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Platinum Skin Care Reviews

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Platinum's web site is the best, and your cust. service reps are true professionals. I have the highest degree of confidence in not only the product, but the knowledge your representatives possess. Several beauty counter managers  ask me how i've changed my skin, (on the down low of course since I work for a very large and well known chain) and it always comes down to Platinum. Thank you for providing the product to eradicate my millea,reduce scaring , cure my cystic acne and restore my confidence.

Hi my name is Jeannine and I am in love with Emu Oil! I have been using Emu oil for over 4 years now and can not imagine not having it as part of my daily routine. I use it to remove eye makeup but mostly use it to help smooth out the fine lines around my eyes, forehead and mouth. I always use it as the sole moisturizer after I do a home peel as well. A bottle lasts me well over a year. A little dab goes a long way.  Thank you, Jeannine P.

My name is Renee and I just want to let you know how much I love your Emu oil. I use it every day. I use it on my face at night along with your night cream and I concentrate it on my upper arms, especially the backs so now they are so smooth, no more tiny bumps or "chicken skin" as I've heard it called... lol. I let my little doggie lick some each day for his coat, and he loves it as well. My husband had a dry patch oon his arm that would not go away so I suggested he try the Emu oil and it worked great at healing it. I also use the Emu oil on my scalp and especially around my edges as it has helped to regrow them. I use it on my neck under my moisturizer also. I absolutely LOVE this sstuff. Thanks for making such a great product. Renee N.

Hi, my name is Maryann Farrell. I have a 17 old autistic daughter, who has severe anxiety. Every time her stress level rises, she begins to pick anything on her face, a pimple, a dry skin patch, etc.. She will pick the pimple, etc. to the point of scarring. So, about 5 years ago, I started looking for a product to help with her dry skin and the scarring from the picking of her face. I came across Platinum Skin Care products. The product that has been a life saver for her face is, Platinum Emu oil. It helps the dry skin between her fingers and it has saved, what would have been, serious scarring all over her face. I can only control the picking of her face so much, but I can prevent the scarring, by applying the Platinum Emu oil 3-5 times a day. My daughter is a very pretty girl and it would be heart breaking, to see her scar her entire face over the last 5 years, but Platinum has saved us with the Emu oil and other face products I have applied to her face. Thank you Platinum. Maryann F

Hello Platinum Skin Crew! Just wanted to tell you how much I love your Fade Bright Serum. Just orderd the full-size bottle after going through 2 sample sizes. This stuff is literally amazing! Not only does it fade discolorations, it also seems to also help keep break-outs at bay, and my skin has more of a dewy glow. Make up glides on after using this product as well. I will never be without it again. Thank you for a wonderful product. Natalile J.

I have been using Platinum Skincare products for the past few years. I have grown to love many of the products, but one of my favorites is the Diamond Dermabrasion Polishing Cream. It is my "go-to" product when my skin gets flaky during the winter months. It is so smooth and the diamond crystals are so fine it feels like a smooth sandpaper. I have used other exfoliating creams in the past and they were extremely abrasive and irritating. Thank you Platinum Skin Care!!! Paula. *Paula, the difference between our scrub and others is the crystals. They are perfectly round and will not scratch or irritate the surface.

Hello. I have been using Platinum's emu oil and apple stem cell potion for a couple of years now. This has significantly reduced my melasma, improved my skin tone, and reduced my Rosacea issues. I have been having more dry skin problems lately because I had to increase my allergy medications and I have extreme chlorine sensitivity, but today I remembered that Platinum sent me a promotional jar of apple stem cell and caviar hydration mask with my last order. What a difference 15 minutes makes! My skin feels so much softer and rejuvenated after just one application. Thank you so much for sending the mask. It is a generous supply and I will be using it regularly. I love it! Ramona R.


My name is Beth Christian and my daughter, Hannah, and I both use your products, particularly the Vitamin B cream. I am 49 years old, and people constantly think I am at least 9-10 years younger. I always tell them I thank my parents and Platinum Skin Care! When I turned 40, I started breaking out with hormonal-related acne and went to a dermatologist, who prescribed Retin-A. The Retin-A worked fabulously, but over time, I've not been able to keep the prescription because my skin improved and I didn't have a medical reason for it anymore. So I turned to Platinum Skin Care, and the results I get from the Vitamin B cream and Platinum Eyes are even BETTER than Retin-A and dermatologist-recommended products. The Diamond Dermabrasion cream works wonders for both my daughter and me, and is just as good as professional dermabrasion treatments that I've had in the past, if not better.

I have tried every anti-aging skin product out there, and nothing makes my skin radiant like the Vitamin B cream. Love it!! Best regards, Beth C.

I like all of platinum Skin Care's products because they work. Every product is based on the latest cosmeceutical findings. I have been using Platinum's product for over ten years al least and have aged very well.  Michael L.

Hi-ya Platinum,

I love the apple stem cell with Gaba. Omg, my skin is changing to smooth silk!! I wouldnt trade this gift for all the tea in China :)

Thanks Platinum, Mina (Kristina) M

Hi Platinum family,

I have been using your products for 4 years now, but my absolute favorite are your peels and emu oil. I travel a lot to very hot and humid climates and to keep my combination skin under control a peel every two weeks either lactic or glycolic solves a lot of my skin problems. It's important to note that you have exceptional customer service and products arrive promptly. Looking forward to trying synake and apple stem cells next.  I recommend you to all my friends with acne problems as well.

Luminosity. This stuff is great with TCA peels and to prep for TCA peels. I have bought 6 jars thus far and my acne has improved and it increased the peeling of my TCA peel. Daily I use micro dermabrasion cream then I use Prep B then Jessners peel and layer TCA then lastly luminosity. Great new product that works perfect with the rest of my skin care. I just bought fade bright so I will be reviewing that next month. Rebecca B.

Hi there Platinum Skincare Team! My name is Penni and while I used to buy and use your products exclusively at my skincare parlor, sadly it closed with the subprime crash of '09. The good new is I've never given up on Platinum and you have always been there for me. I'm not in Massachesetts and contemplating giving another little room a go. Currently with the changing weather and my skin changing since turning40 I find my vitamin C is essential every morning. You see I love the way it helps my moisturizers by sealing them in. I have many of your other products, but gotta have my C! Penelope P.

Just used on my husband since he has rough coarse skin. I used tca 30% and diluted to make it 15% and made two passes. OMG he peeled good in three days and his skin is much improved. I will repeat in 4 weeks. I have used the fade brighter sample day 4 till the next treatment. Stay tuned. Thanks for great product! LDuran ( California).

First, I want to say thank you. I was the winner of some of your Emu oil, which I absolutely love. I also use your Platinum Lip Butter. Its a great product as well. It makes my lips feel so soft and smooth. I used to use Chap stick, but I wanted something natural so I tried your product. LOVE IT!! I don't even wear lipstick a lot of times when I go out during the day.  Keep making these great products!! Renee N.

About once a week I use my diamond microderm cream and it never fails... the next day I get so many compliments on my skin! The microderm cream leaves my skin shiny and polished looking. Tish B.

Hi my name is Deborah. I've been a platinum girl forever! Think I've just about filled every nook and cranny I can get away with from hubby finding out about my platinum addiction, and darnt it...!!! A new "must have" enters my life that I need to add and find a space for. I love everything PSC carries... The emu oil is THE best!... Triple treat lotion is magic... I was skeptical ... But the back of my arms are gone...! Vanished! And from using this lotion for about 5 months now, every part of my body is truly luxuriously moisturized! I'm not kidding... there is nothing like it!!! I had to get used to it because it its very different from anything I've used... I use it very sparingly right out of the shower or bath.... Still dripping... Yes!! One pump does it.... Anymore than that is too much... With the lactic, hyaluronic and shea, it's the combo that targets every problem solved... My skin is finally glowing and smooth... Thank you again Platinum for having my back, and legs, and arms.... Deborah M. PFF (Platinum Fan Forever).

Hi, I have been using several of your products for over 5 years now. I love all of your products, but I am in love with the GABA super antioxidant! I could tell a difference from the moment I put it on! I ran out and could immediately tell in the lines around my eyes, they didn't look as smooth! I am 40 and I get compliments on my skin a lot and I always tell everyone about your Skincare! It is the best! thank you!  Dawn G.

My name is Denise and I am a 56 year old woman who loves more than one of the products at Platinum Skin Care but my favorite of the moment is the new Luminosity Method for using as a second step after a peel.  I’ve done several TCA peels over the last couple of years and while I did get some peeling, it never seemed like much.  I recently did a TCA 10% three layers deep and after rinsing off the peel, applied the Luminosity according to the package directions and waited.  Didn’t think that it would make much difference, but WOW was I surprised when three days later, my whole face was peeling like crazy!  Not just a spot here and there but all over!!!  I was so happy and every time I looked in the mirror and saw the peeling, I got so excited.  My co-workers (yes I still went to work) and husband thought I was nuts because I was so ecstatic about my face peeling.  My skin was so smooth afterwards.  I’m definitely going to keep the Luminosity Method around for when I do another peel as I was very pleased with my results.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE LUMINOSITY!!!!

I am a 49 year old African American Woman.  My favorite product and go to: is the Fade Brite Serum. I have suffered with acne since I was 13 years old....this has caused a lot of hyperpigmentation. On my skin it looked horrible and it stuck out as if to announce itself as I walked into the room. I found your website and have been blessed every since. I ordered the fade brite and the hyperpigmentation is no longer announcing itself....beauty has stood up and taken her place. Thank you for such a wonderful product! Dove J.

My name is Stephanie Sorensen, from Peachtree Corners, GA, and my favorite product is the Platinum Eyes Restoration Therapy. I love how the skin around my eyes feels soft, and yet the cream absorbs well and doesn't leave any greasy residue. I have been buying it for years and will continue to do so! Steph S

Hi! I'm Rachel and my favourite Platinum Skincare product is Retinol.30.  I love this product because after about 1 week of every other night use, my skin tone was more even and my skin was smoother.  This product is not irritating at all and I now use it every night seeing even better results.

Dear Platinum, My name is AJ, I am in my late 30's.  I've had acne for as long as I can remember and I always thought when I turned 20 it would leave me, that decade came and went but my acne didn't. Roughly 6 years ago when I discovered your website and the range of acne products, I can't tell you how excited I was to try a new 'at home' product! Even though the TCA 12 peel it is not listed as an acne peel product, I love using it at bed time 2 or 3x a week!  My skin feels fantastic in the morning and all day long, especially during our humid summers when my skin is more sebaceous during my sleep, it really controls the oil production.  I look forward to trying other Platinum products! AJ M

I am 57 years young and I still have acne and very, very oily skin. Well, I would have acne if I did not take care of my skin. I would break out horribly with big cysts if I didn't use the cleansers, toners, and benzoyl peroxide. I now use the AB Cleanser, AB Toner, and the TCA 30%. I also use the fan brush. My favorite product is the TCA 30% and I love how it means business. It does not take layering like the diluted TCA. I bought the fan to swipe it on my face. I also love how the fan evenly and smoothly applies the acid to my face. I also love the TCA because I can dilute it to use it in between major peels with the 30%. My skin is so oily so using the 30% really dries me up and I get peel action. I have lost lots of layers. When I use the 30% to peel, I love how it makes my pores vanish for a few days. It draws my skin up and makes it look totally poreless!! I love when my skin looks like this. When I use the TCA full strength, whew!! It certainly burns for a few seconds, but it's ok. I jump around for a little bit and get in front of the fan!! I know that I could order the lotion for pain control, but it's ok. I can take it. I love the TCA 30%. It helps to keep my skin clear and it takes off a layer of skin off every time!! Barbara C. **BC is a long time peel user. We do not recommend applying TCA 30 full strength. Always dilute to a lower percentage.

I love my AB Toner already. It's extremely effective and yet does not dry out or agitate my sensitive skin. I have very sensitive skin but it is very congested and I have big pores. It's tough to find products that truly work but aren't agitating. Thanks for making the AB Toner! Amy M.

Hi my name is Bethany and I have been plagued with all kinds of acne especially cystic acne on my chin and I also have combo/dry/ oily skin. I purchased the Bi Phase combo salicylic & glycolic acid kit. What a life saver! My acne started to dry up and fall off with each peel (I did these once a week for 7 weeks) but I still had some pitted scars and red marks. Well lucky me I also had a sample of 20% tca that I purchased from Platinum Skincare and decided to give it a try after reading the great reviews on it. Well I took the plunge last Sunday 5/26/13 and OMG!!! After 6 days of peeling I can't believe how great my skin looks and feels I still have a few dried up pimples but absolutely nothing like before using my amazing peels from Platinum Skincare my skin hasn't been this clear in forever! And I have tried everything from dermatologist to lasers and professional chemical peels and can't believe the results that I have from maybe 60 bucks I spent on these peels. I feel so good about myself now I don't have to hide behind tons of makeup.I work in the beauty industry as a hairstylist and never felt beautiful but thanks to Platinum Skincare I'm gorgeous!! Thanks so much for being so helpful and knowledgeable about skincare. I can't be more grateful to your amazing staff and company!!! You have a life long customer! Thanks A MILLION!!!

My name is Kristina. I recently purchased the AB Toner from Platinum Skin Care, and I absolutely love it so far! I had been using a 10% glycolic acid toner from another company for quite awhile, but it wasn't doing much for me after my skin adjusted to it. The AB Toner has the combination of acids, which is my favorite thing about it. My skin feels so smooth and is clear after only a very short time using this. I can't wait to see the long term results...Thank you Platinum Skin Care!

Hi, my name is Widnide. I love using the Acne Diamond Dermabrasion, I have severe acne and have been battling acne since middle school, I recently purchased the Adult Acne Kit which I love and really love the results from the Dermabrasion, it opens up the pores and helps to get rid of all the dead skin. I perform the Dermabrasion once a week, which has made a huge difference. 

Dawn B. My favorite product would have to be emu oil. It is a fantastic product. After I do a chemical peel, my face heels quickly using the emu oil. It also keeps my skin smooth and healthy all year round. 

Hi..my name is Jenn. My favorite product is....well...actually, I have SEVERAL!! ;) I absolutely love the glycolic cleanser though.....love ,love, love it!!! I use it to keep my skin looking young and even toned..but also to keep it clear. I ALSO use it for my clients(i'm an esthetician) to prepare their skin for your wonderful chemical peels....i have managed to help my clients get " hooked "!!! Keep making these great products and i'll be loyal for life! Thanks, Jenn m

Hi ya'll! I just wanted to let you guys know how amazing the Copper Peptide Serum was. I bought it about a month ago and have been using it every other day after exfoliating my skin. It is a pity that most people do not know about copper peptides. I only learned about it a month ago and I'm so grateful for it. I have had icepick scars on my face for a couple of years and the only sure way to fix it seemed to be surgery (laser). But after learning about CP, I decided to try it. After all, the other option was to deplete my bank account for laser surgery. It doesn't work miracles overnight, but after some time, I am starting to see my skin tone evening out. The "holes" in my face do not look as deep anymore. It's great! Thank you guys for offering an amazing product for such an awesome price. Kristy P

I rarely admit this but I just turned 38 in June. I have been using Platinum Skin Care Products since I turned 30 years old and looked in the mirror and saw my makeup caked in two lines on the side on my mouth. I remember thinking "What the *bleep* are those?!" I have been peeling and using several of your products- ,specifically the emu oil, copper peptides, apple stem cells, tca, jessner peels. I have blogging about these products for years :http://savingfacecheaply.blogspot.com/2012/02/my-... I recently got carded at a liquor store and she was floored at my age. Thank you ladies!

