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How to Start using Retinoids | What percentage to choose

Fusion A - How to start using retinoids and avoid irritation

Fusion A Retinoid Concentrate. New Powerful blend of: Retinaldehyde (Retinal) - Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate (Granactive Retinoid) - All Trans Retinol

Starting retinoids can be tricky - and irritating! Let's start this the right way. Slowly and with some guidance. Follow along with Jen, CEO of Platinum Skin Care as she walks you through how to choose the correct percentage of Fusion so you aren't stuck with dry, irritated skin on your way to healthy, clear skin.

No need to suffer when choosing powerful retinoids for at-home use. When retinol isn't enough... reaching for retinaldehyde, granactive retinoid and retinol will do the trick for you.

Begin with 3 nights a week - no more. Let your skin acclimate. Then add on one more day each week. If you have dryness.. then take your time. This is not a race to be "won".

Are you sure that you are getting the actual % that is stated on your retinoid bottle? Hmmmmm. There is some trickery going on out there... Learn more here: