Pigmentation Kit

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Our goal is to make things simple for you. We know which products compliment each other the best when treating your skin. We have put this pigmentation treatment kit together for those of you trying to quickly:

  • Fade back hyper-pigmentation
  • Reduce acne pigmentation
  • Lighten melasma
  • Control splotchy and spotty skin.

The comination of these ingredients will help to control all manners of dark tones scattered about the face and body. This kit is filled with the best products to help even out your skin tone.

Our kit contains the following items:

  • Your choice of Mandelic or Lactic weekly peel.
  • Prep A Solution for best peel application.
  • Fade Bright daily treatment.
  • High Octane Vitamin C Serum daily treatment.

We feel these products can compliment your lightening program, so we have made them available to you at a discounted rate:

  • Diamond Dermabrasion Cream w/Lactic acid for manual exfoliation.
  • Certified Emu Oil for moisturization, penetration and healing.
  • Retinol .20% Molecular Serum to thin exterior layers and promote deep penetration of products.



  1. Wash and tone the skin.
  2. Apply High Octane Vitamin C Serum
  3. Apply Fade Bright.  *You may mix both (C & Fade Bright) together in your hands and apply in a single motion or layer.
  4. If you have opted to add on the Emu oil, layer that on top of your actives to aid in penetration and to give moisture.
  5. Apply a sunblock of at least SPF 30 if you are heading outdoors.


On a weekly basis perform either the Mandelic or Lactic peel on all pigmented areas. We suggest applying peel solution on entire face/area at least one time every few peels to keep all skin areas even.