I am a 49 year old woman, living in a rural area now. For most of my life, I have always been considered to have "good looks". While that has been fun and all, what's not fun is aging and still trying to hang on to that moniker. Hanging out on the boat every weekend with no sunscreen has not helped my situation. I learned about Platinum Skin Care products through my husband when he bought me a nice gift package for my birthday. This 10% Glycolic Cleanser was one of the many things I received, and I have been in love with it since. My face feels so soft and hydrated after using it! Pores seem smaller, lines I have to look for. Little by little, it seems to be improving the texture and overall appearance of my skin. So much so, that people are commenting on it. Then they ask "What are you using? Whatever it is, you look great!" Not one person ever gets my age right, and is usually off by 8-10 years. I especially love the genuine shocked look on someone's face when they learn i have a 28 year old son....lol. What more could I ask from a product? Works for me! Kel

I've added your Emu Oil to my regimen of Jamaican Black Castor oil to grow back the edges of my hair and I'm seeing results from it. I also started using your Basic night cream and I really like the feel of it. It makes my skin feel really soft and moist. So far I'm loving it. Renee N

Hello, my name is Michelle Rogers and I have been using Platinum products for about 5 years now. Turning 40 was a big deal to me so i decided I needed to start paying closer attention to my skin. I am 45 now and think I have aged quite nicely. I owe it to Platinum Skin care products and the High Octane Vitamin C. I've used it consistently for 3-4 years in combination with other outstanding products from Platinum. I wont be without it.Thank you for a wonderful product!

Thank You!! I love Platinum and have referred tons of people there! I am an actress/model, and have been a spokesmodel for Dove Soaps, and its due to my skin!! And my skin is due to your products!! I will attach a couple of photos for you. I am going to be 42 in June, and have 2 sons who are 22 and 20, and I often am mistaken for their sister!! Thanks a ton!!! Deborah **We are so thrilled that you are enjoying OUR products (alongside the obvious others)!! Thank you for spreading the word about US! Jen

I just wanted to tell you what your products have done for me. I am almost 49 years old and have some sun damage on my face from my 20's when I used to lay out in the sun with baby oil all over my body and face. I have been using your lightening cream, retinol 30%, platinum eyes, Peptide serum along with the Emu Oil. I have never really taken that good care of my skin as I was blessed with fairly decent skin but age started to show though I really do not have wrinkles (yet). But my skin looked dull and as I said, I have some sun damage (dark spots) on my face.

I did my first TCA peel at 12.5% -- one layer only. About 6 weeks later, I did another peel at 2 layers. I can't tell you how many people have been commenting on my skin even after the 1 layer TCA peel. While I notice a change, other people have noticed it more than I have since I see myself in the mirror daily and I am more critical of any flaws.

The funniest thing happened a week ago. Like I said, I am almost 49 years old. I take the train to work and they post sheriffs at the entrances and exits to the train station. One of the sheriffs flirted with me and asked me out. I chuckled to myself and asked him how old he was (he looked like a kid to me). He said he was 34 years old and I told him that when he was being born, I was finishing up high school and that I could have changed his diapers. The look on his face was priceless. He asked me what on earth I did to look like I did at my age and I told him to tell his mother to check out Platinum Skin Care. Since I am a runner, my body has stayed slim (and I eat very healthy) but with your products, apparently some years have dropped off my face. I plan on working my way up to a 20% TCA peel and once I obtain the results I want, I will maintain with the recommended peels per year. Thank you for making your products available at such great prices and for a very funny and enjoyable experience at the train station. :)

From: Kalyn

Hi, My name is Deborah and I have ALWAYS had very oily skin. I still do but your AB cleanser has reduced the oiliness significantly. I love the way it cleans my skin and leaves no residue. Thanks for all your great products. 

Deborah M

Hello, I have been ordering from Jennifer at Platinum Skincare since my 20's and now at age 42, I will always be a forever customer. Platinum is constantly evolving better and better, and always pleases me to death with what they come up with next! My favorite product since my 20's for my acne prone skin is hands down the Retinol 30 Serum. I live in Florida and now at 42 have some wrinkles and pigment problems, and the Retinol 30 serum is my savior product.It glides on so smooth and not greasy, nor leaves any residue and leaves my skin silky smooth and glowing the next morning. When I have used it regularly, it reduced or even made acne breakouts go in remission. Not even the dermatologist could do this!

I went to a prestigious spa twice a week last year, (it was a gift )a 1 year membership.My first visit, they commented how great my skin looked and how much younger I looked than my age. After a few visits, my skin started to look and behave LOUSY! I quit going before he year was up. And now my skin is back on track glowing and even looking younger by using Retinol Serum 30 every night! Everything I use from cleanser, to the peels, oil control, and now the new Stem Cell EFG is from Platinum and is great, but by far my favorite is the Retinol Serum 30!!!!

Please don't stop making this wonder product!

Best Regards, Customer for life Kimberly.

My name is Chonda. I am a 34 year old biracial woman that has ahd problems with malasma, acne, and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation as far back as i can remember. I started using platinum skincare products last summer. I saw nice results with the TCA peel but i am not always able to perform this peel because it does require down time. I love the Mandelic and Azelaic peel because i see results and it is gentle enough to use weekly with NO down time. Thank you for offering such a great product. I have seen results in overall skin texture as well as my acne problems have lessened.

Angie O. My Favorite product: AB Cleanser. I love this product. It makes my face feel so clean and soft. It keeps my acne under control and almost to zero. I ran out of it and within 2 weeks my face was breaking out daily. It also helps to keep the wrinkles away!

I just want to say that I'm absolutely thrilled with the 70% glycolic and hyaluronic pure serum I purchased from you last week. I'm a licensed aesthetician, (currently non-practicing, but I still like to maintain a healthy skin care regime for my own acne prone skin). I've had bad luck with buying effective AHA/BHA products online. Especially peels. In my experience, many sites aren't informative about PH levels and the ingredients in their products. You never really know what you're getting. Your detailed descriptions and honesty are what encouraged me to try your products. I definitely will be ordering again, and I'm very excited to try some of the other products you offer. Melissa

Hello, I just wanted to send a quick note to tell you how much I love the 15 Salicylic Chemical Peel. This is the first month that I did not have a breakout before my cycle. I usually get lots of little plugs and congestion each month from my earlobes to my chin. This is the first time in many years that I am acne free. I use it every 7-10 days as directed. This is my 3rd week of using it and I have never looked better. While I love the product, the bottle is not so great. It leaks alot. It was leaking when it arrived. Hopefully that is something you can fix. Thanks. **We are so very sorry that you had a leakage issue. Most likely either the bottle or lid had a bad thread, or it became loosened during shipment (please contact us directly if something happens such as this). That is something that we generally do not have problems with, so I am going to assume that this is an isolated issue. Jen

Cystic acne is a lot different that regular acne, in that it does not produce a "head" that is easily extracted, and if you mess with it, it can scar badly. I know from experience. (Your TCA cross was the only thing that got rid of my previous cystic acne scars (two of them)!! << you can print that). However, the glycolic toner did an excellent job of getting rid of the underlying infection this time...... thankfully. Kathleen 

TCA Peel Before

TCA Peel During

TCA Peel After

I used the 20% TCA (1 layer) to improve skin tone (I shave). Please see before, during and after photos attached. Please let me know if you are able to use these for your website. I am very please with the results and see a very good improvement in skin texture, tone and clarity. I will use another peel in the future for continued improvement. The peel worked great. Tracy Thanks.

Just wanted to say "thank you". I used your glycolic (all strengths) for a year and then started using the Obagi system. Went back to using your products - Salicylic to clear up over active oil glands and that worked beautifully! I am now ready to use your TCA Peel in place of the Obagi Peel. I will be ordering the highest strength and will take a conservative approach. Thank you so much for your information, instructions, education and products. You bring credibility to the industry. Linda 

Just wanted to say that I am very happy with the "Retinol Molecular Serum 30". Thanks also for the generous sample size, this size gives me enough to test the product in terms of making a choice to purchase the full size. I love the Retinol Molecular Serum 30. Thanks, Stephanie

Hi Jennifer. The results from these products are great and I wanted to let you know that I suffer from razor bumps and burn on my throat area from shaving. The glycolic peels help to eliminate razor burn like nothing I've ever used. My skin also looks and feels like it did twenty years ago. Byron 

20% Tca Peel Before


20% Tca Peel During Frosting

During - Frosting

20% Tca Peeling Process

Peeling Process

20% Tca Peel After

After - even tone

Hi, my name is Tonisia, but I go by "Nesha" and I am sending you a my pictures from my TCA peel. The products worked very well and I'm interested in your other products, so hopefully I can get the merchandise credit and try more of your great products. Platinum Skin Care is great, Thanks. 

*This is a 1-layer, 20% TCA peel. Jennifer

Hi! I just wanted to say thanks for the lightning fast delivery. I ordered on the 7th and received my package today (10th). Thanks for the excellent customer service! I ran out of my Platinum Eyes last Thursday and I couldn't wait to receive my order. Thanks! Jeannie 

I just had to write to let you know that the syn-coll is working a miracle on my face!!!! I just received the shipment last Thursday and I started using it right away, honestly I didn't hold too much hope that it would help. I am 47 years old and have been through some heavy radiation and chemo treatments that left me in a mess all over, but it really took a toll on my face. I am getting so excited to see the changes every day. My husband even asked me what was going on lol. I didn't take any pictures then but I will take some today and hopefully you will be able to see the big difference as much a I have. I have several places on my face now with stitches where they had to remove some staph infection and it is helping them heal. I hope this doesn't bore you too bad but this is the first time in 7 years I feel like I might get some of me back!!! Thank you so much for the great products, they are all me and my mom use. Thanks again, Donna

This must be about the 5th testimonial I am leaving with you. I have used your products for years and my skin is 32 years old and perfect! I recently added your Syncoll to my arsenal of glycolics and CP products. I mix two drops of the syncoll into my facial oil and apply it on top of the copper serum. Yes, my skin was already perfect before thanks to your wonderful products, but the syncoll has made it look beyond perfect. I wouldn't know what to do without you guys. I panic when your site is down (just for remodeling - no worries!). Sascha

Thank you, Jennifer, I placed my order and really appreciate the discounts. I so appreciate your excellent products--my skin is looking fabulous and I owe it all to Platinum Skin Care! I tell everyone here in LA about your products and I wish you lots of business success in the New Year! Best regards, Liz 

Thank you for resending a few of the damaged samples from my original order. The package came in perfect condition. (NOTHING BROKEN AND LEAKING)….. I received my parcel yesterday and applied the sample glycolic and was really impressed with the results. The week before the Salicylic Peel. I can’t wait to reorder full size bottles in a few weeks time. My skin already today looks more radiant and softer. All the reviews about your business have been nothing but positive over the internet. It took months of research to look for a company with a great reputation and I'm so glad I've found you. I have had many peels done at Spa Salons in the past and your product is identical if not better….. Regards, Belinda. 

I recently ordered the 10% glycolic cleanser/toner kit and after using it for just a week I have already seen major improvements! It has managed to get rid of both my acne AND my dry skin! A must-have product for combination skin! Not at all irritating or drying. Maybe combination skin is just perfect skin in need of balance? Amazing results. Anne 

40% Glycolic Acid Peel Before

Before #1

40% Glycolic Acid Peel After

After #1

40% Glycolic Acid Peel Before 2

Before #2

40% Glycolic Acid Peel After 2

After #2

I have had wonderful results with your products and wanted to share my testimonial, as well as photos, with you and all the visitors to your site. I am 45 years old this week, and have had hormonally induced cystic acne since I was a teenager. I had lots of scarring; mostly white scars and a few pitted. I began using Dr. Pickart's Copper Serums years ago, and they really served to take my skin to a baby smoothness, however, I needed something stronger to remodel my deeper scarring. I attempted to use the Super Cop creams that you offer, but having such oily skin as I do, I was not able to wear the creams so I stay with the serums. Also, even though I have used 2% Salicylic Acid my whole life, it wasn't until I began using your 3% formula that I saw a great improvement. I apply it every evening, and I use the Super CP Serum in the morning (and on any cuts I may get, in order to heal them quickly). I believe it's the 3% Salicylic Acid that deserves the praise for keeping my skin acne-free on a daily basis. Next, I discovered your 40% Glycolic Acid Peel. As you can see from the pictures, my sun spots on my left cheek have all but disappeared and my acne scarring has greatly improved also. These photos were taken after a total of 12 weekly peels, although improvement was seen almost immediately. My next step will be, of course, to advance to a stronger peel. Thank you for your dedication to skin care, and for your informative and professional site. I will be a Platinum SkinCare follower for life! Sincerely, Cindy


Hi there, Amongst other things, I ordered glycolic a/b cleanser, 3percent salicylic peel, super copper peptide and emu oil. They all arrived last night and I applied them as directed last night and this morning. My skin has gone from feeling sore and looking moderate to feeling and looking amazing I am glowing. Spots went down - IMMEDIATELY - can no wait for them to disappear completely - shouldn't be long!! Cannot wait to do the Gylcolic peel - I will of course be taking pictures. Cheers, like, Alicia 

The website looks very nice... the updates to catagorize products are very helpful. The 15% serum previously sent has really cleared up the pore clogging/comodones and my skin is great. I have not found anything to eradicate the early/young vertical lines above the lip area. Do you have any suggestions? *(I suggest the TCA 20% - apply vaseline to the lips to avoid seepage, 1-2 swipes of TCA, then use Vitamin C or Copper to regenerate - Jen). Please also send me a full size Platinum eyes--awesome as advertised and 15% serum. I must tell you that I truly cannot go back to the Chanel products that i had faithfully used for 20+ years ( I feel stinging or the products do not perform anywhere nearly as well as Platinum Skin care ( now faithfully using for 6+ mos). Feel free to post this as testimonial. Dr. Meeta 

Thank you for the advice and quick response time.. I love Platinum Skin Care. Last weekend I was with friends I hadn’t seen in a while and they all remarked at how good my complexion looked. All due to Platinum Skin Care! All the Best, Byron

15% salicylic Acid Peel Before15% salicylic Acid Peel During15% salicylic Acid Peel After

Enclosed are my before, after and after-after photos. The before is pretty much how my skin has been for the past 10 years, on and off. The after picture is after ONE 15% Salicylic peel. (I added the after-after to show how smooth makeup goes on now.) The results, as you can see, are amazing. Feel free to post them online. I cannot wait to do another peel and see more results. I have never had any luck using the 2% over the counter salicylic treatments but the 15% is amazing. I also got a sample of the copper serum, emu oil and spf 15 and so far LOVE everything!!! My skin looks better than it has in years after such a short time. Thank you!!! I will be ordering the acne kit for myself, and the basic skincare line for my mother. I have also told my friends, acquaintences and pretty much whoever will listen about your products. Sincerely Jennifer B. 

TCA Peel 12.5% BeforeTCA Peel 12.5% DuringTCA Peel 12.5% After


Thank you, Thank you, and once again thank you. I can't tell you how glad I am to have found your product line, especially the peels. After years of using skin care full of fillers, and empty promises I find your products to be refreshingly honest, potent, and elegantly formulated. So my story: I'm a rough and tumble kind of girl. Always out rock climbing, backpacking, and doing yoga. I recently suffered a large scrape on my poor sunburned face. I was terrified of having a scar, and I found your site through my extensive, frantic research on scar treatment and TCA peels. I was beyond happy to find reasonably priced TCA peels available on your site, especially considering the ridiculously high fees charged by dermatologists, and spas for the same treatment! I ended up ordering the 12.5% peel and followed the concise instructions. My skin turned pink and tingled during the peel applications. Over the next week after each peel, I experienced slight dryness and light peeling on days 5-7. But with the use of your copper serum and a good sunscreen, my skin healed quickly and effectively. After 3 TCA peels, with successive layering - as per the instructions, my scar is completely gone!!! I have also seen unexpected change in my skin clarity, old acne scars and sun hyper-pigmentation. As you can see in the first photo, I had my face constantly slathered in moisturizer in an attempt to heal the forming scar and sunburn. In the second photo, my face was pink mid-TCA peel and the leftover scar looked pretty scary and permanent. The third photo was taken recently, about 2 weeks after my third TCA peel, and my skin is happy and clear. I hope you use my photos so that more customers have the chance to see that Platinum Skin Care TCA peels actually work!!! 
Sincerely L

Megan 16% TCA Peel BeforeMegan 16% TCA Peel After

Hi there. I am sending in some before and after pictures of my amazing results with the 16% TCA peel. I ordered the sample size awhile ago and had been too nervous to use it. When I started to break out and nothing in my arsenal was working, I decided it was time to try one last resort before making a trip to the dermatologist. I used the 16% TCA peel and applied 3 layers. I left it one for about 5 minutes and then washed and moisturized with the emu oil that I requested as a sample in another order. I also used some Neosporin ointment on the really crusty places. My face felt *really* tight for 2 days then my chin, nose, and forehead began to peel and flake like crazy. My cheeks were the last to peel about 5 days after doing the peel on continued to peel for a few more days. I was done peeling completely around day 8. The after picture is 4 weeks after the peel. I think the results speak for themselves. I am so thrilled. I even convinced my boyfriend to let me peel his neck where he had a chronic cystic acne and guess what, the TCA made that disappear too! Thank you so much. I can't wait to try many more of your great products! If you do happen to use these for the webpage, please block out my eyes. Thanks again for such wonderful products! -- M

30% glycolic peel before30% glycolic peel after30% glycolic peel after 2

Hi I just wanted to thank you for offering these incredible products to the public. I didn't take much care of my face before I was 20 and by the time I found you online my skin was in terrible shape. I was about to spend thousands of dollars on dermatologists and lasers, but after reading your testimonials decided to try one last thing. I got your oily skin cleanser (10%), toner, and 30% glycolic peel, and I'm simply amazed by the results, my skin is noticeably smoother and firmer, less acne-prone, and almost all of the bumps have disappeared off my forehead and cheeks! This may sound like a small matter to you, but I'm so happy with the change your products effected in my skin, after only 2 months, that I'm recommending them to all my friends (and even buying some as Christmas presents!). I've attached some before and after pictures I took-- you can see my skin is positively glowing now!

