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Dream Peel | Vitamin A Peel

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About Dream Peel | Vitamin A Peel

About Dream Peel


SWEET DREAMS! Nothing will help you to sleep better than knowing your skin is regenerating - FAST - while you sleep. This Vitamin A Peel is going to put you over-the-moon with happiness. Never before have you been able to apply such a strong peel and feel NO IRRITATION - at all - during the application process. *Retinoids can and will cause sensitivity a few days after application. Be prepared for a mild "sun burn" like feeling for approximately 4 to 5 days.

What IS the
Dream Peel?

The Dream Peel™ is is a high potency rejuvenating and brightening Vitamin A peel that is worn overnight for 1, 2 or 3 evenings in a row. Due to our patent-pending special formulation, this peel causes no irritation upon application, and can be performed on a monthly (or every other month) basis to beautify and enrich the skin.

What you will find in our peel:

  • Super high percentage of retinol.
  • Super high percentage of Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate
    (lipid soluble Vitamin C).
  • High percentage of Linefill™.
  • All wrapped up with a big dose
    of essential oils rich in fatty acids,
    vitamins, minerals, trans-retinoic
    acid, tannins, flavonoids, omegas
    and Neossance Squalane™.

What this peel is NOT

This peel is NOT – a lactic or glycolic peel pretending to be a Vitamin A peel. You can’t add a sprinkling of retinol to an acid peel and call it a Vitamin A Peel. This is a TRUE Vitamin A peel where the main active ingredient that is peeling your skin - with the highest percentage - is retinol. There are not
any hydroxy acids in this peel.

But, isn’t retinol just a daily product? Sure it is, but we have formulated this retinol into a peel that can make your skin slough aggressively! Just like anything else, with the proper formulation, you can get different results. You will need to use caution though, so follow our directions exactly.

If you are looking for a very simple peel to use, that doesn’t cause any stinging, that will produce flaking in a few days… then the Dream Peel™ is for you.

What is the PERCENTAGE
of Vitamin A?

This one I am afraid that we cannot answer. Not because we don’t know, but because this is a patent-pending, protected formula and we can’t let our secret out. What we CAN tell you is that it is many, many, many times stronger than even our strongest retinol, Luminosity.

This is not a daily product by any means. Do not think that this is an alternative to prescription tretinoin. This cannot be applied for more than one session in a single month. There is no need to stop using anything you have been in the past. Use this peel as an adjunct to your current beauty and peel regimen.

WHY would you want to do a Vitamin A Peel?

Retinoids are in a class all their own. They are part of the group polyisoprenoid lipids. They combine with retinoid receptors and play a BIG role in epidermal cell regulation. In the most widely documented treatments retinoids are primarily used for:

  • Acne – inflammatory and non-inflammatory
  • Photoaging - wrinkles via collagen stimulation
  • Pigmentation – epidermal melasma, freckles,
  • PIH *post inflammatory hyperpigmentation

Other common uses for vitamin A are:

  • As a final layer to a TCA or Jessners peel.
  • As an additional treatment to a microdermabrasion.
  • Lightening underarms and stretchmarks.

Vitamin A benefits the skin by stimulating the body's natural production of collagen. This rebuilding action can help to make wrinkles look less severe, and can also reduce the appearance of splotchy-ness, age spots, and sun damage. Retinol is also extremely beneficial for acne skin and super speeds the healing of acne lesions.

You will find this intense application of retinol will help to push your skin to the next level of beauty and health.

WHO can use the Dream Peel™ ?

Northern European British European Scandinavian Southern European Central European Mediterranean Asian, Latino East Indian, African, Native American African Aboriginal


Epidermal Melanin

1 2 3 4 5 6

UV Phenotype

UV sensitive, burn rather than tan UV resistent, tan never burn

Please Swipe

This peel is safe for all skin types I-VI in the Fitzpatrick scale. *Those with III or above should always prime with Fade Bright, hydroquinone, kojic or azelaic acid for 2+ weeks before any skin peels to help prevent PIH. *Any treatment or product that has the potential to cause inflammation, has the potential to cause PIH. Always exercise caution with medium and ethnic skin tones.

