There are so many questions about skin care products and regimens floating around on the internet. Some have pretty decent advice and some are completely wrong. We want to make sure that you are doing things by the book. We want you to get the results you are looking for. And for that, you need to have the tools to move forward. 

Here on this very page we will answer all of your commonly asked questions from what acid and percentage should I be choosing to what are the best ingredients to use for: acne, wrinkles, pigmentation, scars and more. This is a learning Vlog - Blog and I am your teacher.

Who am I? I am Jennifer and I am the creator and CEO of Platinum Skin Care. I am here to help you make the right choices the first time. No more guessing! So take a few minutes and listen and learn. If you still have more questions that is OK. Just Chat with (bottom of screen) us or message us on Facebook ... email us.. or even pick up the phone and call us at 1-800-917-3155. We are here Monday - Friday 9-6 eastern (- holidays). So, let's get started shall we?


 Dry Skin Care regimen. am pm peels and treatments

Normal skin care regimen | treatments | peels

Oily Skin Regimen | am & pm | Chemical peels

Tons of Makeup OR Have Better Skin?

Crepey Skin Fixes | Home Treatments | Face | Body 

Which Acid Should I Choose? TCA | Jessners | Salicylic | Glycolic | Mandelic | Lactic

Realistic Expectations with Peels | It's NOT a Miracle or a 1x event

Preparing your skin for a chemical peel.

How to open the different peel vial safety seals

Chemical peel 101 | Application tutorial 

After Peel Care | Flaking | Q&A | Pink | Itching | Dark skin

 | Safety | Layers | Frosting | Percentages | Schedules | Preparation

Detailed TCA Peel How to | FAQ | Layers | Spot Treating

TCA Peels on Dark Skin | Preparation | Percentage Choice | After Care | Body

After a TCA Peel | What to Expect | Flaking | Discoloration | Healing | FAQ's

Hand and Body Peeling with TCA and Glycolic acids

Jessners and TCA | Application | FAQ | Pre and Post care

Peel FAQ's Before | After | Body | Flaking

9 Myths and Warnings about Chemical Peels

TCA CROSS Method | Detailed Demo


TCA Eye Peel Demonstration and Kit

 How To Dilute Acid Peels and more

Neutralizing Acids | TCA | Hydroxy Acids 

You ended up with PIH - here is how to treat it

Treating Scars | Face & Body | Peels | Copper | Acids

Copper peptides | Which One is Best for Your needs?

 Quick Tips for Treating Pigmentation at Home | Daily Products | Chemical Peels

Dehydrated - Oily or Dry Skin?

Moms of Teens With Acne | 3 Products to treat | Diet 

Skin Care Product Safety during Pregnancy | Lactating | Breastfeeding | peels

Acid Peels | Which acid should you choose?  | Which Percentage is best?  

 Pores | Can you really tighten them?  | YES.. and no... 

Top 5 Antiaging Ingredients You NEED To Be Using Everyday

Dark Circles | What can you do about them? Tips and Treatments

What order do I apply my skin care products?

Pigmentation | Treatments and How To's to tame the spots

When should I start using anti aging products 

Quick trick to figure out your skin type NOW. 



SPF, do you really need it? Learn how to cut your risk of getting melanoma skin cancer in half.

Summer Skin Care on Fox 2 News



Healthy Skin Fox 2 News Detroit


Which Body Product is best for you? 

Dr. Platinum Potions | Super Intense Concentrated Actives 


Severe Acne Treatment Kit

Rules when applying Self Tanner with Professional products

Platinum Skin Care testimonial

Platinum Skin Care testimonial

Platinum Skin Care testimonial

Platinum Skin Care testimonial

Platinum Skin Care testimonial

Platinum Skin Care testimonial

 Regenerate EGF Stem Cell Serum | Tips and Usage


 Platinum Eyes Restoration Therapy | Tips and Usage  

High Octane Vitamin C Serum | Usage and Tips

Fade Bright Lightening | Tips and Usage

 GABA Elite | Injection Alternative | Tips & Usage

Nano Hyaluronic for all skin types | Tips and Usage  



DermaSnap 8Lm | Tips and Usage

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Platinum Skincare is proud to be cruelty free. Not one of our products are tested on animals and we use no services or laboratories that do animal testing. As members of PETA and Leaping Bunny, we never have and never will.