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Which Copper is Best for My Needs

Copper peptides | Which One is Best for Your needs?

Video transcript

Which copper peptide is best for my needs? This is a tough and confusing question – as there are many of Dr. Pickart’s coppers available in different strengths, types and mixtures. 

Here at Platinum we have chosen to offer the strongest and most pristine coppers for our customer’s needs. We like to keep it as simple as possible. Our clients are generally dealing with Antiaging and Scaring – and this is where copper really shines! 

First of all though, why would we want to apply copper peptides in the first place? 

Skin Remodeling! It is the BEST! 

Why do children have such soft and gorgeous skin? That’s because of how quickly their skin remodels itself. An injury heals effortlessly and within weeks imperfections are quickly removed. But … as we get older that process almost grinds to a halt! 

  • Our cell replacement slows, leaving us with a thinner more fragile skin that is only replaced every 9 weeks or so – as compared to every 3 weeks in those 20 and under. 
  • Our antioxidant systems drop by 80% between the ages of 15 and 60. 
  • We have an accumulation of damaged proteins – which show up as scars, sun damage, broken capillaries and wrinkles. 
  • We have a decreased production of water-holding proteins and an increased breakdown of collagen and elastin.
  • We also have a reduction in the size and efficiency of the vellus hair follicles. *That’s just the fine, colorless hair that covers most of our body’s surface* Those exact follicles are the ones that help to supply new stem cells! So when that slows down, so does our skin’s efficiency to regenerate.

So there are many things we need to address, and copper is definitely a key ingredient to speed up your skin’s remodeling process. Our skin has a powerful natural system to renew itself. With skin remodeling, the goal is to USE these natural factors as much as possible. Common ingredients are: Hydroxy acids, Biological Skin Oils, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Physical abrasion and of course… Skin Remodeling Copper Peptides – also known as SRCO. 

I want to quickly clarify what the difference between the GHK-Cu (which is his first generation of copper peptides --- which were released after decades of research in the 1980’s) and SRCP (which is the second generation that came about in the early 1990’s). 

The original GHK copper was created for antiaging, and then it was quickly discovered that it helped immensely with wound healing as well. It is a more fragile peptide and you need to be careful what you apply it with or it will become damaged. *That means this cannot be applied at the same time as hydroxy acids or retinA. You will have to apply them to the skin at different times of day – OR… move to the second generation products. 

The second Generation or SRCP was created to have an enhanced potency, breakdown resistance, and a higher adherence to the skin. They are exceptionally helpful in healing wounds quickly, reducing redness and inflammation as well as causing a strong remodeling of intact, undamaged skin. 

So let’s take a look at the coppers we have here in order of strength *as designated on Dr. Pickart’s chart from 1 – 28. 

The first one on our list of from Dr. Pickart’s Second Generation of copper peptides is the CP Serum- This is the mildest serum  with a Strength of 3 

This is best for oily skin, but can be used on any skin type comfortably. 

CP Serum contains a combination of copper peptides and natural antioxidants. When used together with Hydroxy Acids, it will help to reveal a brighter complexion with a youthful glow. 

Copper Peptides help to visibly tighten the appearance of loose skin and diminish wrinkles. This serum contains aloe vera gel, natural antioxidants and amino acid glycine to soothe and moisturize the skin – but that is very light, and you will definitely need to add hydration to this watery serum. 

Apply this daily as one of your first products to freshly cleansed skin. Follow with other serums, then creams, then oils and *always end with an SPF if you are using it during the day. 

I will say that “most people” like to use the coppers in the evenings and Vitamin C during the day time, so that is a great regimen to follow if you are looking for best practice as Dr. Picart does not recommend copper and C being applied at the same time. 

You can use this side by side with our Serum 15, Serum 30 or Retinol Molecular Serum. Consider also adding on a chemical peel 1-2x per month to help with exfoliation – especially if you are trying to remove damaged skin tissues such as scars or spotting. 


The next one on our list is the Super CP Serum – which has an increased Strength of 8 

This is great for acne and oily prone skin types. It is an increase in strength from the CP Serum and also has a bit of salicylic acid to help with acne and milder PIH discolorations from past breakouts. The pH is still high though, so expect to use another topical such as our AB Cleanser or a leave-on salicylic toner if you require deep pore cleansing as this will not be able to accomplish that.


The last one in the Second Generation is the Super Cop 2x. This is the strongest strength cream with a number of 28 on the scale. This is the best version to choose when you require a strong remodeling system. This works excellent for all types of scars, moles and growths on the skin that you wish to be reduced or removed. 

If you are performing the TCA CROSS method on depressed acne scars, we highly recommend this as a daily treatment to help stimulate more collagen tissues very quickly.