Who should NOT use the Dream Peel™?


Glad you asked. Truly, the only negative – and this is the same with all retinoid use – is irritation and sensitivity. Just like with tretinoin usage, the skin can become VERY sensitive. Do not use any other irritants while using this product or for a week after peeling is complete if your skin is sensitive. Any sensitivity will go away in 7-10 days after first application.


SENSITIVITY: Some people may be comfortable doing this peel 1x per month and others may need to push it off to be every 2 months. See how your skin reacts and use accordingly. Even a single application - 1x per month - is PLENTY! While there is NO irritation at all during application, retinoids can and will cause sensitivity a few days later. Be prepared for a mild "sun burn" feel that will last 4-5 days after peeling starts.


NECK AREA CAUTION: We recommend skipping the neck area completely - OR... using it at half strength (mix with another cream or serum to dilute strength)* and ONLY apply 1 evening.


EYE CAUTION: We recommend good coverage (petroleum included) on the inner/outer corners of the eyes as well as around the entire lash line. If you have very sensitive eyes, you may protect the entire surface and avoid peel application entirely. If you are a restless sleeper you may inadvertently rub your eyes and get the peel to migrate during your slumber. A daytime application is perfectly fine as well. Apply your DP and then wash it off about 6-8 hours later. *Don't apply any other products on top.


POSSIBLE COMPLICATIONS: Complications are uncommon. With excessive flaking, inflammation or erythema (prolonged redness) could occur. Treat aggressively to prevent PIH. A topical steroid cream such as 1% hydrocortisone can be used to reduce side effects. Fade Bright or hydroquinone may be used daily to help with PIH-prone skin types.


As with any peel, results can and will vary from month to month. The Vitamin A will be benefiting your skin whether you see flaking or not.

NEVER use a strong Vitamin A Product if you are:






Sensitive Skin

How to Use Your
Dream Peel™

This is going to be the easiest peel you have ever applied. If you can apply a face serum, you can apply the Dream Peel™.


  • Wash skin.
  • Applier barrier ointment to eye area.
  • Apply serum. *Follow application times denoted below*
  • Have Sweet Dreams!
  • This is a customizable peel that you will apply according to your skin’s sensitivity level.


  • Eye area: Apply 1 evening only. *NEVER apply this more than one time on the eye area*
  • Neck area: Skip entirely OR, dilute in 1/2 with another cream or serum and apply for a single night only. Increase with caution.
  • Sensitive skin: Apply 1 evening only.
  • Normal skin: Apply 2 evenings only.
  • Tougher skin: Apply 3 evenings only. *Long term retinoid use. Not bothered by stronger peels.

How many peels can I get out of this bottle?

This bottle has approximately 60 pumps in it. So it will depend on what area you are looking to peel, and how many evenings you are applying it, as to how many peels you will get. For example.

3 pumps will cover all areas of Face/Neck/Decollete. *See video as 3 pumps were used to cover these areas.

  • Applying 1 night will give you 20 peels from this bottle.
  • Applying 2 nights will give you 10 peels from this bottle.
  • Applying 3 nights will give you 6 peels from this bottle.

It is relatively easy to see how many uses that you will get once you know how many pumps it will take.


How long will it take to start flaking?

Your skin will begin to dry, and the beginnings of peeling may be apparent on the 2nd or 3rd morning. Your skin will most likely start peeling before you are finished with your 3rd evening. That is ok. As with any peel/treatment.. there will always be a few that a product doesn't work well for. We find that over 97% of people that use this get a nice all-over flake. If you are not seeing flaking after 7 days, the treatment may not produce visible flakes for you. That doesn't mean that the vitamin A isn't extremely helpful for your skin though. Huge benefits will be realized whether you see visible flaking or not.


How often can I use the Dream Peel?

This is NOT a daily use product. This peel can be used maximum, one time per month for most people and potentially one time every 60 days for those that are more sensitive. *Use caution and start with one evening only. Work up from there slowly.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use other peels with the Dream Peel?

We created this peel to be the perfect go-between for your other acid peels. Consider alternating the Vitamin A Dream Peel with our Certified TCA peels, Mandelic peels, Lactic peels, Salicylic peels and Glycolic peels.

