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Vitamin A Dream Peel Tutorial

 Vitamin A Dream Peel | Application |Rejuvenate & brighten the skin

Vitamin A is widely used to help with pigmentation, aging skin and acne. It is available by prescription – in its acid form, and over the counter in several other forms – usually in very low strengths. Today, I am going to introduce you to a brand new way to apply Vitamin A.

Harnessing the power of a very strong retinol combined with an exceptionally luxurious form of vitamin C, the Dream Peel promises not only efficacy but a silky smooth, painless application. This innovative formula is a game-changer whether you're a seasoned vitamin A user or a newcomer to the wonders of retinoids.

Presenting the Vitamin A Dream Peel

There are many forms of Vitamin A, and the Dream Peel is created from retinol – a very STRONG retinol … mixed with an exceptionally luxurious form of vitamin C to make it feel silky smooth and painless as you apply it.

Whether you have used vitamin A before … or not, … you are in for a treat. Not only is this going to be the easiest peel you have ever applied – but it is going to be the first painless peel that causes great flaking in most people! This innovative formula is a game-changer whether you're a seasoned vitamin A user or a newcomer to the wonders of retinoids.

Benefits of doing an Vitamin A Peel

Retinoids are in a class all their own. They are part of the group poly-i-SO-prenoid lipids. They combine with retinoid receptors and play a BIG role in epidermal cell regulation. In the most widely documented treatments, retinoids are primarily used for:

Acne: both inflammatory and non-inflammatory types.
Photoaging: to visibly reduce wrinkles.
Pigmentation: including melasma, freckles, and PIH* post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Vitamin A Dream Peel, has other uses, such as:

  • Final layer to a TCA or Jessners peel.
  • Additional treatment to a microdermabrasion
  • Lightening underarms and stretchmarks. ***Small areas on the body only. Do NOT use retinoids on large areas. 1x only diluted in 1/2.

With a good use of Vitamin A Peels, also benefits for your skin. Vitamin A benefits the skin by stimulating the body's natural production of collagen. This rebuilding action can help to make wrinkles look less severe, and can also reduce the appearance of splotchy-ness, age spots, and sun damage. Retinol is also extremely beneficial for acne skin and super speeds the healing of acne lesions.

You will find this intense application of retinol will help to push your skin to the next level of beauty and health.

 Vitamin A Dream Peel | Application |Rejuvenate & brighten the skin

Preparing for Your Vitamin A Dream Peel Experience

Let’s get started shall we? Open up your Safety Sealed Dream Peel Box.

Grab your Direction Card and read it over thoroughly.

First things first….

Before embarking on your Vitamin A journey, it is crucial to respect the potency of this treatment.

I want to STRESS first and foremost. This is NOT a daily or weekly usage product. This can ONLY be used 1x per month .. or if you are more sensitive… 1x every other month.


  • Sensitivity Skin Warning. High percentages of retinoids can cause irritation in many people and extreme irritation in those with sensitive skin. Always use the lowest amount of days recommended for your skin type in our chart. Most people will do 1 or 2 days.
  • Pregnancy Warning: Topical Vitamin A has not been tested in pregnant women. Do not use during gestation or while lactating.
  • Sunburn Warning: Use protection when in the sun. An SPF of at least 40 is recommended. Avoid direct sun and cover with a wide hat or protective clothing.

How Many Applications Are Right for You?

Deciding the number of applications is pivotal. You can apply it 1x, 2x or 3x in a row.

For beginners or those with sensitive skin, a single evening application is recommended.

If you consider your skin normal, you may apply it 2x in a row.

If you have been using retinoids for years, and consider your skin very sturdy, you may consider 3 times in a row.

Easy! … The simplicity of application is what you are really going to love with this peel.

However, ***no matter how many times you choose to apply this to your face… you can NEVER apply it to the eye area more than one time.***

Step-by-Step Vitamin A Dream Peel Application Tutorial

Start just like any other peel.

Wash your face, rinse well and pat dry.

Do NOT apply any other products to your skin.

Apply a smear of petrolatum jelly as a barrier around the entire lash line and the inner and outer corners of the eye area.

Also apply this to the mouth corners.

Pump your bottle of Dream Peel to get enough serum to cover the area you wish to peel. You may apply this to your eye lids and under the eyes on the first night only.

This doesn’t need to be super thick. Apply like you would any luxurious skin product.

Wipe any excess product onto the top of your hands or arms – no need to waste it!

Now have some sweet dreams and think all about how this is going to help your skin to look its very best.

Wash as normal in the morning and apply any other treatments, serums or creams. *Avoid acid serums/creams and other retinoids*

Don’t forget your SPF before heading out. That was night one.

If you are going to go onto the 2nd night, you may apply it exactly as you did the first night .. but you will avoid your eye area entirely.

Your skin will dry and the beginnings of peeling may be apparent on the 2nd or 3rd morning. You may stop applying the Dream Peel at this point, or you may continue through to your full, 3rd day application if you have tougher skin.

Aftercare and Maintaining Your Glowing Skin

Post-peel, hydration is key.

Emu oil, Essentials Healing Blend, or your preferred moisturizer will keep your skin soothed and promote healing.

Flaking is normal, and it's important not to rush the process by picking at the skin. Allow a few weeks for any sensitivity to subside fully.

Final Thoughts and Support

As I mentioned before, retinoids CAN cause sensitivity. Be very gentle with your skin and never try to pull off the shedding skin early. They will be very small, manageable flakes. There is no need to try and rush the peeling process.

Give your skin a couple of weeks to get back to normal if any sensitivity is lingering.

Now… I believe that is probably the easiest peel you have ever done. I think you are ready to get started… but as always, if you still have questions… Just reach out to us.

We are here to help.


Q1: How often can I use the Vitamin A Dream Peel?
A1: For optimal results, use the Dream Peel once a month or every other month for sensitive skin.

Q2: Can pregnant or lactating women use the Vitamin A Dream Peel?
A2: It's not recommended. Pregnant or lactating women should refrain from using the Dream Peel.

Q3: What precautions should I take during the Vitamin A Dream Peel application?
A3: Apply a protective layer of petrolatum jelly to sensitive areas, like eyes and mouth, before dispensing and applying the serum.

Q4: How many applications can I do in a row?
A4: Beginners start with a single evening application, normal skin can opt for two, and those with a history of retinoid use can consider up to three applications.

Q5: What is the aftercare for the Vitamin A Dream Peel?
A5: Post-peel, hydrate with Emu oil or a preferred moisturizer, and avoid picking at flaking skin. Allow a few weeks for any sensitivity to subside fully.