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Emu Oil Pure Certified

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About Emu Oil Pure Certified

Best Pure Certified Emu Oil Product For Major Skin Benefits

*This product is currently not available for exporting.

This is an oil, and oils can be thicker or thinner according to the time of year. Your pure, CERTIFIED emu oil is perfect no matter what it's consistency. 

Summer = more liquidy. If you prefer it thicker you may refrigerate. 

Winter = thicker - and sometimes harder to pump. Run under warm water until it melts. 

It doesn't matter what skin type you have, if you are looking for hydration, then you have found what you need! This product is 100% pure and safe. Bottled at a certified bottler by the American Emu Association. Pure enough to ingest if you wish. But first, what is emu oil?

There is so much to know about AEA emu oil. Take a few minutes and listed to Platinum CEO teach you about emu oil and its benefits - ALSO what to watch out for!

You first may be asking "what is emu oil?" Nationally acclaimed researcher, Dr. Barry Sears said, "Emu Oil is an untapped resource and currently now is where aspirin was in the early 1900's." Pure Emu Oil contains a complete balance of essential fatty acids (Omegas 3, and 6) which play a part in almost every function of the human body, including the regeneration of healthy new skin cells. Natural lipids found in Emu oil match that of human skin. Replenishing these lipids helps replenish skin from the inside out. Emu oil supports skin's natural stimulation of proteins. The effects of emu oil to replenish and rejuvenate skin are indisputable.

Pure Emu Oil Benefits:

Emu oil products penetrates the skin more efficiently than a non-refined product, and may help with many common issues such as:

  • General skin care and moisturizing
  • Skin rehabilitation after burns and sun burns
  • Skin rehabilitation after chemical peels
  • Cuticle care
  • Dry cracked skin
  • Anti-aging and Wrinkles
  • Stretch marks
  • Hair care, dry scalp
  • Hair regrowth for dormant follicles.
  • Makeup Remover
  • scratches and cuts
  • insect bites, and rashes
  • Help skin to withstand colder climates
  • Internal - beneficial if swallowed.

For the most simple, 100% natural moisturizer, use 1 pump emu applied to your entire face and neck. We suggest 1 pump onto your fingertips, then rub both hands together, and gently pat over face. Over zealous with your application? No worries, just pat off with a clean towel. Other great uses for emu oil are for wounds, bites, arthritis discomfort, Eczema, Psoriasis, joint stiffness, burns. The list goes on and on for your natural body care. Continue reading on our page to find even MORE uses.

Emu oil for skin may help reduce inflammation associated with over used joints, providing relief. Emu oil may also be used to help with:

  • Arthritis discomfort
  • Muscle aches
  • Joint stiffness
  • Bruising
  • Blemishes
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Intimate Dryness and Lubricant usage*

We have found - and heard from many customers that emu oil makes a perfect lubricant for your intimate needs. Excellent for slippage and hydration with no fear of extra ingredients causing harm with delicate tissues. Use a pump as needed to lubricate and heal dry tissues if necessary. 

Emu oil for skin is non-toxic, hypo-allergenic (non-irritating), and gently for all skin types. It is 100% All-Natural and carries the American Emu Association Certification Seal for Fully Refined Emu Oil. Our emu oil meets the criteria set forth in the newly established Emu Oil Trade Rules for Fully Refined Emu Oil for cosmetic, medical and pharmaceutical uses.

CERTIFIED Fully Refined Grade A Pure Emu oil bottled at a Certified AEA Bottling Company. buy pure emu oil to receive all the benifits

Why is fully refined best Emu Oil for skin important?

If moisture is above 0.10% level, bacteria will have a tendency to grow. By removing the peroxide and free fatty acids, other contamination components will be removed, for example; hormones, toxic metals, pesticides, viruses and infections (e-coli, salmonella for example that may have contaminated the raw material at the animal processing plants).

 grow. By removing the peroxide and free fatty acids, other contamination components will be removed, for example; hormones, toxic metals, pesticides, viruses and infections (e-coli, salmonella for example that may have contaminated the raw material at the animal processing plants).

What does Emu Oil smell like?

Pure emu oil is just a fat. There is not a "smell" or "odor" involved. It smells like oil. It does not stink in any way - but it does have a light scent. It is good for 2 years and the scent can change - but "rancid" is not something that will generally happen to this oil. Refrigerate/Freeze it if you are not going to be using it regularly to STOP time. :) 

What danger is it to use grades of pure emu oil that are not fully refined?

Danger only exists when the pure emu oil is to be used on the human skin or is to be taken orally. If the oil is not fully refined, there is a risk that the oil is contaminated or has not been sterilized. To be assured that you are purchasing Fully Refined Emu Oil, always look for the AEA Certification Seal. Australian aborigines discovered the benefits of emu oil many thousands of years ago and used its helpful properties on damaged and sunburned skin.

In more recent work, a study at Texas Tech reported that topically-applied emu oil reduces burn pain as effectively as 600 milligrams of Ibuprofen taken 3 times daily. Emu Oil is a healthy, complex, topical or ingestible oil, which contains a natural anti-inflammatory and is trans-dermal.

In addition to reducing swelling and stiffness in joints, it may help to reduce bruising and muscle pain. Professional sports trainers and players recognize the benefits of emu oil. Skin researchers at the University of Texas Medical School in Houston reported that emu oil at up to 100 % concentration in lotions to be non allergenic, non-comedogenic, have low irritation potential, and to be bacteriostatic.

How Can I Tell If Emu Oil is of High Quality?

100% pure best emu oil is a totally unique natural product. For best quality choose oil that is cream to light yellow in color, odorless, and tasteless or very bland. A dark yellow, red or brown tint indicates a low quality product or a poor refining process.

What are the Different Grades of Emu Oil?

The American Emu Association defines three grades of emu oil: crude, once refined and fully refined. Best emu oil for human use should be "fully refined," and not just filtered or refined. Our 100% Emu oil is fully refined and can be used topically and internally. Best if used within 2 years of the date of purchase. *For long-term storage of the oil, place in freezer. Thaw at room temperature before use.

What does emu oil come from?

This one seems easy enough... from emus. Being a cruelty-free company we get a lot of questions regarding why we carry this product that comes from an animal. So no - this is not a vegan product and is not listed in our vegan product list. Emu oil is a by-product from the emu. It is a meat source (just like chickens, cows, lamb, pigs....) and every bit of the remaining parts of the bird are used. The feathers, claws, eggs, and yes the oil. The oil has been used for thousands of years to help with healing wounded skin. So well, that we have carried it for over 16 years. 

Emus are not treated as other "livestock" are. They are raised on farms with lots of outdoor space to run and play. Nothing at all like commercial farming. If you are a meat-eater, then this oil should not bother you in the least. If you are not, then you would rather take a look at our Vegan, Essentials Healing Blend 99% Organic Oil for your chemical peel needs. 

How Do I Use the Emu oil?

Add a few drops as needed to any skin that is irritated or in need of hydration. Apply as often as you wish. 

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