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Peel Prep A 2oz.

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About Peel Prep A 2oz.

Peel Prep A Solution

It's all in the prep! You spent 2-3 weeks preparing your skin for your peel so you could receive the very best professional results, don't stop there. Use a proper prep base for your peel.

The application of a prep solution is to de-fatt the skin as well as to lower the pH level of the skin. Our 90% alcohol base is superior to standard alcohol for de-fatting the skin and achieving a more even application of acid. The addition of 5% glycolic acid will help prepare the skin to accept a peel solution more readily. For use immediately prior to:

  • Glycolic
  • Lactic
  • Mandelic
  • Salicylic peels.

Also available in our 24ct Peel Prep Pads. Are you performing a TCA or Jessners peel? Then you will want our Prep B Solution.


Cleanse and dry skin. Saturate a gauze pad with Prep Solution. Apply to skin with a gentle rubbing motion - as if you wanted to deep cleanse. Allow skin to air dry. You may apply 2nd layer to skin that is on the oily side to further dehydrate. Follow peel directions and apply on top.


Peel Prep Solution A, SD Alcohol 90%, Glycolic Acid 5%, Water. pH 3.0 2oz.(60ml)

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