Some tips I would like to share with others
  • If you're not sure which peel strength to use, get a sample. One lasted me for the entire 8-week cycle, and now I can raise the strength with my next order.
  • Get extra toner, because mine ran out fast-- I guess I use more toner than cleanser every day.
  • Get a face brush, it seems to work the same as a scrub but you don't have to replace it as often (though I could be wrong here)
  • If you DO get a scrub, the acne scrub Platinum offers is the best I've ever used (and I go through those like a princess through shoes)
  • JUST TRY IT-- honestly, you will be so happy with your results I'm surprised they don't offer a money back-guarantee!!! 


30% Glycolic peel before30% Glycolic peel after
20% TCA peel before20% TCA peel after

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Because of your products and advice I am well on my way to having the skin I never thought I'd see. I would like to share my journey in hopes it could be of some help to other acne sufferers. About 1.5 years ago I developed adult acne, I believe it was brought on by my discontinued use of birth control. Up until this point, I had a blemish here and there but nothing I was ever concerned about. I came upon your web site when I was searching for solutions to my acne problem. After viewing your site I knew I would order from you. It was clear to me that you took great care in being informative and helpful to your customers. 

My regiment is as follows: 

Morn/Eve cleanser with Glycolic Cleanser/Toner for oily skin. Morning follow w/ Super Copper Serum and Emu oil. Evening follow w/ Super Copper Serum and .10% Retinol or 15% Glycolic Serum.

After 2 weeks I added a Weekly 30% Glycolic peel followed with Super Copper Serum/Emu. 

After 1 month I added TCA peels. Starting with 10% and working my way to 20% (followed with copper/emu). I do this peel every 4-6 weeks in place of the Glycolic peel. 

I am sending photos from beginning and during my process to now. I have learned that patience and persistence does pay off. In the beginning my acne did get worse, but I expected that. Now my skin, though not blemish free, is in the best condition it has been for years. My fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars and red marks have greatly diminished, if not completely disappeared. My skin tone and texture is amazing and my skins elasticity has returned. My makeup goes on so smoothly and I feel pretty when it is all done - not like I'm trying to hide something. I hope my story, though not over, can be of some help or inspiration to others in my same shoes. Thank you again and continued success with your business. A very happy and satisfied customer, Janna.

The 10% glycolic acid cleanser and toner that I received last week are fantastic! That, plus the sample of Platinum Eye cream that you sent along has been working wonders. I have been doing business with your company for the past few years. I started out with the glycolic acid peel, and worked my way up to the 12.5% TCA peel, which I do every few months and is still strong enough for me. However, both peels were too strong for the under eye area. I had tried the 8% glyco-eye, too, but that wasn't strong enough. But these new products are just right! The skin under my eyes is looking smoother and much less "crepey". Just wonderful!Thanks again! I am 42 years old and my skin is smoother that most 20 year olds. Seriously! I often wonder what my skin would look like by now if I hadn't found you guys. Let's not think about that! Best wishes for continued success. Cara

before with acneafter without acne

Before and after photos for acne treatment. Lovely improvement! 

I NEVER write reviews, I never do. So this is my first one, I just wanted to say the Platinum Eyes is one of the best products that I have ever used, and I have gone thru tons of beauty products. My eyes looked good before, but I noticed a very good improvement since I have used Platinum eyes. I am 61, but my doctor says I am still a young woman (Thank You) and that I look like I am in my 40's. Well, with help like your products I plan to stay that way. Thanks a Lot for making something that works, I appreciate the help! Jane


My favorite skin place on earth! Dear Jennifer, I just received my 20% TCA, and I'm so pleased. I just want to thank you as always, for your company and your excellence in customer satisfaction, and you! You really are the best. And I as always - will continue to tell others about Platinum Skin Care, because I couldn't be more happy with all your company has to offer, which I've been telling folks about you any time skin is even mentioned, for one reason, I AM happy to, and always have been. Your prices, your products, your selection, and service are "platinum" - top of the line. I know you're all busy, so take care, and thank you for being such a professional and excellent business person, as your company reflects your expertise! Very Sincerely, Susan


TCA results targeting acne specifically

TCA Peel Before

This is my first pic I took with my cell phone just because I didn't think the TCA peel would work on me especially since I'm tan I get hyper pigmentation.

After First TCA Peel

This is about 2 weeks after after my first TCA peel. *She then did 1 more peel.

After Third TCA Peel

This is after my 3rd treatment. As you can see I'm very happy with my results

Thanks sooo much for your wonderful peels, Michelle How wonderful to see such excellent results! Thank you for sending them in so that our customers can SEE how these products work! A picture is worth a thousand words - you know! You now have a $100 merchandise credit waiting for you! Jennifer

Hi, I've been using your TCA peelings, , super copper cream. I just want to say that CP Serums this IS the best! I'm working in a beauty store, and everyday I see those people spending hundred of dollars on non-working luxury products. I'm always getting compliments for my skin and glow. My acne scars are gone, my years, spent in the sun are gone, no freckles or discolorations, wrinkles anymore! Costumers always asking me what product line I use, I always say the best skin care is in the US, Platinumskincare. Here in Sweden we don't have the copper secrets yet.... And this week I had to show my id-license in order to buy a glass of wine! I'm 33 yrs for Gods sake! Thanks Jen. and the co. over there. Robert 


I thought you might like the feedback. Unfortunately I have not taken pictures. I wish I had. Anyway, I tried the TCA last week. I did the patch test so there were no problems. I then just used it in a couple of strips (not on top of each other so not a multiple layer burn ) using a cotton swab under my eyes and to the corners after cleaning my face and fatting it. I got the whitening almost immediately. I was a little scared. I washed my face (no abrasion, just water) after about 5 mins. Then I applied pure aloe cut fresh from an aloe I have used on other sorts of burns (sun). The skin got darker and darker each day and on the fourth day, after a shower, it all flaked off and the results were visible. Needless to say I was relieved :-) Not having done it before, when the skin on my face appeared brown it was a bit unnerving. The only drawback was I had to be out in public after the first day. It would probably have been better to do it on a Thursday or Friday vs. a Tuesday ;-)


Hi Jennifer: I'm a faithful customer of yours, and just received my 7% glycolic body lotion and Acne Microdermabrasion sample. I had to tell you, that after trying this microdermabrasion scrub, was the best I've ever tried! I'm so bummed that I have the regular microdermabrasion scrub, because this version is WAY better! Good work on provided excellent products. I'll certainly be returning time and time again. Jeanette HandcraftedJewelry.tv

Hi there, I just wanted to send you a rave about the new Retinol 10% Serum. I have transformed my skin into an object of beauty with the occasional peel, emu oil, copper serum and 15% glycolic serum three times a week. 2 weeks ago, I ordered the retinol 10% serum. I thought my skin was the smoothest it could be even even before I tried the serum, but I have to say it turned my skin into this amazingly smooth, practically pore free baby-complexion. I use it three nights a week and it works a treat not only for acne sufferers (Jennifer), but also for dry skin types (me). In my case, it is probably less aggressive than the 15% glycolic serum *(actually, it is stronger!), but with amazing results. The two products together perform absolute miracles on me. It is worth its weight in gold! Kind Regards Sascha 


I received my replacement order today (damaged shipping), June 13, 2006--in perfect condition! Thank you for all of you help and reassurance about getting this order replaced. It has arrived perfectly packaged--thank you so much!! And it has arrived on my 47th birthday, which bodes well for me as I will be able to go out and celebrate the continued renewal of my aging skin. I cannot tell you how many people comment on my "beautiful complexion." Yesterday, it was my dentist, who was peering at my through magnified lenses under intense lights. I cannot tell you, enough, how often I recommend your product, and how decidedly comfortable I am with aging BECAUSE I have benefited so much from your skin care products. Sometimes, yoga and water are just not enough. So, I thank you for your products, your compassionate customer service when I panicked, and I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Best wishes, Marie

Pre TCA Peel


Post TCA Peel


First of all, let me thank you and your team for making TCA available and affordable. I have been using glycolic, Jessner and TCA peels on and off for the past 3 years but only through dermatologists or estheticians. I loved the results I was getting however it came with a hefty price tag and I just got to the point where I could not justify spending $150 a visit. I stopped using the peels and over time my skin got worse again. But then I came across your web site and though I was skeptical at first, I went ahead and ordered your TCA peel, Emu oil, Copper peptides and 15% glycolic serum. Your customer service was super, thanks ;). I am attaching my pre, peel and post pictures. I must say that I have gotten the same results that I was used to from dermatologist but for a much much better price. The peel felt little easier to take (*this is from our addition of menthol!), the ones at estheticians would almost knock the wind out of me and I also got cold sores often. Your TCA peel was much more pleasant, though I did feel a little heat and tingling it was not uncomfortable at all. My skin got really tight for the next 3 days or so and I got a thin layer of peeling, starting around my mouth, chin and nose. The peeling was complete in about 6-7 days after the peel and as a result my skin is much tighter, softer, and scars are less noticeable, and acne is fading away. I am including my pictures (note: because I have already been using different peels, the peeling stage is not nearly as dramatic as it might be for first users- I remember my first peel though and the layer that peeled was much more visible). I am definitely sticking with your products and can't wait for my skin to look perfect again after several peels. Thanks for all you and your team do.


50% TCA Peel Before


50% TCA Peel After


Hi Jennifer, Here are my photos..... I have to say that the best part so far has been the lifting and firming of my eyelids. Fantastic - everybody has noticed that my top lid no longer droops and is not so crinkly from years of rubbing at my eyes due to allergies. Also my skin is brighter, softer and has a natural, dewy glow to it now. In the after shot I am NOT wearing any makeup, only a bit of tinted lip balm and some of the "Liquid Gold" GABA moisturizer from the platinum labs collection. Great stuff!! 

I bought the Platinum skin care kit and progressed from the 30% peels to the 50% currently, also the copper eye cream *(we no longer carry this unstable cream but recommend the Copper serum in its place) which worked wonders on my eyelids! The glycolic cream and copper serum reduced my breakouts and I applied everything according to the instructions. There are about 9 months between the two photos but I noticed the differences within the first week of use which really keeps me going with the routine. I thought I was going to have to get a lid lift surgically but now I'm not even considering it. I'm thrilled with your products and will remain a loyal customer. You don't have to block out my eyes as that is where some of my best results are.... Thanks again, Samantha Samantha! 

I am currently undergoing acupuncture and structural therapy for severe carpal tunnel syndrome. My doctor, who is 53 yrs. old, has the most beautiful skin. I asked her about her skin regime and she led me to your web site. She uses several of your products and highly recommends your Bi-Phasic Peel and TCA Peel. 

Dear PlatinumSkinCare Staff, This is my testimonial to your products!


Front Face TCA Peel Before

Right TCA Peel Before


Front TCA Peel During

Side TCA Peel During


Front TCA Peel After

Front TCA Peel After Second

After 37 great years of life, I awoke on day to find my facial pores completely clogged. I had never had an acne problem, but I was sure getting one. Blackheads had set in all over my face and seemed to be there to stay. A dark spot had appeared on my forehead. I felt like I was suddenly falling apart. I tried everything. I scrubbed and scrubbed. I extracted. I purchased expensive department store facial products as well as expensive all natural spa products. My pores remained clogged and seemed only to worsen, never to improve. It began to consume me.

At my wits end, I was ready to pay the near 1000.00 to get a series of laser light treatments. However, my instinct told me that laser treatment would be of no value unless I could get my pores clean, so I began to investigate alternatives. I stumbled across the Plastic Surgery info Web Pages that describe all non surgical processes for the treating the face. This is where I learned about Chemical Peels. After learning about chemical peels, I discovered the web site Platinum Skin Care. I found the information on their web site helpful and their presentation honest. I compared other web sites that sold similar products, but I went back to Platinum Skin Care. 

I decided to try a chemical peel from PSC. Glycolic was the most popular peel but I had read about TCA on the plastic surgery web site and was intrigued about its method of action.. They described how it worked from below the skins surface. This was possible due to the size of the molecules of the TCA. It went to below the derma to the land of follicles and began working from bottom up instead of top down. Hmmmmm&ldots;.. I bit the bullet, "if this doesn't work I will go get the laser treatment". I ordered the Platinum Glycolic Peel Kit instead of a TCA kit. I upscale my glycolic to peel to 40% and the Copper Peptide to Super. But LUCKILY, I also ordered a 12.5% TCA sampler. I couldn't wait to try it and I had all of my products delivered overnight. 

On arrival I began reading my instructions. I used the facial scrubs and toners and then tried the Glycolic peel. My skin began to flake and peel off in places. The following week I mustered enough courage to try the TCA peel. The instructions were a specific and I followed them to the Tee. 

The following morning amazing (amazing to me anyway!) things began to happen. As I coated my face with emu oil as directed, I would rub, and feel, and rub, and feel. I felt something on my fingers. I took a look and it was skin. I was excited. I rubbed some more. I couldn't believe it. Blackheads were "rolling" out of my pores and onto my fingers! How incredible!! I called my mother and my friends. This is fantastic. This went on for two days then back to work. My skin was flaking pretty badly, but I was so happy about the cleansing of my pores that I didn't care at all. I still wore makeup even though my chin and nose were flaking pretty well.. This went on for two months and my skin is now amazingly clean. 

I have begun to notice other benefits that I wasn't even looking for. The tiny bumps (fat deposits that appear as we get older??!?!?!?) in the dark area beneath my eyes are disappearing, as is my dark spot on my forehead. I just feel like I look better all around. Tone, color, cleanliness, freshness, it is all there now. It had disappeared and now it is back. My face is incredibly soft. That MUST be healthy! It is likely that my fine lines are also disappearing, but I won't make that claim until some more time has passed. 

Along the way I have learned a few things I would like to share. 

  • Using emu and copper after a peel increases the effectiveness. I ran out once and could tell difference when I peeled without using them afterwards
  • Use your sunscreen! You have a NEW face. Protect it!
  • I ran out of toner once (10% glycolic toner) and I could tell. Once again I had to get a shipment overnighted!! I only wash with the glycolic Facial scrub now. No soap on this clean face! I use the lower % glycolic peel as a maintenance peel. (Glycolic from the top, TCA from the bottom)
  • Now that I am almost clean, I use the TCA peel monthly or so for a boost of OOMPH beneath my pores. Finally my skin flaking has almost stopped when I use either peel, so I think I'm pretty clean now.
  • I tried the 30% Glycolic serum after acclimating to the 15% Glycolic Serum. This is some great stuff! If you don't have overly sensitive skin, it's worth a try.
  • I learned that the reason cleansing regimens have always been difficult for to follow is because I could not see them working. I have never used any product of any kind as faithfully as I have this line of products. Why? I can tell when I do use them and I can tell when I don't use them.
  • The ladies that run this store are just like you and me. They answer the phone and seem pretty darn straight. I have a good feeling about the whole experience and would never say that unless it was so.