Now we are going to move on to the newly Re-released GHK formulations. As I stated before these are the originals. They are more fragile and are an excellent choice for those with more sensitive and drier skin types. We recommend these for those concerned more with antiaging as opposed to remodeling of scars. Again we will go from weakest to strongest. 

GHK Luxe Eye Cream has 2% of the original GHK-Cu copper and it is given an approximate strength of 10 in comparison to the other coppers we have talked about so far. You will find this to be much more of an anti-aging product as opposed to a scar treatment. It is a blend of 3 Factors: GHK, DMAE, and PephaTight. 

This is very helpful for tightening around the upper lids and for a lifting. It is recommended for use every other day. 

We find that many people are able to use it every day after their skin acclimates. Another option is to alternate this with our Platinum Eyes Restoration Therapy cream to include all of the other antiaging attributes in your regimen as well. 


The next product is GHK Crepey Skin Escape which has 3% GHK. Its approximate strength is a 15.6 

This product is meant primarily for body use on crepey skin. It has a blend of the GHK, DMAE and PephaTight along with the penetration carrier DMSO. This is also fortified with antioxidants, amino acids, and cholesterol esters to help promote fresher-looking skin while fighting the appearance of your loose, crepey skin.  

Dr. Pickart makes an exact copy of this version without the DMSO for the face – but we don’t see any issues applying it to both. If you are very sensitive though – we ask that you exercise caution when using it there.

Lightly apply Crepey Skin Escape to any areas where the skin has become thin and/or loose. You can add a bit of Emu Oil to smooth and enhance this product as it is applied. Alternate use with our Triple Treat 25% Body Lotion, or a chemical peel. *Remember, this can NOT be applied at the same time. So either alternate the time of day, or do every other day with your acids and GHK for best results. 


The last product I am going to talk about is the GHK 7% Accelerant which has a strength of 36 on the 1-28 scale. That is because this isn’t meant for usage on its own. It is an ingredient very much like our Dr. Platinum Potions where you are going to add it INTO another product. 

This is super beneficial when you already have a regimen that you love – but want to add copper into it as well. 

There are a few caveats though. 

**You cannot add this into hydroxy acids, Retinoic acid, Vitamin C, sunscreens that contain zinc, or into other products that already contain GHK as they could become too strong or irritating. 

*We always say to take that last one with a grain of salt though. If your skin is acclimating nicely, and you want to add some of this to your GHK products, … just move forward with caution and cut back if you need to. 

The same thing goes with applying this full strength. It isn’t recommended – but that isn’t an issue for some people. As always we recommend caution. Cut back or dilute if you experience irritation. All other products are just fine to mix this into – including the 2nd generation coppers as well as with our retinols. 


Key Factors


A couple of key things to remember when working with copper peptides.

 Less is always more. Don’t overuse. Start with a few drops and work your way up from there.


  1. There may be a brief period where your skin can look worse or loose. This is perfectly normal and actually proof that the peptide is working to break down your damaged fibers. In about 2 weeks you’ll see things tighten and improve as the new fibers are being created.
  2. Buried scar tissues can become exposed. Old scars that were covered with normal skin for example – can raise up to the surface. You will remove these by treating them with continued copper use and by adding on hydroxy acids. *Our Serum 15 or Serum 30 would be excellent options – as well as a chemical peel.
  3. Overuse can cause irritation. So many people start to see changes and think --- well, if a little is working so well I just need to add MORE!... Then they overdue it and get irritated skin. If this happens to you just take a break. Use something like emu oil or our Basics Essential Healing Blend for about 3-5 days and then slowly add on the copper again… this time keep it at a low volume. *Another option is to apply emu oil first as a barrier, and then add your copper product on TOP. This will slow the absorption if you are experiencing irritations or are treating something very sensitive – like the eye area.


Let me end this with a few Tips and Tricks for Skin Tightening from Dr. Pickart. 

Remember that our skin requires copper as well as Vitamin C for biological skin tightening. Tightening occurs as the skin’s fibroblasts pull collagen strands together. Then the collagen strands are attached to each other by the fibroblasts using enzymes. These enzymes require both Copper 2 and Vitamin C to work. 

You can’t get a tightening effect without having a high level of each in your skin. Copper 2 is best supplied topically and vitamin C can be ingested by taking at least 1 gram daily, or with a topical vitamin C that has a pH lower than 2.5. Luckily our High Octane Vitamin C has a pH of only 2.0 – so feel free to use either that you wish. 

Another tip is to take a daily supplement of 1 gram MSM to supply the natural sulfur that your skin needs for the production of skin proteins.

I know that coppers can be a bit confusing. I certainly hope that this video has helped you to choose the most appropriate copper for your needs. If you still have questions though, just reach out to us We are here to help you!