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which Body Product is best for your skin

Which body product is best for your needs?

We have everything for your body here at Platinum Skin Care.

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We have natural hydration from luscious, long lasting pure shea butter - which can be custom scented to your liking with any one of our dozens of scents for men and women.

And, we have acids in super high percentages with our 15% lactic and glycolic body wash to our 25% lactic, mandelic and glycolic Triple Treat body lotion to take care of your ashy elbows, dry knees, scaly legs and arms and feet.

We also have our amazing DermaFixx to help to thermogenically sculpt the body. No! It won't melt away pounds, but it will help to sculpt what you have left .. ie: lumpy, loose areas with our patented ingredients and Gotu Kola mix. Excellent for scarring and stretch mark improvements.

Let Jennifer teach you which product is best for which application and how to mix and match them for your personal best!