What kind of Vitamin A is in this peel?
There are many types.

Our peel is made from All-Trans Retinol. Non-prescription all-trans-retinol is converted in the skin to retinoic acid (aka tretinointm as in Retin-Atm and Renovatm). Tretinoin has the proven ability to create a layer of new collagen in the skin while it also stimulates the biochemical process of collagen synthesis, and increases the hyaluronic acid content
of the skin. [1]

Can I use retinol long-term?

Over the past 30 years, no systemic side-effects on long-term treatment with the topical retinoid have been observed in young adults. Moreover, Lattarino and colleagues (1997) found that topical tretinoin had no detectable effect on endogenous plasma levels of tretinoin or its metabolites. This is mainly because of the limited transdermal uptake of these agents (Krautheim and Gollnick 2003). Pregnant women or women of child-bearing age should use topical retinoids with caution as retinoids on systemic exposure are known to cause teratogenicity/embryotoxicity.

However, in over 25 years of topical tretinoin use for acne therapy there have been no cases of related teratogenicity (Kligman 1988). Additionally, in one case-control study of 215 mothers who were exposed to topical tretinoin in the first trimester of pregnancy, the prevalence of major fetal malformations in the tretinoin-exposed group was 1.9% versus 2.6% in the control group, indicating the safety of topical tretinoin (Jick et al 1993).
Even then, it is prudent to advise women of childbearing age to avoid pregnancy during treatment or, if pregnant, to discontinue
the use of topical retinoids.

Can this be applied as a final layer to a TCA or Jessners Peel?
If you have regularly used TCA peels and are ready to bump them up, then.... Yes, we suggest that you only apply it a single time and do NOT follow up with Luminosity. This can be a 1x only application. Now continue with healing products only until skin has completed its flaking process.

Can this be applied as a final layer to hydroxy acid peels (glycolic/mandelic/glycolic/lactic/salicylic)?
No, we do not recommend the Dream Peel™ be applied after.

Do I have to stop using other retinoids before I apply my Dream Peel?
No. You can apply your favorites right up to the night before.

Can you apply the peel to your body as well?
Yes, your body will flake the same as your face would ***BUT*** we do not want to cover large areas of the body at a single time. Keep this for your hands/arms or face/neck/chest on a single use. Very large areas such as the torso and legs would be too much vitamin A on the skin at one time. We want you to be safe. Feel free to apply up to 3x with the smaller body parts. *Use extreme caution with the NECK area as it is more sensitive. You may want to skip this entirely, or dilute your peel in 1/2. Apply it only 1x and then move forward in the future with caution.

Can I dilute this if I have very sensitive skin?
Yes, just like any other dilution, mixing equal parts Dream Peel + another serum or cream will cut the active percentage in half. You may dilute it in 3rds
if you wish as well.

Can I use this as a treatment after a facial service?
Absolutely you can. Instruct your clients that in a few days they will get flaking and to apply healing products and SPF daily before heading out.

How long is this good for? Will it expire quickly?

Retinoids loose their efficacy quickly when expose to light. This is why our formulation is in a double-walled, air free packaging to prolong its life as long as possible. We still recommend using this product within 1 year.

INGREDIENTS: Capric/Caprylic Triglyceride, Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate, Retinol, Helianthus Annus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Dimethyl Isosorbide, Sesamum Indicum Seed Extract, Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil, Squalane, Rosa Moschata Seed Oil, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract, BHT, Tocopherol. .50oz (15ml).

1. Retinol Facts Dr. C. Bailey
2. Improvement of Naturally Aged Skin With Vitamin A (Retinol), Reza Kafi, MD; Heh Shin R. Kwak, MD, Arch Dermatol. 2007;143:606-612
3. Vitamin A Antagonizes Decreased Cell Growth and Elevated Collagen-Degrading Matrix Metalloproteinases and Stimulates Collagen Accumulation in Naturally Aged Human Skin, James Varani, Roscoe L Warner, Mehrnaz Gharaee-Kermani, et. al., J Invest Dermatol (2000) 114, 480–486;
4. Retoinoids in the treatment of skin aging: an overview of clinical efficacy and safety

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