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Anti Aging Mask and Scrubs

Nothing beats the feeling of deeply cleansed, supple, beautiful skin and the glow of a balanced complexion. When you look your best, you feel your best. With the range of Anti-Aging Masks and Scrubs from Platinum Skin Care, achieving the look we want is not only simple but a joy in itself. These luxuriant products will leave you feeling as pampered and special as if you had spent an entire day at the spa. Leave your skin feeling hydrated, nourished, and looking younger.

In only 15 minutes the Antioxidant Enzyme Mask from Platinum Skin care will gently exfoliate even the most sensitive skin. Containing three powerful enzymes and multiple antioxidants, this mask provides brilliant anti-inflammatory action. The rose clay will not only exfoliate your skin, but also leave it with better circulation which will leave you looking radiant.

For those of us that desperately need more moisture in our skin Platinum Skin Care has designed a richly hydrating and healing facial mask. The Apple Stem Cell Caviar Extract Hydration Mask is uniquely designed to assist your skin in retaining its essential moisture, leaving your skin looking more plump and healthier than ever before. This fantastic mask will replenish the lipids, vitamins and minerals that your skin has lost over time. Your skin will firm up and tighten thanks to the masks ability to improve your skin elasticity.

And for those fine lines and wrinkles, Platinum Skin Care has formulated their unique Diamond Dermabrasion with Lactic Acid. This product contains a blend of actual Diamond dust, specially designed crystals, and helpful exfoliating acids. Use it anywhere on your body to smooth fine lines, fade pigmentation marks and deeply cleanse your pores.

Yes, Platinum Skin Care has all of our Anti-Aging needs covered.