Have a great day. Do your research, and then make your choice, whatever it is. These powerful, safe, effective products have really worked for me. I plan to continue using them. 

Sincerely, Tracy 

Tracey, thank you so much for your wonderful before/during/after pictures! It is so important that we can show our customers the benefits others are reaping! You are looking wonderful!!! You now have a store credit for $100 to use on any Platinum Products you wish!


Good Morning Well I bought all your Copper Peptide products for my birthday and I cant tell you all the scarring on my face is nearly gone,,, everyone is commenting on how my face looks its like I've had surgery amazing... could you just tell me one thing I use a very good sun block however it does contain vitamin C,, I've been hearing that vitamin C and copper skin care should not be used together as the vit c destroys the copper, do you know anything about this,,Thank you,, 

Please do not worry about this. It is the Vitamin C that is neutralized, not the copper! You can apply them together without any problems. We are so excited to hear about your progress in scar treatment!!!! Do you have any pictures before/after??? They are definitely worth money to you if you allow us to post them online.

Thank you for replying,, I never took any pics of before as I didn't want to have a memory of what I looked like was rather vile but my skin now well its amazing,, i'm 35 and look 25 ,,have used all kinds even mr Perricone's Neuro Peptide Conformer its cost a fortune and didn't do a thing,, if you want to use me as a case study on your web site that's fine or if you want me to email people who have showed an interest in the products to tell them that they work id be happy. For 2 years I had such damage to my face I didn't not want to go outside and face the world but now,,, well its amazing my skin is better than ever. Just let me know what I can do for you and I will do what ever I can,, ps i'm thinking about doing a TCA peel next maybe in the Autumn as I know it will take my skin to the next level. I've realized that no body has to age if the right products are used and every body that I meet thinks i'm 10 years younger than my age,,, cant be bad,,, thanks.

I want to let you know how much I love your products. I spent almost $1000.00 last year on professional chemical peels. I had glycolic peels , Obaji Blue peels & salicylic peels. I purchased your bi-phasic peel & TCA peel. They are fantastic. I can't tell the difference from the professional ones, except the price! I also use the 15% glycolic serum, emu oil, copper serum & the eye cream. I have had allot of women at work ask me what I am doing, my skin looks so good. I tell them about Platinum skin care. Several of them are now using your products & they love them also. I have used just about every brand out there, your's are the best I have tried. Thank you. Sincerely, Barbara 


Hi Jen... let me add another rave to your testimonials (and I don't normally do that sort of thing). First of all, both my first and second order arrived here in England within 3 working days. Now the emu oil, the copper serum, a TCA sample (12.5%), the copper eye and the 15% glycolic serum line my shelves. Most people on here complain about acne. I have the opposite problem. I have seriously dry skin and normally need to layer on the moisturizer every few hours. I am 30 years old and, although I love my laughter lines, the crows feet have managed to hit my ears this year. I have used your products for almost two weeks now and they have made a phenomenal difference already. My skin is moist, peachy, the lines are diminishing (seriously, they are!) and I only have to slather on the grease twice a day, not 6 times. As I have used peels before, I started off with the TCA (2 layers as my skin seems pretty resistant to peeling). For 4 days, I looked 10 years older with the driest skin known to mankind. Only the emu oil kept it from cracking!. I couldn't see any visible peeling at all though, not even with the TCA (2 layers), but my skin totally transformed itself within 7 days. I use the 15% serum plus the emu oil at night and by day I use the copper serum plus the emu oil and a Factor 20+ sunscreen on top. My husband who never noticed anything commented on my skin this morning at 6am. He said it looked better than when he met me 10 years ago. (And mind you, this is England where one just does not comment on a person's appearance!!!) I will now keep up the maintenance program with a 50% Glycolic Peel every three weeks, the 15% serum and copper + emu oil. I am hoping that I don't have to reach for the TCA bottle too often in my life, as it didn't make me look my prettiest for a few days. However, having said that, the results are so totally worth it. (If you have a chance to lock yourself away in a remote cabin for a week, do it, do it, do it. It is the BEST cure for dry skin! Keep up the good work, I will be back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you! ;) I know that "old, dry feeling/look" isn't the most beautiful, but it IS so worth it! i know. I have come to work several times looking older than my age! I actually have to tell people it is because my skin is peeling (see how well the products work). They always seem to understand and are not deterred from purchasing because of my appearance! ;) Have the best holiday season! Congrats at getting the hubbies attention there!!!! Jennifer 

Eureka! I had an ugly skin tag on my upper chest and brown spots, all due to tanning bed abuse. I've been using your 30% Glycolic peels weekly and the regular strength Copper Peptide. The funny part is I didn't think it was doing much other than improving skin tone. To make a long story short I was taking a shower yesterday and using a facial brush on that area and it fell off! I can hardly see where it used to be......even using a magnified mirror. I am so elated. There were a bunch of little ones starting along my neck and those are just shrinking down to nothing. This all accomplished in just 3 months. The point I am trying to get to is that just because you can't see it improving doesn't mean its not. I just wanted to drop a line and thank you for your encouragement to continue using the products when I became discouraged. I should be depressed because I'm going thru menopause and my only son is getting ready to move out. But I am so happy I cant stand it. Thanks again! That is excellent news!! The products really do work!!! I know!!! I bet $100 that you don't have a before/after picture for us, do you?? It seems that no one actually "expects" the products to work, but when they do they are just thrilled!! I am so happy for you. Best of luck there!!! Jennifer ;) 

I have been using your products for approximately 6-8 weeks now. It is the most unbelievable thing that has ever happened to my skin. I have written to you before and thank you for your speedy response! I have come a LONG way in improving the texture of my skin since I started using your products. I cannot even believe this is my skin. I still have some hard, white bumps under the skin in several places. Also, my chin could use a little extra boost. I wonder if the Salicylic Exfoliator would speed me on along? Let me know what you recommend. Why on earth has my dermatologist never recommended Glycolic Acid products before??????????? If I could invest the money I have thrown away on other stupid products over the years I could retire early. As long as your skin is handling the glycolic peels well, I think that you will do well with the 15% Salicylic peel. **this peel can also be used as a precursor to a glycolic peel (Bi-Phasic method). The 15% is excellent for unclogging stubborn pores! It is quite strong for a salicylic acid at 15% and we recommend about 4 minutes for timing. I have now used the Salicylic peel one time. Of course I have been using the other products for 6-8 weeks. The boost I got with the S. Peel are unbelievable. I have never, in my long struggle with skin care (20 years) used a product with such results. Or results at all! I know so many people that I could refer to use your products but how do you tell someone they need them?! I don't know how you guys market. I found you on the internet while looking for copper peptide products. But with so many bogus product claims out there, raving about your stuff seems like crying wolf! At any rate, I feel like i have taken someone's beautiful skin and put it on my own face. Unreal. Thanks so much. 


Acne Before


Acne After

Well I hope you post these... I am ready to order again!! I took the first one the day I got my kit in the mail about 9 weeks ago. you can see the acne and how discolored my skin was. the second pic is about 6 days ago. my skin tone is allot more even and you can see how much my face has cleared up!! I have some eye makeup and blush and gloss on but I think the improvement is very very obvious!!!!! I did go through about a week of really heavy acne after I started doing the peels but when my skin started to improve it went like gangbusters. I am totally happy with these products! When I re order I am going to bump up to a 50% peel because I am also treating my stretch marks. I will also upgrade to the newer cop serum for scarring/acne prone skin... I don't know if you can see this really well in the pics but the eye cream duo has made a difference in the under eye circles and I notice the skin is firmer already on my eyelids when I put on my liner. I am excited that I am seeing results like this so quickly... makes me excited to keep using this line of products because I know the effects are cumulative. . My only complaint is that I wish the 15% Glyco face cream came in a larger size.*(Our Glycolic & Hyaluronic Serum now comes in several different sizes, thank you for the suggestion)... but we can't have everything right? :) Please let me know if these will be on the site..can you block out my eyes?... *(We will always block out your eyes if you want to remain semi-anonymous!) my skin looks nice but I hate these pics of me!!! Thanks from a happy customer. We love so much to get pictures like this! There is a dramatic improvement in the acne! And yeah!! Our glycolic creams now come in larger sizes. 


Just a quick note to let you know I love your glycolic peels. I have gotten peels at my doctors office (6 for $300) many times, so I know the drill and what to look for. What a convenience and savings to do one in the privacy of my own home!! I am 53 and my skin looks as good as it did in my 30's and 40's - when someone asked a friend of my husband if he had met me, they asked, "is she the one with the beautiful skin?". Thanks again for making everything so easy. Thanks! 

Thank you so much for such a prompt reply AND product delivery. I got my order for the copper peptide and Emu oil yesterday and I had ordered it last Friday! Thanks again!

First of all I need to tell you I am IN LOVE with your products!!! I was impressed from the first application of Copper Peptide Serum. I had laser resurfacing in March for large pores/rough skin texture and saw zero results..... that is, until I started using your products. I know you can't make this claim, but my pores have shrunk from the copper serum & emu oil. I think my skin was inflamed, which made my pores look larger, and the copper/emu soothed & smoothed my skin. The redness is gone from my skin. But my question is this: I am currently using your 15% glycolic serum (which I love) and 60% peels once a week. I notice you have a 30% glycolic serum. If I started using this, given the strength of it, would I also continue the weekly peels? What about when I take an "8-week break" from the 60% weekly peels .... could I use the 30% at this time? (It is going to be hard to "take a break" from the weekly 60% peels because I love what it does for my skin!!!!!) Also, why do I need to take a break or cut down if it is doing so much good for my skin? Thanks for wonderful products. I'm so glad I found your site. I recommended it to my sister & she ordered some products also. 

Thank you for the wonderful comments! We love to hear how things are going for our customers. Yes, I think the 30% serum would be just fine for you to use daily/nightly. When you reach the end of your "Treatment Program" you have a few different options: What is the next step now that I have finished my 8 week treatment? Now you have a few options. You can stop doing your weekly peels for another 8 weeks and then start over again, or you can cut back your peels to 1x every 1-3 weeks (acne sufferers may want to keep peeling every other week or two to keep on top of their issues. No matter what your choice, continue using your cleansers, toners, creams during the week. 

It is true that exfoliation is excellent for your skin. But some people tend to abuse it and go too far. I think you will do just fine using it as a treatment every 2-3 weeks. Continue to use your creams/cleansers ... every week to keep the dead skin build-up to a minimum and everything will continue to look perfect! ;) Have a wonderful day! Jennifer 


30% glycolic acid peel and toner before


30% glycolic acid peel and toner after

Platinum Skin Care is amazing! I have had acne problems since I was about 14. Now, at 21, I continued to have problem skin. I tried just about every over-the-counter skin product along with many visits to the dermatologist, but nothing seemed to work. When I saw Platinum Skin Care's site, I decided to give it a shot. I bought a sample size of the 30% glycolic acid peel and toner. I couldn't believe the results! In about 2 1/2 weeks my skin looked great! I then bought the 40% glycolic acid peel and toner which is what I am currently using. Not only does my skin look great, but scars from past blemishes are disappearing! I am so much less conscious about my skin which has really shown through with my personality. Thank you so much! Kristin! We are so very happy for you! Enjoy the $50 in merchandise!! Thank you for showing us your progress so that other people can see that their situation is not hopeless!!! Enjoy your beautiful skin! 




Copper Peptide Serum Before


Copper Peptide Serum After

Please find my results in the attached photos. I live in the mountains of Colorado which is a very dry and sunny climate- very harsh on the skin since the elevation at 8,000 feet does not give much ozone protection. I'm very happy with the Copper Peptide Serum. I have reduced wrinkles and dullness, and increased brightness and overall skin tone. Share my progress! Thanks, age 39 mother of 3. Wow, we really can see a luminosity in your skin now. Under the eye area and the forehead are really tightening up as well. Wonderful! And only in 4 months! Wait until 6 mos. to a year has passed, it will just keep getting better and better! 


I do not have a question, just a comment. I love your products. They have changed my life!!! I 've been fighting acne and some scarring for years. Since I've been using your peels my skin is clear. I just bought the new TCA peel and my skin looks even better. Keep up the good work. 

I can't tell you how happy we are to hear this! ;) I love the TCA too! 

Midway Point of Stretch Mark Removal!


Stretch Marks Before

This is a pic I took of my upper thigh near to the side of my left hip while looking down - you can see the lighter sort of lines which are stretch marks and the skin discoloration.


Stretch Marks After

A few months later a lot of improvement.

You probably don't recall me but I e-mailed you a few months ago from London as I wanted to get rid of some stretch marks I had. Well - here are the pics! If you want to use these in your web site you are more than welcome to so people can know that it can probably assist with this type of problem as well as acne, wrinkles etc. There are still some very light white lines of stretch marks left but they have faded allot. Also you can see the it helped a whole deal with the discoloration and the general coloring is looking a whole lot better. I am going to order some more 60% Peel (still have lots of the Copper Serum left) to achieve final results! Maybe I will have some more pics to show where they are completely gone and I can flaunt around in skimpy bikinis! :) 

I can believe that! Of course I remember you. Didn't we email about 8 times! ;) I am so excited for you. There really is a big change in the color and I can see the lines fade, fading away! It does take a bit of time with stretch marks, but it sure does work! Thanks for writing.

Wow Jennifer -- I can't tell what to get next. pH of 0.6 is pretty low ... I'm glad you added all your warnings. Your communications are most welcome. I am very comfortable purchasing your products. What you write is also consistent with the medical literature out there. I've had folks at work comment spontaneously how much better I look these days (the ones who knew I was sensitive about my scars and was about to spend a fortune on plastic surgery). I'll be placing another order with you in a week or so, once I see how quickly I go through what I have. Thought I'd share something I did with you. You and I have talked about using TCA's, a toothpick, etc. (TCA CROSS method) I came up with the idea of using a cuticle stick for the acid. There's a little more strength at the tip than the toothpick idea. And I love the copper serums. Thanks again! 

This message is to the miracle workers at platinum skin care: I say that because you have amazing products that truly work wonders, have great customer service, and your products are always packaged well and come quickly. Jen at platinum is always there to answer your questions and concerns. She does it very quickly and helps everyone in such a personable way kind of like she's everyone's friend. They don't pressure you to buy there products but they are always there to answer all of our concerns. I came across this web site by accident and spent over two hours looking at all the products reading the testimonials, faqs, and questions. I first ordered the sample of the 40% glycolic peel and it dramatically changed my skin, I was so impressed. After I was done with the sample I then purchased the 40% glycolic peel, 15% Salicylic, emu oil, and copper peptide serum. My skin is beautiful!!! I have suffered from severe acne since I was in my early teen years now I am 22 and getting married soon. I was sick of having low confidence and low self esteem. I didn't want to sit in my room crying anymore about the way that I looked. Since my use of the products my skin is clearer, smoother, well balanced, healthy, radiant, better coloring and has gotten rid of much of my stubborn blackheads and whiteheads. Even the products I got from the dermatologist couldn't do that for me. I spent thousands of dollars on skin care of money that I didn't have on drugstore products, facials, and expensive skin care products from Ulta/Sephora. The results don't come anywhere near this. People compliment me all of the time on how great my skin looks and I tell them all go to platinum skin care Many people I know have since then purchased the products and love them as well and have passed the information on to other people as well. The next products that I would like to get are the 1/2 ounce TCA 12.5% peel and a 1 ounce bottle of the copper peptide serum. Unfortunately right now I can't because I have to pay for my wedding but when I do get money it'll be the first thing on my list. I say all of this because I want to help other people in the same way that your products have helped me. Your products are miracles in skin care they are making my dream come to true to have clear skin. At first when I received the product for a long time I was scared to try it because I had never used a peel on my own at home but when I tried it I realized that there was absolutely nothing to be scared of. The acid doesn't burn it tingles and after a few tries the tingling starts to go away. These are great products and everyone should try them!!! 

