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How to clear back acne

Clear Back Acne | 2 simple steps

Hi its Jennifer and I have had some requests to talk about Back Acne and how to clear it up.

Now especially since it is already spring, it is time for Off-the-shoulder tops, tube tops, tank tops and before you know it – bathing suits.

All of which will look much better if you have smooth, blemish free skin showing through instead of red, bumpy skin.

Now, I have already talked about my grade 3 acne on my face that I now have under control, so if you need to learn more about clearing your face – check out my video

 “ How Platinum Skin Care CEO Keeps Her Grade 3 Acne Skin Clear”

Now I too have had to deal with bumps on my back, and here is what I do ( and what I have done in the past) to keep it clear.

Everything happens in the shower.

Now remember for the sake of time - wash your hair immediately. Then condition it and rinse.

Don’t wash your back until the conditioner is OUT. I usually keep a hair clip in the shower. After the conditioner is out, I clip it up and out of the way.

You don’t want to wash it and then have conditioner rinse out on it. We want it CLEAN and conditioners have films that we do NOT want on your back. **Same thing goes for when you are putting hair products in your hair. Make SURE you have a shirt on that will cover your back and shoulders. You don’t want all those films on your skin. They clog your pores!

Now, I have tried MANY soaps – and I find that this exact Black Soap from DuDu Osun is THE BEST to get your acne under control. I use it every single day in the shower.

Grab a long handled bristle back brush – I prefer the plastic bristles over the natural ones as they are a little bit firmer.

Get it wet and suds it all up with the soap bar. Then scrub your entire back. I like to let the soap sit on there for a few minutes while I wash up the rest of the way. Use the rest of the suds under your arms and on your feet. It is an excellent deodorant soap as well.

Rinse well. It will take a few weeks but you will notice your skin get better very quickly.

Now – for the really problematic acne. Pustules and white heads. You will want to have someone help you do a chemical peel on your back. I recommend a higher strength acid such as our TCA 20% on medium – dark skin tones or 30% on lighter skin tones.

You will be able to do this peel 1x per month. 

Just like a face peel. Wash well, apply Prep B or alcohol and then the peel.

Start off with 1 layer of acid and next time decide if you want to do 2 layers, or layer different acids. Jessners + TCA is very common on the back. I have had this done myself before.

**And don’t worry, you will probably won’t even feel irritated – so don’t panic at how strong the acids are at all! NO you wouldn’t want that full strength on your face – but on the back it is nothing.

Now, in a few days your back will dry and ITCH like crazy. WOW. But … that is just the dead skin coming off so be patient. Have someone help you to get some emu oil or our Triple Treat 25% Body Lotion on there to soothe it. Both are non-comedogenic.

It will feel absolutely amazing when you get to wash your back again in the shower. Just do it VERY very GENTLY - with the brush for the first few days.

Keep up with the black soap every single day – and use the peels as needed and your back will be clear before you know it.

Other things you can use are the Drying Lotion or CLEAR Benzoyl Peroxide on any pustules to dry them more quickly. Just dab that onto the larger pimples and let dry.

Do you still have more questions? We are here to help. Just reach out to us.