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Professional Grade Skin Care Products Because You Deserve it 


You want the best quality skin care for your skin. Of course you do! But what does that mean exactly?

What does it take to create the best skin care products? You can't just claim to have the greatest skincare around without the knowledge to make it happen. Being the best was our main goal when we created this line in 2001 and it hasn't stopped there. Every year we introduce more new and innovative ingredients into our products - in unprecedented amounts! That's our true claim to fame!

Here at Platinum Skin care, quality and strength are what we sell. By having the most powerful products available we can help everyday people who are suffering from wrinkles, acne, scarring and pigmentation to transform their complexions and improve their self esteem! Right in your own home, you will use products originally formulated for professionals. Strong products with impeccable ingredients that will renew your skin.

Peptides - Growth Factors - Stem Cells - Retinol - Acids

Our exclusive home treatments can improve your skin because we use More Actives! Look at our ingredients list next to any other leading brand. Ingredients located towards the top are in larger amounts. Our active ingredients are at the top to middle of the list, when others are towards the bottom. That is because we have:

  • MORE of the ingredients that will treat your acne, set at the approprioate pH levels.
  • Higher percentages of active peptides to minimize your wrinkles!
  • The MOST actives available in all of our products to fade your sun damage and remove your scars.
  • Above all, even with our robust ingredients list, our products are AMAZINGLY priced!

Enjoy having a visibly hydrated, acne free, even toned, smooth and radiant complexion that everyone around you will notice. You can change the way your skin looks, starting today. Read our indepth article: How Can I Be Sure My Skin Care Is The Strongest Available to make sure you are shopping smart! Or, take our Quiz (above) to find out where you should be starting if you are unsure of how to solve your skin care issues.

We offer products for every skin type and every age – for both men and women! You'll find anti-aging skin care products, products for acne treatment, home peels: TCA, Glycolic, Salicylic, Mandelic, Azelaic, Lactic and so much more; all containing highly effective ingredients you just can't get in drugstores and shopping malls.

Professional Products Sold By Professionals!

We want you to have the products that will work best for YOU! Skin care products for wrinkles, scarring, pigmentation, acne and more. We are here to help you every step of the way through your skin care journey. Our site is packed with information to help you make the correct choices the first time. And, if you still have questions, we are here to help you personally. We have certified skin care representatives (call 1-800-917-3155 or visit our Contact Us page) that will help you right over the phone, on chat (look to your bottom center), or if you are local, you may step right into our showroom. Here at Platinum you will NOT overpay for our professional products.

  • Utilized in treatment rooms all over the world.
  • CERTIFIED skin care products. Peels, Acids and Emu oil all carrying the proper documentation.
  • Created in the United States with ethical practices and the highest quality standards.
  • Monitored and batch labeled for your safety.

Platinum Skin Care is Cruelty Free!

peta-Platinum Skin Care Cruelty FreeAlways cruelty free. Any testing done within our company is on friends and family members. If its good enough for them, then we are on target. We donate to PETA and you will find us on their Cruelty Free list. Listen to what CEO Jennifer has to say about animal testing.

Without harming a hair on a bunnies precious head, we can create a potent, and professional product line that will smooth your wrinkles and help prevent new ones. Clear your acne and help prevent future breakouts. Remodel your acne scars and encourage new collagen growth. Create healthy skin to benefit you, and your entire family, for a lifetime!

Platinum Skin Care member of Leaping Bunny

Time to start your smart skin care shopping. Every minute you delay is another week your skin could be transforming. Beautiful skin is yours for the taking!


Hello, my name is Michelle Rogers and I have been using Platinum products for about 5 years now. Turning 40 was a big deal to me so i decided I needed to start paying closer attention to my skin. I am 45 now and think I have aged quite nicely. I owe it to Platinum Skin care products and the High Octane Vitamin C. I've used it consistently for 3-4 years in combination with other outstanding products from Platinum. I wont be without it. Thank you for a wonderful product!

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