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Wrinkles, acne, dry skin, age spots and so much more – you don’t have to surrender to these skin issues, not when you use Platinum Skin Care’s professional skin care products. Platinum Skin Care welcomes you to our site where you will find a wide range of professional skin care products formulated to address most any skin problems you have. Our products can help you attain and keep vibrant, healthy-looking skin at any age.

We know that you want to SEE who is actually working at the place you purchase your skin care from. Yes, we are a REAL live company. Yes, we have a physical Brick and Mortar storefront. Yes, we have an A+ rating with the BBB. Here is a great pic of the team taken right in our front lobby. Keep scrolling down and you will find a BIO of all the key players in our team. 

Platinum Skin Care Team

Helping People Obtain Fantastic Skin since 2001!

Woman owned and operated, Platinum Skin Care has been helping people achieve skin care success since 2001.

We offer skin care products and solutions for all skin types including acne scar treatments and solutions for oily acne prone skin and dry skin; anti aging skin care needs like anti-aging wrinkle creams, face masks and cleansers, acne or acne scarring products, body care, skin care for men and children's skin care. Men and women both can achieve glowing, healthy skin whether they are 20 or 70 and beyond!


President & CEO

Jennifer has been manufacturing skin care products since 2001. Design and marketing skills aside, Jennifer was stricken with problematic acne since her 20's. In an attempt to control her skin issues she went to countless professionals. When none of them were interested in helping her control her acne long term, and were only interested in charging large fees and performing spot treatments, she decided to start her own company. This company is geared towards those who want to take charge of their issues at home. She teamed up with an FDA and EPA laboratory and began the creation of her impressive line. Jennifer creates the majority of the specialty products in the Platinum Skin Care line, and is the idea person behind each and every product Platinum manufactures. Jennifer has extensive knowledge with problem skin and aging skin. On many days she may be manning the phone lines along with her staff, so you just might get a personal consultation with The Boss! 

Favorite product(s): Regenerate, AB Cleanser, Purify, High Octane C, Dr. Platinum's Potions, B-Complex.

Vice President & Marketing

Kevin has been working hand in hand with Jennifer since the beginning. Kevin can be found working directly with our Private Label companies and even traveling and teaching about the product lines we create for them. He is responsible for the creation of our Debonair Men's collection and gets his hands dirty performing countless tasks around the shop. 

Favorite product(s): Emu oil, Vitamin B Complex


Office Manager, Certified Skin Care Expert & Professional Accounts Management

Office Manager, Certified Skin Care Expert & Professional Accounts Management Dora has been working for Platinum Skin Care since 2005. She has an esthetic background and brings a wealth of knowledge to the company. She heads up our Customer Service department and answers the phones all day long with a smile! When not helping our customers choose the products that will work best for them, she is busy managing stock counts, setting up new professional accounts, processing international custom documents, shipping packages and managing her staff. 

Favorite product(s): Platinum Eyes & Eyelift Xpress, GABA Elite

Certified Skin Care Expert, Order processing and Manufacturing 

Stacey has been working for Platinum since 2004. She has extensive product knowledge from all of her years working within the skin care industry. Her days are mainly spent in the laboratory fulfilling orders and manufacturing products. You may also get the pleasure of speaking with her when you call in for product counseling or order placement. Her in depth product knowledge will surely get you into the proper regimen you are seeking. 

Favorite product(s): Retinol .30 and Mandelic 40+

Certified Skin Care Expert, Order processing and Manufacturing 

Sam has been with Platinum Skin Care since 2006. Her health and wellness background has helped her move up quickly in the company. Originally our Medi Spa's receptionist, her people skills and product knowledge propelled her to become a Certified Skin Care Expert. She spends her days counseling our online customers as well as our local clientele. When she has a free moment she also works with our Order processing and Manufacturing departments. 

Favorite product(s): Eyelift Xpress, High Octane Vitamin C
Order processing and Manufacturing. Certified Skin Care Expert In Training.
Danielle is our newest employee as of 2015. She is currently training to be a Certified Skin Care Expert with our amazing staff helping her along the way. There is a LOT to learn to counsel you over the phone, in chat and emails. While she learns everything she needs to know, she is busy filling orders and learning the art of packaging products. She is a team player 100% is not scared to try anything. Including peels!
Esthetician & Product Sales 

Margo has been with Platinum since 2011. She spends her days performing treatments in-house at our Show room location. She specializes in peels, facials and waxing. She uses the entire Platinum Skin Care line in her spa services and can answer all questions relating to products and usage. When she is not busy she helps out with whatever needs to be done in the Shop. 

Favorite product(s): Mandelic peel, GABA Elite, Platinum Eyes.

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Platinum Skincare is proud to be cruelty free. Not one of our products are tested on animals and we use no services or laboratories that do animal testing. As members of PETA and Leaping Bunny, we never have and never will.

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