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Chemical Peel FAQ

Chemical Peel FAQ's | Your questions before and after

We are always trying to make things easy for you. We have compiled a list of our most frequently asked Peel Questions and have answered each and every one in this video. If you have more questions that we have not addressed, please contact us and we will certainly walk you through what needs to be done. 

And onto the questions.

In this video we will answer:

  1. How do I pre-treat for a peel?
  2. Why do we have to pretreat darker skin?
  3. Do I have to keep using Fade Bright?
  4. How many days before I peel should I STOP using my retinol or retinA?
  5. How do I do a peel?
  6. How often can I do a peel?
  7. How can I make my skin peel faster?
  8. How long should I use Luminosity?
  9. The peel is not working .. my skin is... [ plastic-y | rough | wrinkled | darker ]
  10. My skin USED to peel and now isn't - is there something wrong?
  11. Body Peels. How come only one time per month?
  12. How to prep for a body peel.
  13. How do I get my body to peel faster?
  14. Can I go outside after a peel?
  15. Can I wear makeup after a peel?

 Now, if you have never done a peel before, or if you want to learn which acid is best for you, then watch this video or read over this insanely informational page on everything chemical peels

If you are just looking for a peel application tutorial check out this page