Bronzer All  Undertones