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Why Is My Skin Still Dry When I Moisturize Every Day

Why is my skin still dry when I moisturize every day?

Why is my skin still dry even though I moisturize all the time?

Well there are a few reasons that we are going to tackle here.

Are you exfoliating? If not your moisturizer doesn't stand a chance at penetrating and giving you long term hydration. All it can do it just sit there on top and temporarily hydrate the multiple layers of DEAD skin.

Choose acid products to gently slough off the dead skin. Retinol Molecular Serum is an excellent choice every evening before bed. Try an acid based cleanser like our Antiaging Lactic Cleanser or Revitalizing Glycolic Cleanser two times per day for more exfolation. A Chemical peel is another great option that you can do a few times per month to get rid of the dead skin and stimulate new tissue growth and minimize lines - if that is a problem for you.

Are you sure you are using the right moisturizer? Don't just buy a product based on what worked for your friend, or based on a key "buzz word". That isn't going to help you at all. Exfoliate and then determine your skin type.

Are you really dry - or was that just because you had too many layers of dead skin that are now taken care of? Once you find out, then purchase your moisturizer according to your findings. Some people need lots of oils and extra hydration and others just need a light moisturizer. Choose accurately and you will have excellent results every day - *not to mention a great makeup day every day!

Are you keeping your INTERNAL body hydrated? Water every day? Proper supplements in your regimen? Take a few minutes and watch our informative video so that you can learn what you need to do to get your skin to behave and hydrate! When you are ready to shop for DRY skin products.