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Emu Oil

Ever heard of Emu Oil? It may be one of the best kept secrets in the entire skin care industry, and now Platinum Skin Care is bringing it you. Emus are the second-largest bird that lives today, and it turns out that these birds like to fight quite wildly during mating season. So much so that their bodies have adapted to be able to heal very quickly because of this. It also so happens that we, as humans, can make use of the wonderful healing properties that emus possess by using emu oil.

This amazing oil seems to work so well on humans because it has a fatty acid profile that is just about identical to that of human beings. What this means is that they can help heal our own skins much, much better than any plant based products. In fact, on burns it has been shown that emu oil works even better than aloe vera or lavender oil.

Emu oil is full of Omega 3 fatty acids and Omega 6 fatty acid. These acids are some of the most beneficial acids when it comes to improving our overall health. They increase the production of hormone like substances that heal our skin and reduce inflammation. This oil is so wonderful that it even penetrates all of our skin layers, even into our joints and our muscles so they can reduce inflammation there as well.

Platinum Skin Care brings you this wonderful oil in 2 fantastic products the Emu Extreme oil designed specifically to make advantage of the oils inflammation reducing properties to help ease pain, and the Emu Oil Pure Certified which brings you all the amazing benefits of the oil.