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Fox 2 News | How to do an At-Home peel with Platinum Skin Care

Fox 2 News - How to do a chemical peel at home

How to do an At-Home Chemical Peel Demo

It can be scary to think about putting an acid on your face. We know that, so we were very excited to have Channel 2 Fox News Detroit ask us on their New Year's Day show to talk all about peels and give a Demonstration on how to apply them. 

Thank you Jessica Starr for the great interview. How awesome to find out that you have already done peels in the past. And thank you too Andrea for being our model and demonstrator as to how to apply a chemical peel at home. Great job, and with no makeup too. 

Just to sum up the interview, CEO Jennifer Tilney from Platinum Skin Care was speaking about using acids to help clear up the skin and fix damages that have come about over the summer months. Acids come in simple daily products like Cleansers and Serums, but they can also be found in chemical peels set for home use. 

Pigmentation is a big issue and can be treated with a few daily products. *See our video specifically on Pigmentation here. Something like the following regimen would be perfect: 



 Weekly or Bi-weekly

  • Choose your peel!

Pigmentation runs very deep and will need quite a bit of treatment. Think about the fact that there are 20 layers of dead skin *just in the outermost layer! That is your Stratum Corneum, and it is just the tip of the iceberg. You have many layers beneath that with pigmentation as well. A peel is a great way to get down into the layers quickly. And by quickly we mean several weeks. A peel is not a one time event, you will do a series of 8 peels and then assess. If you need more, then another series is warranted. 

Choose a milder acid like Lactic if you are sensitive or brand new to peels. Lactic barely has any flaking and many times nothing to the visible eye, so it is great for those that have to work every day. 

Mandelic, like Andrea did in the video, is another excellent acid to help treat pigmentation. We suggest the 40+% for this issue. 

TCA 13% at 1-3 layers is another excellent acid. TCA will give you quite a bit more flaking than the two acids above, but many times that is what is needed to clear the skin. You must still keep up with your daily regimen, and it will require a series of peels as well. 

You can also watch our video: Acid Peels | Which acid? | Which Percentage?  which explains in depth, all of the acids, their percentages and what they are used for. If you prefer to read to yourself, you will find our page with acid explanations and charts more to your liking. Find our page: Best At Home Chemical Peels - What You Need To Know here. This is our Chemical Peels 101 class. You will learn:

  • Which issues can be treated with a peel?
  • What percentage is the best?
  • What is the difference between doctor peels and at home?
  • How to choose the best peel for you?
  • How to Platinum Skin Care peels stack up? .... and of course Safety. 

Safety is always first and that is why we are always here to help you. Please feel free to contact us with any questions relating to this video, chemical peels, pigmentation and wrinkles. We are here to help you Monday - Friday by phone or chat and also by email or consultation (top of all pages).