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Stuck at home | Ideas | Skin Care Ideas | At Home Peels | Deluxe Facial | #skingoals | Healthy Glow

Stuck at home | Ideas | Skin Care Ideas | At Home Peels | Deluxe Facial | #skingoals | Healthy Glow


Stuck at home and trying to keep yourself busy? 

Other than organizing every room, cupboard, or closet in your home… Why not take some time to de-stress or work on getting a nice healthy glow for when you head back to work in a few weeks? 

Hi there. Its Jennifer here, CEO of platinum skin care and today I wanted to give you a couple ideas on what you can do while you are stuck at home and avoiding crowds of people. I feel like we might as well make the best of it, right? 

The first, is a peel. 

Peeling is one of the best things you can do for your skin, BUT, the big reason many dont do them is because you have to go into PUBLIC and people will see all that dark, crazy flaking skin hanging off of your face. That can be embarrassing 

But, the silver lining, is that we’re stuck inside, so it’s the PERFECT TIME to do a great peel like a TCA 13. Remember, you have the time and no one will be able to say anything or look cross-eyed at you.

So why not? 

And to make it easy on you I’ve put together a page with resources that can walk you through your first peel step by step, from pre-peel all the way to healing and back again. 

But if a peel sounds too daunting, then in time to give yourself a deluxe facial. 

Grab your favorite cleanser, face scrub, mask, potions and creams and a steamer. … Oh, you dont have a steamer? … Well, neither do I. So, boil a few cups of water and get a towel to place over your head instead to get the same exact effect. 

Just place your pan or bowl on your table and hover over it for a few minutes. Use your towel to trap the steam around your face. If you have a few drops of a menthol, peppermint or eucalyptus – you can add those and open up those sinuses while you are at it. 

  1. Wash well
  2. Steam your face for 5 minutes
  3. Do an all over face scrub. using Gentle circles for a couple of minutes and remember take your time, there’s no rush!
  4. Rinse well.
  5. Apply a mask. Our Antioxidant Enzyme Mask would be an excellent option.
  6. Steam again and let your mask work.
  7. Rinse with a wash cloth and then start layering on all your wonderful serums and potions. Top that off with your favorite face cream or oil.

Not only will you feel refreshed, but your skin will look amazing. You should do this on a weekly or at least a monthly basis if you can! Easy right? 

Of course, if you dont have these items at home – yes, we are open. Just pop on over to and we will get your order out the next business day. We are here and we are safe. We wish you the best. Stay healthy and Happy Peeling.