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Normal Skin Care Regimen

Normal Skin Regimen | Daily treatments | Actives | Peels



Today I am going to give you a full regimen For Normal skin.

What is “normal skin” you ask? Well, if you aren’t oily or acne prone and your skin isn’t dry or flaky, you are probably in the normal category. Most people are.

I will create a full routine for you to follow with some extra things like peels and specialty treatments if you need them.

Your skin care routine should always consist of morning and evening cleansing and applications. So NO skipping before bed. When you are sleeping you have a nice long, uninterrupted time to absorb all of the benefits from your ingredients. Don’t miss this.

With normal skin we like to focus on balance. A little bit of hydration and a little bit of exfoliation will go a long way towards keeping your skin clear, healthy and glowing.

We definitely want you to use acids every day, because too much dead skin on your face will

1. Make it dull and lifeless looking and

2. Will make it harder for your ingredients to penetrate and hydrate.


I will make sure your Normal Skin Regimen consists of everything you need.

**Remember when you are following your regimen, you want to cover your face, neck and décolleté as well** Some people even go as far as treating their arms and hands. If you have any extra product – make SURE to apply it there instead of just wiping it off on a towel!

So let’s get your routine started. Its morning and the first thing you are going to reach for is our Revitalizing Glycolic cleanser. … OR, if you love scrubbing beads, then our 3-in-1 Cleanser instead.

Both have a high percentage of acid to gently exfoliate your skin.

I highly suggest using a little net sponge – like this - while you wash your face to help remove the dead skin more easily.

If you have more sensitive skin though, you can skip this and instead, use your washcloth to get some of the dead flakes off by gently buffing as you rinse.

Not everyone uses a toner, so if you don’t like them you can skip this – but if you love to be extra clean and balanced, then our matching Glycolic Toner is perfect.

**If you are dealing with a touch of acne, or an Oily T-zone … then reach for our Purify Toner instead.

Let this air dry for a few seconds and move onto your treatments.

These are always in the form of a serum or thin liquid and should be applied first as they are your most powerful ingredients.

A few great options and uses would be:

Fade Bright – if you are dealing with freckling, spotting, hyperpigmentation or melasma.

I want to mention our super potent Dr. Platinum Potions here, because any of these would be perfect treatment options.

Here is a quick rundown.

Citrustem 35 – For smoother skin surface and more elasticity.

Syn-TC 75- To help stimulate collagen production.

Syn-Ake 50 – To help lessen dynamic lines and wrinkles

Matrixyl Synthe 6 35 – Crows feet and fine lines

Apple Stem 35 – Teaches your skin how to be young again.

EGF – Stimulates new tissue regeneration

We even have our Potion Combinations where you can pick 2 or pick 4 actives for us to combine into a Custom Blend for you.

High Octane Vitamin C is another great daily treatment. It’s an antioxidant – and that is very important for protecting your skin from sun damage. You can layer this with your serums …. OR ….

Some people that don’t like to use creams prefer to use the Vitamin C with a pump of our Nano Hyaluronic Acid Serum instead.

Hyaluronic can literally hold 1000 times its weight in water. We add this ingredient into most of our creams, but if you need a bit MORE, … a pump of this is very helpful.

Now that your serums are on, give your skin at least 30 seconds to a few minutes to absorb,

and then move onto your creams.

Don’t forget your eye area. If you are dealing with puffy eyes and dark circles, our Eyelift Xpress Caffeine Roller is a lifesaver! Apply this first, and then you can follow with our Platinum Eyes Restoration Therapy Cream. Just dab a little bit onto your full eye area.


For your day cream I’m going to mention two options for you. The first is our Basics Alphabet Cream. It is full of antiaging ingredients and peptides and even has a tint so that you can skip the foundation if you wish. This is a great Starter product for someone just getting interested in antiaging with little to no lines. We also have a matching Night Cream to make your life Super Easy!

Our second option is our premium strength Antiaging GABA Elite cream. This has higher percentages of peptides such as GABA and Syn-Ake, and is loaded … and I mean loaded with antioxidant protection for your skin. This is an excellent cream to lessen the signs of aging and has light – medium hydration. And hey .. if it was good enough for Dr. Oz … then hopefully it is good enough for you too!

Always end your application with a broad screen SPF. We recommend anywhere from 30 – 50 SPF.  

As I mentioned, evening is not to be skipped.

So before bed Wash again with your Acid Cleanser and then Tone if you wish.

I highly suggest re-applying all peptides that you have at this point. Most of them need to be applied 2x per day for best results.

Additional treatments like copper or Epidermal Growth Factors like our Regenerate, can be added at this point as well.

Eye products are next.

Now, to help thin the dead tissues, stimulate collagen, and PUSH all of those treatments deep into the skin, it’s time for Retinol Molecular Serum. Retinol will take your dull, dry skin and transform it into a smooth, beautiful complexion.

This is a mandatory step for everyone. If you are sensitive start with the .10%, if not then the .20% will be a great place.

Now, just to throw a little alternative in there … I want to mention our Serum 15% or 30%. This is a blend of glycolic, mandelic and phytic acids that can be used instead of the Retinol if you choose.

Another option that many people like to do is use both the Retinol and the Serum 15. What we generally suggest with this, is that you apply them on alternate evenings. Then you can get the best of BOTH worlds!

A couple of weekly treatment options for Normal skin types would be our

Antioxidant Enzyme Mask – in which enzymes will dissolve dead skin tissues. This can be used every day if you wish, …

and our Lactic Diamond Dermabrasion Scrub – which you can use – as needed to physically remove any dead skin.


Now I want to mention some acid peels that will work great with your skin.

You are the lucky ones. You can choose any of the acid peels that we manufacture for your normal skin.

Two very popular acids are the Mandelic 40% and TCA 13%.

People tend to choose the mandelic if they want very light, manageable flaking and the TCA if they want more powerful changes and more flaking. 

All of them will make your skin temporarily dry as it flakes, but once the dead skin is removed your skin will be able to retain more moisture and your product ingredients will reach deeper in the skin.

That’s it. I have tried to keep this simple – yet still give you some options to choose from to make this 100% yours!

Just get a paper and jot down which ones sound like they would work best for you.

Select your Cleanser, a toner if you wish, any treatments you need and a cream. Choose your night products and a peel and WOW … you will be looking at a whole new face in the mirror in a couple of months. We can’t wait to SEE your before and after pictures!

Do you still have questions? Just reach out to us. We are here to help!