Thank-you for everything platinum skin care! 

You are soooooo welcome! 

I know it has only been about a week and a half since I received my products. But I wanted to write and let you know that they are working! The scar is less raised and it is smoother. I even noticed one day when I ran my wrist into the door by accident and hitting the scar that it did not hurt as much. ( I know this is strange but the bone there protrude out naturally so this happens from time to time). The cracks around my mouth have gotten much better and my skin is slowly becoming tighter and less accordion like when I smile. So that means all of this is working well. 

I have one question for you. Would the continual use of copper peptide on my face prevent future dynamic wrinkling? Especially around the eye area? I know that my eyes become very dry all the time and there are some small creases (static wrinkling). I followed your advice that you gave a customer online about using the Night Cream with the Super Cop, man it did work. I actually felt my skin tighten in the middle of the night. It was very strange. But I wanted to know, as this skin forms and tightens and becomes thicker, will dynamic wrinkles form anyway due to age? 

Wow! Great to hear you are already starting to see some positive changes! ;) As for the dynamic lines. Copper is a special product that actually has the ability to rebuild broken down collagen/elastin fibers. Now, I can't guarantee that this will stop dynamic lines, but I can bet that it will definitely cut down on them, and slow them from appearing. Have a wonderful day! ***Remember, if you have before/after pictures they are worth $50 in FREE merchandise!

Hey there I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how pleased I am with you products and outstanding service. My complexion is starting to really look a lot more vibrant just like a twenty year old again. I’m 37 with good facial bones structure but you know how you can tell when someone is in there twenty versus thirty’s there skin just has that wonderful lustrous glow. Also the saving on using your product compared to going to the plastic sergeant is remarkable. I’ll be ordering again in the next two weeks or so with a bigger order. 

Thank you so much for the wonderful comments! We are so glad you are seeing positive changes! Keep up the good work! Remember, the results are cumulative so they are going to get better! ;) 

I honestly can't believe how well your products are working!! I have never been this happy with any product. Every night for the past couple weeks I blend a couple drops of your Copper Peptide and a couple drops of your Emu Oil for my face. I'm never using anything else ever again!! My skin tone looks more even and little dry patches are gone. I am prone to spots as well and since I've been using the peptide and the emu oil I've had no reaction. Thank you for putting such lovely products out there at reasonable prices!! I'm so happy to have found you. 

We are so happy to hear you are having wonderful results! I absolutely love the copper and emu oil as well. Here is a little hint! The emu oil is transdermal (able to penetrate several layers of skin--since it is so much like our own skin's composition). If you put the emu oil on as a first layer, it will make a barrier, and any products applied on top of it (such as stronger products you want your skin to acclimate to) will be slightly buffered. If you put the emu oil on top of another product (such as the copper) it will actually "push" the copper deeper into your skin and strengthen it. ;) That is how I use the products and it works wonderfully. Let us know if you ever have any questions. We are always here to help. 

In just two weeks after using your products. I can visibly see the results, my facial appearance are brighter, healthier and my facial scar (quite serious from acne) has been reduced, it is far more better result I can see from your products compared to those Cool Touch Laser and Laser rejuvenate the doctor performed on my face as well as brand name products that promised to achieve good results. Platinum Skin care is the BEST of the BEST. Not only I safe a lot of time and money but achieved the ultimate results in just two weeks of usage, I can't wait to see my face after 8 weeks of treatments and I will definitely pre-order my second set and so on...I have confidence that my facial appearance will look even radiant just like having a new face. I previously have been using many products in the markets or doctor's recommendations! I only chosen the best available. I have done more than ten times using very strong pulse of facial laser, I even try the 4 layer peels system which is extremely painful for a week, in fact, I cannot see any results even after two years now. My life has changed now, ever since using Platinum Skin care, I am not even looking better, healthier pinkish skin, it gain my confidence back by facing the public!!! I am so proud of your products. I am glad I found Platinum Skin care!!! My Warmest Regards from Germany. *(Supercop cream, Emu oil, 40% peel) 

We are so happy to hear that you are now starting to see some results! ;) Indeed, after a full treatment program you will definitely see a greater difference. We e-mailed back and forth about the irritation you experienced. Make sure to rinse a bit longer next time, and then splash cold water on your face for a minute or two to get rid of any irritation!! NOW!! Since you had that tingling sensation for a day or so, you may want to wait about 2 weeks before you do your next peel. This will not slow your progress, but will allow your skin to rebuild its natural barrier so the acid will not be so irritating. 

Here is one more testimonial to add to your pile! I have been using the intense copper serum for about 2 months now and it is by far the best product i have ever used. It way surpasses anything in the department store or prescription products. Before acne was a big problem and now its virtually disappeared! The scars are fading fast too. I use the copper serum twice a day and apply the emu oil on top of it and every 10 days i use a 50% glycolic peel. My pores have shrunk , fine lines have been very significantly reduced and I have radiance! I use much less makeup now and everyone has been telling me how good i look. I wish i had this stuff years ago. These are truly miracle products. And the value is unbelievable! In the past i have spent huge gobs of money on products claiming to work miracles...and they never did half of what they said. I am so glad to have found Platinum Skin Care . I will be a customer for life! 

We are so excited to hear your news! The copper is an exceptional product, and Dr. Pickart is a very knowledgeable and friendly man! We have spoken about the other methods available for scarring and acne and really feel that we have a winner on our hands! Thank you for your wonderful comments. *Don't forget that if you have a before/after picture it is worth $50!!! Have an excellent day! You made ours! Jennifer 

Your skin care has helped my acne so much that now i only get the odd pimple instead of a whole face full. I love the products, thanks so much. Cheers! 

I recently purchased your Platinum Complete Rejuvenation Kit and Emu Oil. It has changed my life. My skin has never looked so radiant (even when I was young!) I find that when I find a product I love it inevitably becomes discontinued to changes to be "super improved" (e.g. cheaper ingredients + higher price) or some awful thing. Please I beg you: don't change! And, most importantly, if you ever do discontinue your products, please let me know so that I can stock up, buy a lifetime supply or pay your labs personally to keep the products coming. Thank you for creating such a great product and please, make sure you let me know (well in advance) if you ever plan to discontinue either the Emu oil or any of the products in the Platinum series, Warmest regards. 

Thank you so much for the wonderful complements! We have no intentions of moving/discontinuing/... or otherwise. We all use the products too! ;) Enjoy them! 

Hi Jennifer, I'm amazed by you gals' efficiency! I like the way you gals handled customers' inquiries and kept me informed on my orders. 5 STARS Customer Service!:) Would appreciate if you could forward this email to the girl's in back as well.:) Thank you. WOW! I love what these products have done for me. My husband cannot believe the glow and how nice my face looks. I am a 46 year old with age related eye wrinkles and oily/acne prone skin. I was getting ready to break down and go see a dermatologist but decided to do a little research on acne and I stumbled across this web site. How lucky for me. I made my first purchase and was so impressed at how fast I received it. I could not wait to use it. I started with the cleanser and toner along with the acne gel and lotion. I could not believe how smooth my face felt the first time I used it. I was hooked and knew I had to try some of the other products. So I just kept ordering and ordering. I really enjoy getting the samples to try and when I had a question about a certain product the reply came within the same day. Your customer service is phenomenal. The best part of all is I saved a lot of money by not seeing a dermatologist who would have recommended laser and peel treatments. 

I purchased the Intense Regenerating Serum (Copper Peptide) and absolutely love it ...... I use it every night after I cleanse my face and then put Renova on top of the Intense Regenerating Serum ....... I have been using Renova for 3 years and that has improved my skin greatly.....but now with using the Intense Regenerating Serum, my skin is even more translucent, soft and has a glow to it ...... I am amazed.....and I have only been using it for a few weeks ...... I also can't stop touching my face it feels so soft. 

I have to give you one more RAVE!! about your products. I last saw my husbands family about one month before I started using the acne kit. I just returned from a 8 day stay with them and. I am sooo happy to tell you that along with the regular "gossip" that flies around family get togethers all the aunts and in laws were buzzing around saying I must have had "work done" on my face !!!!WHHOOOHOOOO!!!!! (because of the dramatic difference in acne and I sort of "glow" now) Of course you realize they didn't intend that as a compliment but it is the BIGGEST!!! one I could have ever gotten!!!!!! Thank you Thank you. you have the best stuff on earth and the most wonderful customer service of ANY company I have ever dealt with!!! 

We are sooo darn happy for you! Enjoy your $50 credit! ;) 

I had place a second order with you guys for some products that you had recommended. Your recommendations were excellent. Especially the eye cream. I have lost the old lady wrinkled eye lids. People have noticed and say I look younger. What a thrill!!! 

Hi! I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the eye duo. I ordered it about 3 weeks ago, and have been using it religiously. I had used some other products that claimed to be a miracle wrinkle remover, and none of them really did the job. Last night, my boyfriend just kept looking at me, and he said, "I was just looking at your eyes. They look much younger than they did when I first met you." The eye duo has worked much better than any other eye care product I have ever used. 

I ordered the Bi-Phasic Peel set at a 30% dose. I had never done peels before but was put off by the the price to have it done by an aesthetician. I am a registered nurse and understand enough about the acids to use appropriate care and caution. I followed your directions EXACTLY and was a little concerned. It seemed that I was stripping already dry skin and had a niggling thought that I might be making my problems worse. I forged ahead using the Bi-Phasic once a week and the Copper Peptides twice a day with a good moisturizer with DMAE twice a day. It has been 4 weeks and I am pretty amazed at the results. My skin glows. It is noticeably firmer and the splotchiness is much more even and almost gone. Wow and thank you. 

You are most welcome! We are so glad you are seeing positive results with our products. Your products are top quality and I am now a loyal customer. Any plans on a DMAE moisturizer? Thanks ! 

We will have to look into that. There are many claims with DMAE, and we will be sure to check them out further. 

It was such a pleasure to speak with you (Feb. 16th.) I started using the intense Copper along with the Emu Oil right away. Good thing-I had some nasty breakouts - so this was a good test. That weekend I did a peel (30%), used Copper after and Emu Oil-that's it--I'm hooked. That Monday at work, my boss said how gorgeous my skin looked. I explained to her what I had been doing for actually less than a week! We are forever complaining about our similar skin problems. I have been alternating intense serum and the reg. copper, but using the emu oil every night During the day I've been spotting the intense copper with my AHA cream. I've been using the 10% Glycolic Cleanser and really like it. I am now seeing my skin tone evening out-wow this can only get better. Your sample sizes to purchase are very generous-and thanks for the free samples too!! 

Can I have suggestions for hand & body? We have some wonderful new products for the body. You should take a look at our new Sugar & Shea scrub, and also our new Pure Shea (custom scented for you!). I will be placing an order soon. And again you were so nice, patient and helpful.

I've been using the acne kit for almost a month now. . .I think I purchased the recommended strength of ? 40% for the glycolic acid peel. I used to use the OBAGI system and Neova with good results but due to pregnancy and subsequent breast-feeding had to find an alternative. Yours was it! I'm EXTREMELY satisfied with the results -- my skin looks so pretty and I've been an oily skin acne sufferer for 20 years! My problem is this. . . .the peel is so prickly and burning on my skin that I can't possibly leave it on for longer than 3, sometimes 4 minutes -- even after 4 weeks. Will I be able to reap the full benefits of the peel if it doesn't stay on for long? Will I ever build a tolerance to it? The peel is so uncomfortable it nearly drives me batty having it on but I try my best to leave it because I know the results are worth it. Any suggestions? Thanks! Wendy!!! We are so excited for you!!! Now, you can do 1 of 2 things. Either:#1. Leave it on for only 2-3 minutes (yes, you will still receive the benefits!!!), or... #2. Dilute the strength of the peel by adding in either pure aloe vera (recommended) or purified water. Dilute the peel in a separate lid or something small with the formula 2/3 peel to 1/3 aloe or water. You will see that this cuts down on the potency and you will be able to leave it on a longer period of time, and not dread the peel so much. Congratulations!!! We want to see some before and after pictures if you have them! *They are worth $50 in free merchandise for you. 

Jennifer, I tried it your way around the eye area a little of the CP eye cream and a little of the NEW Super Cop 2x. I woke up and all I can say WOW I have a line at the corner of my eye that I've gotten collagen injections for but I may not need to now the lines have really showed a huge difference, I'm amazed. And that's just ONE NIGHT! THANKS SO MUCH MAYBE I can save some money. Thanks again for AWESOME PRODUCTS! feel free to put this on your web site. 

Hi there! Yep, I do the same thing every evening. I must admit, my eye area is looking quite good as well!!! *Remember, if you are at a point where you are contemplating eye surgery---It can take up to a year to reach your desired results! 

Last week I placed an order for trial sizes of your products. After doing lots of reading and research, I decided to purchase skin rejuvenating products on my own instead of seeing a plastic surgeon. I also researched several different sites and your site was very informative and the customer reviews are all positive. I received the products in 2 days with a note signed by one of your associates. That is great customer service. I started using the skin peel lotion and after just one application, my skin is clearer. The CP serum and EMU oil works so great and I have only been using these products for about 5 days!! I am going to recommend your site to my closest friends and family. There is no need to spend thousands on peels and creams from departments/Doctors stores when one get the very best from your site. Thanks so much and I will be placing an order for The Platinum Kit for my Mom in 3 weeks! Best Regards! 

THANKS SO MUCH!! I am eight peels into the program....and most scars are minimizing. My question is- now what? Your directions say to do six to eight peels, and then follow a maintenance program of one peel every few weeks. Does that apply also to the scar removal program? It seems to me that I should be peeling more often than that. I am using the 60% peel along with the other components of the scar removal kit. I would hate to slow down the progress I have already made. I have many acne scars, and have had approximately 30 "punch excusions" done by a plastic surgeon to flatten the worst of the depressed scars. The peels have greatly reduced the scars left from the punch excisions, and have helped those pits that were not excised. I have had peels done by a doctor in the past, and your peels have definitely worked BETTER than the doctor's peels at a fraction of the cost. 

I am going to give you a plan. You really should take a little break on your entire face for a few weeks (absolutely continue using the copper and emu during this break!), BUT feel free to use a Q-tip and just dab the peel solution onto the scarred only areas so that you can keep breaking down the scar tissues. You may do this up to 2x per week, say Mon. and then again on Wed. (scars only, not entire face!). This will help to keep your program moving along without going too far on your facial areas that don't need the treatment. When you have waited about a month, feel free to continue doing a full facial peel either every week, or every other week. If you just want to treat the scars and only do a full facial every few weeks or so, that would work just fine! You can still add on the spot treatment 1 more time per week. One more question-- it's been about 2 weeks since my last peel, and I am noticing continued flattening of my scars. Is that the copper peptide at work? 

Yes, the continued flattening is the copper working!! Its only job is to tell your skin to rebuild the new tissues without the scarring that was before it. Once the glycolic breaks down the scars, the copper takes over. It is a continuous method, but that is really the safest and most effective method there is. **I really think by adding on the extra spot treatment every week, you will speed things along more quickly! We are also in the midst of producing a new 30% cream for daily usage on scarred areas. Keep an eye out for that! I assume that a break from the peels is needed to rebuild from underneath. Should it be 8 peels, a break of some length (you tell me) and then another 8 peels? Please let me know, as I am dying to continue with this wonderful stuff!! Thanks again! 

We are so excited to hear about your progress!!! Please tell us you have taken a picture so that we can document your success!?! *Remember, it is worth $50 in products for you! ;) And people love so much to see how the treatments can help them. 

Jennifer, your Customer Service rates A+++!!!! Somehow I messed up my order, you questioned it, gave me a call, then changed the order to what I meant to have entered. AMAZING!! My shipment arrived very quickly and I did my first peel today. Your great service and products will keep me as a loyal customer forever. Thank you most sincerely. You are more than welcome! We try very hard to offer excellent customer service, thanks for noticing! 

