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Basics Skin Care Line

Start with The Basics Skin Care

Setting up a skin care regimen can be a nightmare. If you are just getting started on your skin care journey, the range of products available can be extremely confusing. With so many things we may be unaware of, how do we know where to start? Platinum Skin Care has the solution for you. We can start with the basics.

Platinum Skin Care has put together the Basics Skin Care Line to get you all the way through the day, from the morning to the night.

The Basics 3-in-1 Cleanser is packed with beneficial fruit acids, amazing scrubbing crystals and antioxidants. This 1-step cleansing solution is great for all skin types and is the perfect starting point on your journey.

After cleansing has never been easier with the Basics Purify Advanced Toner. Clean out your blocked pores, gently exfoliate all those dead tissues, and smooth out that uneven complexion. This fantastic product is excellent for those dealing with acne.

Keep your skin hydrated and glowing all day by adding the Basics Day Cream to your morning routine. This wonderful anti-aging system is loaded with antioxidants, ceramides, botanicals and vitamins that stimulate collagen production, increase hydration, and boost skin regeneration.

To top it all off Platinum Skin Care brings you the Basics Night Cream. The ideal solution to keep your skin in its best condition even while you sleep. This cream boosts skin repair, increases skin smoothness and counteracts the signs of aging all through the night to leave you looking fantastic 24 / 7.