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Interview - How to get the most from Retinoids. New | Use | Misleading percentages

Interview - How to get the most from retinoids. New | Use | Misleading percentages


Retinoids can be tricky! So don't be mislead as you are searching for this most important additive to your regimen. Catch this interview with Platinum Skin Care CEO Jennifer as she teaches you all you need to know about retinoids.

Usage What are the newest OTC retinoids available?

How to tell if it has enough in the product Should it be yellow?

How to incorporate them into your regimen What to use if they are too strong. Are their other options?

Retinoid hierarchy - retinoic acid, esters and more... And more answered for you.

Learn all about retinoids in just a few minutes and be prepared as you shop for new ones. 

Get READY to learn and move forward confidently. If there was an ingredient that was worthy enough to be deemed “magical” … Vitamin A would be it! Far from fluff, and backed by decades of studies, retinoids are one of the most highly regarded ingredients recommended and used by dermatologists for a reason. And here is why.

Prevent premature aging.

Stimulate the growth of new skin cells.

Increase elasticity.

Lessen or remove hyperpigmentation/melasma.

Unclog pores.

Reduce sebum production.

Antibacterial effect on P.acnes bacteria[cite].

Minimize pores.

Antioxidant effects.

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