I ordered many things off the Internet and your shipment was the first to arrive and was packaged very well. I will do business with you in the future. We try very hard to get your order out the day we receive it, or the next! Thanks for noticing! Have a wonderful day! 

This stuff is so awesome. I love how it feel on my face..... Thank you for the opportunity! I wish I had known about you years ago - It would have saved me so much time and money on over the counter remedies. None have worked, even antibiotics or prescription creams etc... I have tried it all and nothing works as good as your products. My face alone feels so incredible - It is remarkable - I know it is just a matter of time before it all heals up and looks wonderful again. 

I received my new order and absolutely love the new super intense copper peptide. I am also in love with the new emu oil. My only suggestion is to put the oil in a bottle like the new copper peptide. This would make it much easier to get out since the consistency of the oil is thick. It does not squeeze out of the current bottle very easy. Thanks for great products. 

We will definitely see what we can do about that! JT --------DONE! 

Hi there- I don't have a question. I just want to let you know that I've been using the Platinum Kit for a month and have noticed a SIGNIFICANT difference in my pitted acne scarred, dull skin! I'm 43 years old and in addition to still having breakouts, my skin was dull and aging as well. I began with a once a week 30% peel, but 2 weeks showed no results, so I upped to 2X a week and NOW there is really a difference! 

We recommend upping the time limit a few minutes instead of putting it on more than 1X per week. (*You can however do 1 full facial peel and then about 3-4 days later, do a spot treatment with a Q-tip on the really stubborn areas! Plus, the face wash and toner make all the difference. These are products that really work and I'm pleased beyond all expectation. 

Just wait a few more months! ;) Soon I will be ordering the 40% peel plus more toner and possibly the emu oil to really target my scarring. *Most definitely, the Super Copper Serum will really help to fill in those scars! I personally have filled in 2 ice pick scars!!! It really works. I just want to let you know that your products TRULY WORK and I would (and HAVE) recommend them to everyone. Thanks! 

Jennifer, I just wanted to tell u your products are amazing i have broken the acne cycle and i hardly get any new breakouts, but i have a ?, i have read somewhere that glycolic acid peels have no affect on acne scar red marks and i have allot of acne marks on my cheeks from the past and i am wondering if this is true or not, but i have slowly noticed my scars fading away would u say it is the copper serum that does it? Ps: what do u recommend the most to get rid of red acne marks? 

We are so happy to hear that everything is working for you!!! Actually glycolic peels usually help to remove the red marks sooner than it would usually take. If that is not working enough, please make sure to add in the Copper serum every day. It is also meant to help heal the marks. **I think that you may do well by doing a few spot peels (use a q-tip) on just the red areas. Then after rinsing, and daily, put on the Copper Serum. If that is not working well enough, I would suggest finding a bleaching product like Kojic acid or hydroquinone. **We will probably be carrying these products very shortly! Have a wonderful day! Enjoy your clear skin! Jennifer ***Send us a before/after picture!!! It is worth $50 in products! ;)

The first purchase I made was a dram of 60% glycolic acid but I am unable to find it in the products list. (samples are listed on every products page!). I purchased the glycolic toner and glycolic cream as well and just love all three. Trouble is I spilled half the dram!! I have used products from the doctors office and also have had professional glycolic peels and they do not compare with the results I am seeing from your product. Thank you for making it available. 

We are so glad you are enjoying those results! It really is excellent stuff! ;) 

Hello, I wanted to start by saying that I’m up to my 6th glycolic peel and my face has never looked or felt better. I was skeptical at trying the product and afraid I would do more harm than good. Boy was I wrong. Your instructions are thorough and I felt comfortable giving it a try. Now I can hardly wait for my “spa” day. I notice a difference every time I use the peel. I’ve spent so much time and money on over the counter products and infomercial products to treat my oily skin and mild acne. I am convinced that your peels have helped bring those problems under control. I’ve bragged so much to my friends about it that they say I sound like a salesman. The way I see it is if it makes me this happy and enthusiastic, then I should pass it on to those I care about and think could benefit. 

Thank you soooooo much for all the wonderful compliments! 

We get so excited when we hear how great our products are working for our clients! I am going to have to post that on-line! *no names, don't worry. ;) I have a question I wonder if you can help me with. I have an Arnold Schwarzenegger forehead and I have this one pronounced expression wrinkle in the middle. I wanted to know if you knew of an alternative to Botox injections. Thank you in advance for your help and for providing great products. 

I have been doing a bit of research on botox alternatives lately, but have not found a product I love yet. I do have one that we are going to be testing out on some friends and relatives, and since you are not the first person to ask for something like this, I better get busy! Check back sooner than later and I'll see if I can't find a great product like that to add to the line! Jennifer 

I followed your directions to a "T" and when I was done I was pleasantly surprised that it went so well. :) I'm glad to hear I could pass along something positive! I can imagine what comments you get. Thanks for the side note!...I may try that next time! (up it a minute or two). Have a good day! 

note from the president! All comments are welcome Good or Bad, your responses play a big part in how we tailor or products!). 

Why Jennifer, You are a very smart lady, I commend you and will have to order from you. I was doing some price comparisons and it was all you. As Tupak the rapper would say " I'm not mad at you". That is so smart, I have to order from you. Your getting my business from this day on! (customer service) 

Yes, I received my products this week, and just love doing my own peel. Feels like the “real” thing. (50% solution). 

That is because it IS the real thing. Our products are used in medical spas, doctor's offices and many other professional settings. Enjoy! You will be seeing more of us in the future! jen 

God Bless You, you have been wonderful. I certainly don't want that to happen again...lol. I appreciate your help. Thanks! (customer service)

Thank you very much. I am impressed with your product, and prices and your outstanding customer relations. Kudos to you! TY! 

I am sooo happy. I am using your 50% and plan to buy the next one up very soon. I am telling some friends of mine about your website that ask me about skin stuff. Thanks for your very great service. You are a very nice person, and you have a great company! 

Thanks for your email. I will be purchasing shortly! You obviously care about your customers. Dealing with the other company was a nightmare. 

Hi there...I bought a one ounce size glycolic peel from you a little while ago. I just wanted you to know that if you ever need a testimonial for your website, I'm your girl! I've tried every OTC and dermatologist-prescribed treatment out there (Kinerase, Retin-A, Renova, hydroquinone, Vitamin K - you name it) and nothing has worked like this little bottle of stuff. The brown spots are definitely starting to fade after only one use! I'm really amazed, I wish I would have heard about glycolic acid before I spent all that money on a dermatologists!

I really loved it! The 10% cleanser is great too! To be honest with you, I had worried about the peel being diluted or buffered down. I am (was) a regular customer of a local aestheticians office for acid washes and I will have to say, they have now lost my business. Your product is great! Thanks so much for making this product affordable and for being honest. I will be back for more.

Hi! I don't remember quite how I stumbled across your website, but I'm so glad I did. I've been using your glycolic acid products for several weeks now, and I love them. It's refreshing to discover products that do what they are advertised to do. My skin looks fresher and healthier, and has a little of that "glow" it had when I was in my 20s (I'll be 40 in June). P.S. Really smart of you to include samples with product orders----I'm back on-line tonight to order a product you sent as a sample (copper peptide face serum). I really like it too! Thank you You are so welcome--Thank you!) 

You are a real star - you know that? Well, thank you soooo very much for all your help and info. You deserve a raise! :-) It is most delightful to find some one who is as informative, helpful and most importantly, willing to help! 

I received my order today and wanted to let you know that I love the CP Serum...it is great! I have been using your products for 4 months now and am still very pleased with the results. I have been wanting to try Emu oil for a very long time now, but was a little wary of ordering from just anyone. I was thrilled when I saw that you are carrying it, because I know the quality of the products you sell is superior. And since I was ordering, I went ahead and ordered a few more of my favorites. :-) Thanks for the sample of 10% cleanser. Thanks for carrying such great products, you have made my 40-something face very happy. 

Thank you! I keep coming back to your products--I haven't found anything yet that compares to the quality of Platinum Skin care! 

Hi! I just received some of your products about a week ago and am already so impressed. I am in my mid thirties and plagued with acne as bad today, as the day I was 17. it's been very hard and costly. I am so hoping that the immediate results continues! 

I found your products on the web doing my own personal research on the web for Chemical peels and Platinum Skin Care came up. I am 35 and I have a skin condition called Melasma. I contacted a few doctors in town and they recommended chemical peels for $150.00 to start and you had to have a series of treatments. Having a limited budget I did my homework. So far I have had 2 treatments (Peel + 15% Serum) at home and I see a difference and so do my co-workers! I am sure it will take a while for this to go away but I know its working and it does not have side effects. Thank You. I think it is excellent to be able to do this in the comfort of my home and save so much money. I am going to e-mail this to my friends in California who spend thousands of dollars on these same treatments. 

I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with your peel and CP serum. I have very deep forehead lines and was convinced that the only possible solution was either a lift or botox, because nothing that I have tried has even made a slight difference. Your products are making a significant difference. 

I have NEVER written to a company before but I really just have to again. Besides the "buried" whitehead bumps that I've had for years on my forehead, I had these ugly age spots on my face. I tried ALL the creams on the market to get rid of them. Nothing worked. Well, your 50% stuff did it. I just cannot believe it. I turned 48 on 5/4 and my skin looks looks and feels as though I'm 30 again. I used to hate looking in the mirror, as those spots just kept getting bigger and bigger. I didn't want to wear my hair away from my face. That's all changed now. This stuff is a miracle. Thank you!!! 

CopperThanks again for your products and for your help, and feel free to use my pics anyway you wish. after a few months I will send some new ones to show the improvements to my skin. I'm very satisfied with the copper and 60 AHA, finally products that actually do what they say, I never thought I would be a person concerned with my looks but apparently I am, and love the rewards of good skin care, nobody believes I'm 35 or that I haven't had work done because I'm a model people think I have altered my face, but in really I have god, my parents and you to thank. 


Your knowledge and insight have been excellent to say the least! It looks like the peels (Copper peptide, aha/bha cleanser, 15% Glycolic Serum) and other products you recommended are working, I can't believe it! -- I'm making progress from having many less (acne) breakouts -- from several/week to a few/week to 1-3/week now. My skin really 'feels' cleaner! **We are so glad your program is starting to work. Once you break the clogged pore cycle, you can really see some changes short of amazing. 

Hi, I just ordered your copper peptides serum because of a sample that you sent me when I ordered your chemical peel. I love both products and have gotten my sister to order the chemical peel as well. 

I love your glycolic 50% peel. I have had these bumps on my forehead for YEARS. They appeared to be whiteheads that somehow got buried - you probably know what I mean. Anyway, they are gone!!!! I book marked your website several months ago. - - Should I or shouldn't I buy it? Well, I am very glad I did. My skin looks and feels very smooth. I am very anxious to get my hands on that eye cream. I wonder if I could break into the post office tonight? Just kidding. I will try to get it tomorrow or Friday. Now that I know I can leave a different shipping address, I will do so in the future. Have a good evening and thank you. You are so very welcome! We will now make it so that our customers can leave a separate shipping address. (this was originally refused because of fraudulent customers on the Internet). But we will try very hard to find them while still offering what our customers need! Convenience! 

You are my new best friend. I love the products (peel kit) and they do what you said they would. I have a question though, is it imperative that you don't use the peel for 8 weeks before starting up again? I was just wondering why so long. Thank you I am so glad everything is working for you!!!!!!! I love them all too! OK., as for the peels.

No, you do not have to wait 8 weeks before starting a program again. You can either 

Start a maintenance program- performing the peels every other week to every 3 weeks, or...

You can stop doing the peels for a month or so, and then do the entire treatment again.

It is really whichever works best for you. I personally do the treatments every other week or so to "keep on top" of my acne prone skin issues. It is so great to hear news like yours! Enjoy the benefits. Hope to hear from you again soon, Jennifer 

WOW - I greatly appreciate your detailed response! That's customer service (a RARE commodity these days) in action! My sister and I are placing an order together, so I'll talk all this over with her this weekend and place an order the first of the week. Thanks again for your help !!! 

Hi Jennifer! Just wanted to let you know I have been using the glycolic peel (60%) for 3 consecutive weeks and I am lovin' it! I met with a girlfriend last weekend, I haven't seen her in a month...the first thing she said is "your skin looks great!" I was fired up! Question: Remind me, I can use this for 8 weeks straight and then what? Apply again ? Thanks Jennifer & Have a great day. Yes, 8 weeks then cut back on a maintenance program of every 2-3 weeks or ... ... wait a month or so and do another treatment! 

I just added a review on your site about a product I bought from you. It is the EGF & Stem Cell Therapy. I was hesitant about buying this product because it was so expensive and you had no reviews on it but when you had a 20% off I decided to order it and I'm so glad I did. As I said in the review my skin is just clearer, more plumped, and even toned. I have only been using it for about 2 to 3 weeks but I can only imagine how much better my skin will look months from now. I will let you know in a couple of months and maybe even send a before and after shot. Thank you for such a wonderful product and all your wonderful products. I will definitely order the EGF product again but it would be really nice to win a free bottle of this. Thanks you, Roxanne C 

**Hey Roxanne, you did win. Thank you for your great comments! 

**Also regarding EGF being a bit costly... yes, it can be. This is an amazing, highly technological product. It has not only the highest amount of EGF you can apply topically, but also Apple Stem Cells, Citric Stem Cells and Syn-hycan!!! Amazing once you see everything in there. And a 1oz. airless will give you over 150 applications. ;D 

Hello Platinum Skincare! I am Dora and I am so glad my BFF Mandi told me about your products. I am in my 30’s and have aging skin with occasional acne. I have ordered so many of your products over the past two months (Emu Oil, Derma Snap, Gaba Complex, Eye Cream, Syn-ake, Glycolic peel 30, Jessners and more). I have been completely satisfied with everything. Oh I just ordered the Epidermal Growth Factor EGF to try out and cannot wait for it to arrive. I have even started my mother who is in her 50’s with chemical peels. I started her with the Glycolic 30. While the Jessners peel has been a blessing for my problematic skin, if I had to pick one product (and believe me that is tough with all you have), I would go with the Syn-ake venom. Love how it makes my skin tingle. I have been using it for over a month and can definitely tell a difference in my skin. I mix it with the Derma Snap in the morning and with the Gaba Complex at night. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for your website. Your products are top notch at such unbelievable prices. You guys rock! Thanks so much! Dora 

Hi. Who am I? I am a 26 year old skincare junkie with the worst skin. Skincare junkies should have the best skin but I am always a beautiful exception! I ordered the TCA peel and received Fade Bright as a sample. Loved the results of the TCA peel but the real star became Fade Bright. Just from the sample alone (thank you for the generous sample), I saw my acne scars and hyper pigmentation begin to disappear. Seriously, it is erasing years and years of accumulated damage on my skin without aggravating my current acne. I know it is not intended for dark circles under the eyes but mine are getting sooo much lighter because I am using this around the eye area. I have dark circles that give me that constantly-punched-in-the-eyes look (for real). I just purchased a full size of this thing and I KNOW I will remain loyal to this product for life. I also just Skyped with my mom and she asked me what I am doing to make myself "lighter and brighter". I have used from Lancome to Estee Lauder to Clarins to Skinceuticals. Nothing beats this stuff. Thank you Platinum Skincare! 

Hello, My name is Virginia and I live in Austin Texas. I recently found Platinum Skin Care about three months ago and love so many of their products. But I am a little older (47) and definitely gravitate towards the products designed for aging skin which are all VERY good. 

But the one that stands out to me the most is the Copper Serum. I believe it has greatly improved the skin texture under my chin and in my throat area which used to be crepe like and very saggy. Now that skin is plump, balanced, and tighter. I also think it does wonders for the texture of the rest of my face as well. 

If I had to give up any product it would NOT be this one. I believe this is the fountain of youth in a bottle! Thanks Platinum for your top notch products and your top notch customer service.Sincerely, Virginia **Thank you very much Virginia. We are always here to help guide you towards the products that will work best for YOU. 

