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Chemical Peel Prep & Post Peel Products

You can't just do a chemical peel without preparing your skin. To obtain the best results from a chemical peel series (6-8 peels), you must prepare your skin to the acids will penetrate evenly and effectively. For a minimum of two weeks you will need to treat any hyperpigmentation, pre-exfoliate the stratum corneum (outermost layers of skin *approximately 20), and help your skin reach a healthy, regenerative state with antioxidants and vitamins.

Here are all of the products that will work perfectly with your at home peels along with a protocol. 

Pre-Treatment Protocol:

  • Begin and end each day by washing with a pH acidic cleanser. 
  • Fade Bright. Darker skin types and those dealing with pigmentation issues (freckling, melasma, spots) pre-treat 2x per day.
  • Apply an antioxidant such as High Octane Vitamin C to combat damages and start cellular healing. 
  • Protect skin with SPF 30+ before going outdoors. 
  • Each evening thin the stratum corneum layer and stimulate a hyper-regeneration by applying a layer of Vitamin A Retinol Molecular Serum. *Alternatively you may apply the Hyaluronic Multi-Acid serum. 

Post-Treatment Protocol:

  • Gentle cleansing morning and evening. 
  • Continue treating with Fade Bright.
  • Apply healing, soothing products such as: emu oil + copper serum or emu + Regenerate Epidermal Growth Factor, Hyaluronic Acid or another mild lotion such as Vitamin B Complex. 
  • Apply an SPF 30+ for sensitive skin prior to going outdoors.