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Say Goodbye Pigmentation It’s Time for Clear, Glowing Skin.


Hyperpigmentation: Sun Spots, Acne Marks, Freckling, Melasma

Dealing with uneven color and splotchy marks? You are not alone. A great deal of the population deals with hyper-pigmentation at some point in their lives. Usually after an intense sun-filled summer, but the sun isn't the only cause! Freckles are cute or even sexy when you are young. As the spots get bigger, darker and start to become more prevalent though, it is time to do something about it!

There are so many ways to speed up pigment removal. Daily fading treatments, bleaching creams, retinols, acids and even home chemical peels can be used, quite simply, to fade back the damages. *Remember though! Spots run deep. Many have been accumulating since your childhood. It will take time to reverse all of the damages. Persistance and diligent SPF application is the key! Let's get started in your complexion rejuvenation, shall we?