I am a new customer and I purchased a bottle of 70% glycolic acid. I also received a sample of your Enzyme Mask which I loved. I do believe this is my new favorite product for all time! Roberta Z 

Hi There. My name is Crystal and I am 33 years old. I am a proud wife of a hard working soldier and a mother of healthy 1, 3, 5 year old boys. I have been doing some research on peels for stretch marks and acne. I must say I love your site it has answered so many questions and made me more confident in what I am spending. Just about every product I have ordered has been so pleasant that it's going to be hard to pick my favorite. Emu oil is great. It absorbs quick and keeps me moisturized without breaking me out. Thank You crystal A *That is a favorite of just about EVERYONE Crystal. Thank you for writing in. 

Hi Platinum Skincare!
My name is Jackie C. and I am in love with your Platinum Eyes Restoration Therapy! In the past I have had commitment issues with every skincare product that I have tried...that was until I started using your products! I use many of your skincare products, but if I was forced to choose just one, Platinum Eyes would be it. This is the very first time that I have used an entire jar of an eye cream and ordered another! My skin around my eyes is completely hydrated and looks amazing. I will never stray from this product. Thank-you, Platinum Skincare! 

I am new to platinum skin care. I have been a cosmetologist since 1987 and worked mainly in skin care.I recently worked for Estee Lauder for 4 years. I was very good at selling skin care because my skin is good for my age. I will be 52 in June. I finished up my supply of their products and did research and found your company. I like the Gaba cream most of all. I'm currently using the glycolic products as well. 


I am Beverly Joy. My daughter Mandi Z. turned me on to your products. I have loved everything I have tried. I am 56 years old so aging skin is a problem. I like mixing up my own concoctions just for me ... However with all of that being said, my favorite of all is the tip with the emu oil. I love using it. Since I have used it I have had so many of my co-workers ask me if I was using new skin care products or just told me my skin looked great. On my trip to LA for our annual sister weekend (there are 6 of us) the dang people at the airport threw away my brand new bottle of oil. I was well controlled and did not go postal on them. Self resistant alone should get me a new bottle.PLEASE!

Thank you,



Hyaluronic Acid Pure Serum 
Apple Stem Cell Complex 35
30 Glycolic Hyaluronic Serum

I absolutely love them all. I'm 38 years old and my skin was NOT in good condition. After few weeks of use I started to see the difference.30 Glycolic Hyaluronic Serum was irritating my skin from the begining ,but after a week my skin got used to it and the results were there. Hyaluronic Acid Pure Serum is great for everyday use . I live in hot Puerto Rico so I really need good hydration.Apple Stem Cell Complex 35 WORKS ,but could be a bigger size for less. I cannot afford to buy these products too often because they're little bit pricey for me ,but still worth every penny.I also LOVE the fact that the owner of this company doesn't test the products on animals! wish you the best, Sandra H 

Hi, my name is Nina and I LOVE Platinum Skin Care products. My favorite product is Super Copper Peptide. I had really deep wrinkles on my lips. I tried everything, but nothing worked till I used your suggested combination that included this peptide. It has made a great difference, I still have some wrinkles, but they are not as deep or noticeable. Thank you, Platinum Skin Care, Nina 

I am getting my "skin" back thanks to your Glycolic peels. Nine months ago I had a cosmetic procedure that my skin/body did not like at all, I had two bruises that lasted months, along with that I had hyperpigmentation caused by the sun and all around terrible color to my skin due to the stress of not knowing if I'd have my skin back. Prior to this procedure everyone always told me I had great skin. 

Because I was now afraid to have anyone touch me I went online and Platinum Skin care and ordered the Mandelic/Azelaic because of the redness I had and I went very carefully with the instructions and I saw improvement over the first couple of months. I then purchased a sample of the Glycolic 30% which I have been using for the last 2 peels and my skin is starting to look the way it use to. I am very pleased with the results and will continue to try your products. Thank you so much for your great products and help in using them! Elaine J 

Leaves my skin feeling silky smooth the next morning… very effective for helping my aging skin still fight oiliness and acne and congested pores. Cari G 

My current favorite Platinum Skin care product is the Apple Stem Cell Complex 35. I’ve been using it for several weeks and can see a definite difference around my eyes. I also love the CP Serum – it improves the texture and ‘tightness’ of my skin – It has improved my overall skin quality. Dawn E 

Love Platinum skin care!: I am a 34 year old product junkie! I have been hopping around for years from product to product. Oh, and did I mention I am an Aesthetic RN? I absolutely love every product that I have tried from the chemical peels to the Syn-ake. I am thrilled that I found this company. I am always the guinea pig with my friends and family. I have everyone that I know on your website. What I really love the most is the information. Great! Great! Great! Even though I can inject myself with botox and fillers, I am really loving the botox alternative products. Should I win this month pick one for me:) Thanks again and my hopping days are over. Mandi Z. 

I am totally sold on Pure Emu Oil. I have sensitive skin and other products irritate or cause breakouts. Emu Oil is so easy to use, no extra scent and makes my skin so soft. Love, love, love it! Ann K 

My favorited platinum skin care product is the chemical peel tca and the Vitamin c serum! My skin has never been better and I am 60 years old and have struggled all my life with uneven skin tone and acne! Thank you so much for your prompt service and excellent information about and how to use your products!!!! I was reluctant because over the years I have tried a multitude of products with no real results I was happy with, until now!! Thank you

My name is Gina F. and my favorite Platinum Skincare product is the AB Cleanser. I love it because it really diminishes my acne breakouts and makes my face feel clean. I have very oily skin and this product really helps to keep away blemishes. Thanks for coming up with a great combination of ingredients that work together to help this type of skin condition! 

I am Dorothy Z. My favorite product is the Salicylic Acid Peel 20%. I have seen a DRAMATIC DIFFERENCE in my large pores and deep acne scars. The pores aremuch smaller and the acne scars are no longer deep. I see improvementevery time I use it!!! The best thing is that there is NO down time. My face is not even red afterwards. A WONDERFUL product!!! 

My husband says I look better and other people just stare at my face.I know they are wondering, "What on earth is she doing???" I'm not bothered one bit. It just shows the product is working. :) Thanks! 

Dear Platinum SkinCare. I stumbled upon your site by accident after I graduated from Esthetician School 3 years ago. I absolutely love all of your products and it would be hard to pick a single favorite but I have to say that your Emu Oil is the most luxurious lotion I have ever put on my face. My skin feels so soft and supple that I can't stop touching it! I even gave some to my 78 father and he really loves it too! When someone tells me my skin looks good and I couldn't possibly be a 51 year old grandmother to two I tell them I use your products. Keep up the good work. Can't wait to try the Regenerate EGF Serum with the retinol on top! Thanks 

Hello. My name is Arlene Smith. I am 52 years old. I first heard about your product "GABA Super Antioxidant Wrinkle Cream" while watching an episode of Dr. Oz in July 2012 and ordered it online shortly after that. I was a little sceptical as I've tried a number of wrinkle creams to no prevail. However, this one was certainly not the most expensive cream I've purchased, and since it was reasonably priced I was convinced to give it a try. Well I'm completely thrilled with this product and have since purchased a second bottle. I've definitely noticed a difference in the lines around my eyes, mouth and forehead and found that using a little goes a long way. I'm also very impressed with the speedy shipment of 10 days, and it's delivered right to my door. I will continue using this super antioxidant wrinkle cream and I am recommending it to my friends and family. Your very satisfied customer, Arlene 

Citrustem Stem Cell Complex 35. Over the past year or so, I have noticed an accumulation of under the skin bumps on my forehead. No amount of "scrubbing" seemed to help, NONE...But then after using the "new" to me...Platinum Skin Care product...Citrustem...wala only 4 days of use...Gone, Yep...Gone...So Excited, YAY. Can't say enough about all the products but this one so far is My Favorite! Thanks,Barbara 

Dear Platinum, I am 22 years old and have been battling acne since I was about 9. Years of fighting with oily, acne-prone skin using harsh, damaging products had left my skin dull, scarred, and un-attractive. About a year ago I discovered your skin care line and decided to try an at-home salicylic acid peel. I can barely begin to describe the change in my skin. By the time I completed the first month-long regimen I had shed more dead, damaged skin than I thought possible. Years of scarring and damage have been un-done, and my skin is softer and becoming clearer and more luminous than I could have imagined. I now get all of my skin care products from Platinum, and their combined powers have transformed my skin so that I actually look 22, instead of 32. The salicylic peel is without a doubt the best thing that I could have done for my skin, and I thank you for making a product that has made such a difference in my life. Sincerely, Colleen A 

Hi, my name is Kristina and I'm a 34 year old registered nurse in Southern California. I am a mother of 2 kids, a feisty 3 year old girl and an easy going 10 month old boy. Working full time night shifts and being a mom has really taken a toll on my skin. The first pregnancy left me with very dry skin and keratosis pilaris, the goose bump like condition commonly on the backs of upper arms. I had it on my arms and legs, even my upper back. When my daughter was born, premature and colicky, I let the KP be, not knowing what it was, thinking it would subside when my hormones regulated, and too tired to care. It did subside to some extent but being a new mom, I let a lot of my skin and self care go by the wayside. After my son was born, I was no longer content to put myself on the back burner. I was looking older, which was evident in the way that nobody thought I looked younger than my actual age anymore. In general my skin was super dry and rough. The KP was back, worse than the first time and my hands were red, raw and constantly peeling from frequent hand washings at work. I started searching for options. I found Platinum Skin Care while searching for answers to help with the KP. Initially I started with another brand of glycolic wash and lotion often found in dermatologist offices. The smell of the products was somewhat medicinal and the bottles were small and pricey. I also didn't really care for using the lotion as it irritated the dry skin on my hands. That's when I googled for more options and found Platinum. Your glycolic body wash is wonderful!! It has a clean, botanical scent and it cleared up the KP that the other brand did not. I didn't even need glycolic lotion to do it!! It also has helped my hands from getting as dry and flaky as they did before, which was a added bonus. The cherry on top was your great selection and prices on facial skincare. I had wanted to try the other brand's glycolic face products but they were outrageously expensive. Now I conveniently get all my skincare in one place at reasonable prices. I am extremely happy with my results!! With this product and the glycolic face products, ALL of my skin is smooth, soft, more supple and clear!! I even have next to no razor burn or ingrown hairs! My skin feels sexy and touchable again!!! Thanks!!! Kristina D 

Hello Platinum Skincare! First of all I would like to say that I do not have a favorite Platinum product because I love EVERYTHING that I have tried. I would like to review the Mandelic Azelaic Peel as I would like everyone to know how great it is. I purchased this peel about 4 months ago and am in love with it. It truly does give great results without the irritation. I like to do this peel when I can stick around home for 3 or 4 days as I do get some great peeling from it. Since I began using this peel my skin has been looking better and better. Fine lines are disappearing and so is my melasma and pimples. My skin has a great glow to it now! It is so nice to not have dark patches all over my cheeks...I was so self conscious about those. They made me look way older than I am. I will continue to use this peel because it has done so much for my skin. Thank-you! Jackie C 

Dear Platinum Skincare: I’m a business consultant and I’m so pleased to have the opportunity to tell you how much your products have meant in my life! In my business I need to look polished and professional. I discovered Platinum Skincare 10 years ago in my early 40s. Now I’m 52 and I’m regularly told that I don’t look anywhere near my age. My skin is glowing, smooth, and toned – thanks to Platinum Skincare peels! My two favorites are the Glycolic Peel, which I’ve been using for a decade, and the TCA Peel. I’ve settled on the 50% glycolic because I can use it with no downtime at all – apply it in the morning, put on soothing emu oil followed by makeup, and I’m out the door. Just look a little pink for a few days, then the peeling is virtually unnoticeable. I used to use the higher concentrations of glycolic but have found that the 50% works just as well, if I apply it a little more frequently, and is less noticeable. And this year I’ve started using the TCA peel on the backs of my hands and wrists. It works great. Very grateful as it’s nearly impossible to find an over-the-counter peel product that works on hands. I’m looking forward to exploring more of your products as my skin changes. Thank you Platinum Skincare! You’re doing a real service to women. Kristin 

My Favorite: Acne Diamond-Dermabrasion. I'm 50+ and still have an oily, congested T-zone. I use this every night (don't tell... I'm not supposed to use it that often). Nonetheless, my skin is on the thick side and I have a long history of a good routine with cleanse, tone & moisturize... so my skin can take it... it's gritty... which I like... that's why "Dermabrasion" is in this product name. I feel as though I'm giving myself a mini-demabrasion every night. This is the one product I cannot do without. It makes my skin smooth... making for better obsorbtion of my other products. Kind regards, Cari 

Hi, My name is karen. My favorite product is apple stem cell active. I am in love with it because it makes my skin so clear and glowing. Thank you! Karen 

I just wanted to say I am so excited about the new Syn-TC and can't wait to order it. I use all three of those products so an all-in-one active will be great! I love using your products and what they're doing for my skin. I just started using the Lactic Acid Toner and my skin now does look moist and plumper! So the "remember when" on the bottle really does make your skin remember when. THANK YOU! Denise M. 

Hi I have to say I love 3 products syntacks, synake, & syncoll Active. Of course the GABA and apple stem cell! I have been using your products for a few years now. I buy all they SYN- and combine them in a jar of cream and I am set for 1 year!. I am 47 and "the Kids" I work with cannot believe how young I look. I am a nurse "very stressed out - burn-out job" it is funny to hear them say- "You have a 24 year old kid, you can't, your too young." I just want to say THANK YOU to all the people at Platinum Skin Care for a wonderful job that you do. Products are top notch and thankfully you give them to us. You give bottles when in fact we know that if the products says it contains syntack on it, it will most likely mean it has 1 drop in it. Now I can just put it in myself. I have tried many of your products, but I use these everyday. Thank you, Cheryl

I must admit I saw GABA on Dr Oz...from there I became a loyal customer..I have a routine including many products..I would say my favorite is the Retinol 30%..goes on smooth and almost melts into my skin..when I wake up my skin us so soft and supple..love it... Gina B 

The Glycolic Serum has changed my life! I used to pull flaking skin off my face with masking tape, just to keep myself looking " presentable", as my skin has always been so dry and flaky that it literally looked like I was peeling year 'round. Now that I use the serum daily, I can just moisturizer afterward and go! Saves me a lot of time and anguish over worrying about looking flaky! I'm not flaky anymore!!!! Julia S. 

Hi, My name is jan and I am writing to let you know that I have totally turned my skin over to your products....:) 

I FINALLY, realized that i was wasting my time and money on all the other things out there, when everything I needed was here with you.....:) It did not sink in right away, but the point is, it has now! I get lots of compliments on my skin. I am over 50 and have a few wrinkles, but they are earned and they are mine....:) Here is what I have on my counter. Emu Oil....can't live without it..use it for EVERYTHING!! GABA, Stem Cell, 30SPF, TCH peel and all that goes with it., Gycolic cleanser and toner, Eye cream, and 30% serum...... 

You tell me how young I am....I stopped having birthdays and buying into the idea that when we age, we will have this and that happen to us....I say write your own story about who you are. Be creative and re-create yourself anew if you want to.... I have and do all the time....because I CAN!!!! YIPPEE!! 

If I had to pick one product, it would be soooooooo hard...but either the emu oil or eye cream......:) That eye cream keeps the boogie man away and everything else.....I do not look tired even when I am......well maybe once in awhile, like when I went dancing ALL night...dehydrated, but rallied the next day anyway!.... Thanks for such GREAT products and all the help to make them work together! I am a happy and lucky girl! 

Hi, thought I would write an excellent review of the emu oil I purchased from Platinum Skin Care. I am doing very well but unfortunately for me, I am having to have radiation treatments after surgery for breast cancer. The positive comment that I have, is that my oncologists are amazed at how well my skin is doing in spite of the radiation. I am in the 4thweek of treatment, and after using emu oil I purchased from Platinum Skin Care my physician’s exact words are “Your skin is very soft, skin doesn’t usually look this good by the 4th week.” br/> 
I have been a fan of Platinum Skin Care products for a long time…but now you have a fine word of praise for the product. I just thought you should know that. And I am a patient at the Penn State Hershey College of Medicine, they see a lot of patients! If they say it looks good, it really looks good! All the best, Edna 


I just wanted to pass along that I ordered my first glycolic peel from your site about 3-4 weeks ago and am thrilled with my results so far! I am 29 years old and suffer from hormonal acne (especially after having two babies in 19 mos and breastfeeding) as well as freckling and sun damage. After 3 one layer 30% peels at the recommended times and a fourth with two layers per the included instructions my skin is very clear, smooth and the sun damage, freckles, acne scars and uneven tone are definitely improved. I just ordered the bi-phasic peel b/c I'm hoping the addition of the salicylic acid will take care of the rest of those stubborn blackheads as that is my biggest concern at this point. Thank you for your products and your prompt response to my questions on my last order. I will keep ordering and definitely give a glowing recommendation! Sincerely, Elizabeth 

Hello gals! I have been using your products for probably almost 10 years now. I found your site when I was searching for 100% emu oil for suffering back pain. Was I lucky to find your site. I am now 53 years old, and I still have box boys at the market flirting with me! Absolutely No ONE believes that I am over 50, let alone over 40. Most guesses are at age 38. I began using your anti aging products when I was in my early 40's and I was stressed out and haggard. I have worked my way through many different products and I use your cleansers, toners, Derma Snap 8L, Hylauronic Acid, acne gel, fading gel, 30% Glycolic lotion (and I'm sure there are numerous other products in my travel case-I do not go anywhere without Platinum Skin Care. 

I just had my first facial surgery, because my eye lids were drooping into my vision. My plastic surgeon was another who thought my skin was in excellent condition, and he had to look twice at my age. So I thank you, as a middle aged woman, who can prove that the 50's really are the new 30's....thanks to my friends at Platinum Skin Care. 

Teri W
Palm Springs, CA 

PS I live in "Spa City" and there are numerous plastic surgeons out here, I am so proud that I have only had one facial procedure, due to vision only, which is rare for a woman living out here!!! 

TCA Peeling Phase Peeling Phase
TCA Peel After Improvement TCA After
Very Happy  

Here are promised pics of my tca peel for the $100.00 in free Platinum skin care products.If you decide to choose me and use my pictures, you have my permission and you do not have to block out the eyes.I am past being vain and so proud of the great results I got from your products!I used your 30% tca peel in which I did several passes.I am a seasoned user but never have done any other products that preformed as well as the (PSK)Platinum Skin Care.It went deeper but yet did not cause the horrible red burn I have seen happen to others.It did go pink and deep pink but not fire red.Just look at the amazing results!My mouth area alone looks 7 years younger....Yeah! 

I also use the PSK glycolic and Lactic acid produts.I LOVE them.**Thank you so much for making such wonderful products**To anyone looking at these products and wondering should I try them,"YES,you will be amazed at the results." Pamela Moore age 49 ..... will be 50 years old in 2 months. 

Steps I used:

  1. Cleaned my face well and then used alcohol on a cotton pad to de-oil the skin for better penetration. 
  2. Applied vaseline w/ Q- tip around eyes&inside of lipline as I have tattooed eyeliner&lip makeup,do not want to peel those areas .
  3. Applied tca,waited and applied a second layer.Lighty went over upper/lower lip area,apple cheek area above&sides of eyebrows (where deeper wrinkles where)again for 3rd pass.This was a very light 3rd pass just in those stated areas.Frosting appeared in areas of 3rd pass.
  4. Splashed with lots of cool water and then for next 30 minutes did a cool washcloth on face.The tca did sting/was hot feeling but nothing I could not handle.I used antibacterial soap on washcloth first( then rinsed the washcloth well w/ cool water before placing on face.
  5. Applied bacitracin ointment.Washed my face gently everyday and reapplied onintment about 4x daily.
  6. Will repeat process again in 3 months....looking forward to it as I know more will peel off.Maybe I will look 8 years younger!!LOL. I just did the same tca on my neck and chest area 4 days ago and am excited to see the end result.It is brown and started to slightly peel today. 

*Platinum Skin Care Inc. notes: Generally speaking we do not ever recommend the application of the TCA 30% to go on full strength. The customer above is a seasoned user of high potency products and has worked her way up to this level. Jennifer 

Just wanted to say i received my 2nd order today and i loveeeeeeeee you guys, you make the best skincare products EVER!!!!!!! I have suffer with acne for the past 12 YEARS and I love everything, the peels, emu oil,toners, retinol, and hyaluronic aicd. My skin is looking better and better!!!! Please don't ever stop doing what you doing. LOVE you and i be placing another order next week!!!!!!! kenisha 

I'm a 25 year old male concerned with wrinkles due to muscle contraction. I have been using a combo of GABA in the morning on my whole face then the SYNAKE every other night on target areas and let me just say it has been amazing!!! For skeptics of topical agents to reduce wrinkles, this stuff definitely works!!! With the GABA you see it work minutes after you put it on just like the description on the website says! I'm sold! 

I just wanted to let you know how much I love your products. I ordered from you a few years ago and the products worked great.Then, I steered away from it for a year and my skin started to break out once again and that smooth texture that I once achieved from your products disappeared. I still had plenty of products left in the bottles. I called to make sure that the shelf life was still valid and got back to working. I am very pleased with the results! Whenever people ask what product I have used to clear up my skin ,I always tell them about your site. I so firmly believe in these products in fact, I was wondering if you could send me a few business cards so I could hand them out to friends and family?! Thank you so very much for all of your wonderful products and all of your hard work. With kind regards, Veronika 

I just made an order and I am raving about how fast it got here! I would really like to thank you for such fast service and detailed instructions. If I am ever in Michigan, I will most definitely make a stop to visit. Angela 

20% TCA Peel Before 20% TCA Peel During
20% TCA Peel After 20% TCA Peel After Face

Dear Platinum Skin Care, 

I used a 20% TCA peel (3 layers) and some of your products recently and was very pleased with the results. (Brave, I know, but my skin is accustomed to acid products and it worked out fine) As you can see from the pictures I have lots of sun damage and stubborn melasma. I did not want to pay the enormous prices that a doctor would charge so I decided to give the home peel a try. I have included pictures before, during and finally six days after (all in the same lighting) so you can see the results for yourself. I don't think the pictures really show ALL of the results...you would have to see me in person to see the full effects. I used the emu oil during and after the peeling and I do not know how one would get along without it! Some of it got on my hair during the process and I find it to be the best hair conditioner ever! I will be a devoted, all over user of that stuff! Love it!! I have been mixing it with my body lotion too. I used the enzyme mask to help dissolve the dead skin and it was amazing how it magically rolled the dead, sloughing skin off and calmed the skin. Love it too! The super copper serum is my favorite! In only a few days I could see a big change in wrinkles on my chest. The wrinkles are improving and my skin stays nice and soft all day long. It really holds in the moisture and goes along way. I am excited about seeing the results from continued use. I did some research on copper peptides and I am so happy that you are offering this fountain of youth! I am also using the dermabrasion cream and the platinum fading gel and the remaining melasma seems to just "roll off" little by little. I think one more peel and continued use of the above products will leave my skin almost perfect. Thanks for giving this tired 44 yr. old skin a big boost! The most dramatic result came from applying the peel (several layers) and the products to the stretch marks and scars on my lower abdomen. They improved 60-70%! It was just an experiment and I was totally blown away with the outcome. I wish I would have taken pictures of that! I also did my neck and chest and my skin is now baby smooth! The sun blotches on my chest are gone. The skin in these areas took MUCH longer to peel than my face, and it was very tight and itchy but well worth the wait. 

As I mentioned earlier, the last picture was six days after the procedure. I am wearing tinted moisturizer and a little eye makeup (I also have permanent make up on eyes, lips and eyebrows, just FYI) I wanted everyone to see that even though my skin is still a little dry and flaky at this point I am quite presentable in public. Today as I write these two weeks after the peel, I have seen even more improvement and my skin is very smooth and soft. My husband took my camera to work and keeps forgetting to bring it back or I would have included more pictures. My research tells me that improvement can continue for weeks or months. My husband thinks I look "80% better" and he is one of these guys that think all of this stuff is silly. He is much more open now, so thank you for that! 

I can't wait to try some of the other products and to do another peel in the next few months. I think I would like to continue with a mild peel in between and other products to maintain. Any recommendations would be appreciated. I will send more pictures to document the results of the fading gel. I can see that it will work already, but it will be a more gradual process. I also read that you should not use copper peptides and acid products (fading gel) together or they can cancel each other out so I use one in the am and the other in the pm. 

Again, thank you for offering these wonderful products. My fear is now gone concerning the peel. The process went just as explained! I am ecstatic that you could save me so much money! Ginger 

I have been a customer of yours for at least 8 years and tell all my friends of your products. The way I found your website (I had never heard of you before out here in Palm Springs, CA, Spa Capital of the World) was that I was searching emu products for back pain. I immediately ordered your copper serum, cleanser and toner and little by little I have become a platinum collector and will not veer off the platinum road. Anyway, eight years and 3 spine surgeries later I now have a spinal cord implant that stimulates the nerves in my back in order to control the pain. I wanted to stop using pain pills, so my compounding pharmacy makes a mixture of Lidocaine, Ketoprophen (anti inflammatory) and DMSO (transdermal). The product from the pharmacy was like applying rubber cement. I could not spread it over the amount of my body that had pain (ankle to bra strap on left side) without using so much of the product that the jar would be empty in a week. So I started thinking of ways to make my prescription spread. I thought of heat, to thin out the product and my physical therapist tried mixing with a cream that they use on patients. I didn't want to use any body cream because of the transdermal properties...you don't want just anything penetrating your skin. Then the brainstorm hit..EMU OIL. I brought the emu oil to the therapists and we were able to use a teaspoon of the medicine to cover my entire pain area, by first using Emu Oil on the area as a preparation, then mixing the product with a little more emu. What a solution! What could be more pure and safe then a transdermal product! I have not felt this good in at least 10 years. I want you to know that I love Platinum for what it has done for my face, but now, I love you even more since you have solved a pain that $200,000 in doctor bills could not. Unfortunately I missed your last sale, and I do need more emu, but with shipping, $40 is actually over my budget right now, without a job. Thank you for your fantastic products. Teri 

Hello :) Firstly, I have wanted to write to you to express my most heartfelt gratitude for what you are doing in providing a real solution for people like me. I will be 38 this month and have for most of my life had problem skin. It is ONLY YOUR PRODUCT that has made such a difference in my skin. I may even have the courage to start dating again! :) The product has not only cleared my face.. but also my back and chest. I used to spend a good half an hour just extracting blackheads every single day ... now I DONT HAVE TO!!!! HAHA.. I could not be happier. So.. that brings me to another question. I am thinking of a change of career.. and perhaps now being an esthetician is an option (never could see that being a "real" goal before with my skin the way it was. I wonder if you would be so kind as to offer me direction in that regard. I want to offer your products with salon service at a price the average person can stomach. Do I need to attend a school or a license? What would you suggest? PS -- I wish I had pictures.. but I was just too embarrassed before.. :)))))))) Thank you again.. you saved my skin! 

Absolutely we sell our items to spas and doctor's offices. Just click on the "Professionals" link on the site to get more information. We will need a copy of your esthetician's license and a copy of your drivers license. If you want to retail the products we will need a copy of your Sales Tax License. I suggest going through your local phone book under beauty schools. You will find something there. Best wishes and we look forward to working with you once you have completed your schooling. Jennifer 

I have tried every product available. Spent far more for eye creams to reduce puffiness and dark circles. I am now returning to Plantinum Skin Care because it is the only product available that really works. You must use it for the time recommended to see results. If you do this you WILL have results as promised. Barbara 

I can't thank you enough for your outstanding customer service, Dora! I just placed my order. Thank you, thank you! Have a fabulous weekend. :) 

WOW - I greatly appreciate your detailed response! That's customer service (a RARE commodity these days) in action! My sister and I are placing an order together, so I'll talk all this over with her this weekend and place an order the first of the week. Thanks again for your help !!! You're welcome...that is what we are here for! 

Hi Jennifer! Just wanted to let you know I have been using the glycolic peel (60%) for 3 consecutive weeks and I am lovin' it! I met with a girlfriend last weekend, I haven't seen her in a month...the first thing she said is "your skin looks great!" I was fired up! Question: Remind me, I can use this for 8 weeks straight and then what? Apply again ? Thanks Jennifer & Have a great day. Yes, 8 weeks then cut back on a maintenance program of every 2-3 weeks or ... ... wait a month or so and do another treatment! 

Thank YOU, Jennifer. I love your products. My skin has never looked better, and I've been going to dermatologists since I was 11. I'm 43 now. 

Hello- I received my 50% glycolic peel and toner in the mail this week- and am so happy with the products .... I received my package quickly and without hassle and your prices are great. I will never buy from anywhere else again! Keep up the good work! Customer service, great prices! 

Thank you for the samples you evil woman!! LOL !! Now I have to buy it! Seriously though, thanks for the 15% glycolic serum sample. I love the way my skin feels! I have been using it daily and have noticed a great difference in my skin (of course the peels helped tremendously also!!). I have that crepe type! Drats! The sample lasted me about a week (I really milked it). Now, I am here ordering again! What are you going to send me next?$?$?$ LOL. We are going to send you our cp's...you will LOVE them!) 

I followed your directions to a "T" and when I was done I was pleasantly surprised that it went so well. :) I'm glad to hear I could pass along something positive! I can imagine what comments you get. Thanks for the side note!...I may try that next time! (up it a minute or two). Have a good day! note from the president! All comments are welcome Good or Bad, your responses play a big part in how we tailor or products!). 

Why Jennifer, You are a very smart lady, I commend you and will have to order from you. I was doing some price comparisons and it was all you. As Tupak the rapper would say " I'm not mad at you". That is so smart, I have to order from you. Your getting my business from this day on! (customer service) 

Yes, I received my products this week, and just love doing my own peel. Feels like the “real” thing. (50% solution). That is because it IS the real thing. Our products are used in medical spas, doctor's offices and many other professional settings. Enjoy! You will be seeing more of us in the future! jen 

God Bless You, you have been wonderful. I certainly don't want that to happen again...lol. I appreciate your help. Thanks! (customer service) 

Thank you very much. I am impressed with your product, and prices and your outstanding customer relations. Kudos to you! TY! 

I am sooo happy. I am using your 50% and plan to buy the next one up very soon. I am telling some friends of mine about your website that ask me about skin stuff. Thanks for your very great service. You are a very nice person, and you have a great company! 

Thanks for your email. I will be purchasing shortly! You obviously care about your customers. Dealing with the other company was a nightmare. 

Hi there...I bought a one ounce size glycolic peel from you a little while ago. I just wanted you to know that if you ever need a testimonial for your website, I'm your girl! I've tried every OTC and dermatologist-prescribed treatment out there (Kinerase, Retin-A, Renova, hydroquinone, Vitamin K - you name it) and nothing has worked like this little bottle of stuff. The brown spots are definitely starting to fade after only one use! I'm really amazed, I wish I would have heard about glycolic acid before I spent all that money on a dermatologists! 

I really loved it! The 10% cleanser is great too! To be honest with you, I had worried about the peel being diluted or buffered down. I am (was) a regular customer of a local aestheticians office for acid washes and I will have to say, they have now lost my business. Your product is great! Thanks so much for making this product affordable and for being honest. I will be back for more.

Hi! I don't remember quite how I stumbled across your website, but I'm so glad I did. I've been using your glycolic acid products for several weeks now, and I love them. It's refreshing to discover products that do what they are advertised to do. My skin looks fresher and healthier, and has a little of that "glow" it had when I was in my 20s (I'll be 40 in June). P.S. Really smart of you to include samples with product orders----I'm back on-line tonight to order a product you sent as a sample (copper peptide face serum). I really like it too! Thank you You are so welcome--Thank you!) 

You are a real star - you know that? Well, thank you soooo very much for all your help and info. You deserve a raise! :-) It is most delightful to find some one who is as informative, helpful and most importantly, willing to help!