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Crepey Skin Fix | Home Treatment | Face | Body

Crepey Skin Fix | Home Treatment | Face | Body



Unlike the skin around your eyes and mouth which are caused by repeated facial movements, crepey skin on the face and body has a different cause – and sun damage is usually to blame.

If you spent your younger years in the sun or a tanning bed, you are probably looking down at tiny little crinkles on your hands, arms and legs. Thin, paper-like skin that has lost its elasticity.

This is actually a very common complaint once you get into your 40’s and above – but with rampant tanning bed use, it is hitting people earlier and earlier.

Today, I am going to give you some instant and long term tips to transform your skin!

First things first – protect your skin from future damage!

Before you think about anything else, you need to understand that sunblock is now going to be a way of life for you!

You need to be using an SPF of at least 30 on your hands and body every day. Most people do good with their faces and then that is where it stops. Apply it to any areas that will see the sun when you are heading out.

And get one of those ultra sexy wide brimmed hats. They will protect your face, neck and chest – while you stroll around town looking like a movie star!

Now let’s start at the beginning.

Internal causes

  1. Keep your body hydrated. Drink plenty of water. When you are dehydrated, your skin will look worse.
  2. Certain medications can cause dry, dehydrated skin – such as steroids. Watch for those and change them if you can.
  3. Make sure you are eating a healthy diet and are getting plenty of Omegas. If you aren’t a fish lover, than you can munch on walnuts or add flaxseed to your dishes.


External treatments


We need to Exfoliate – Stimulate - Hydrate

Let’s start off with exfoliation.

For the Face: Exfoliate with an acid cleanser every evening. Our Revitalizing 10% Glycolic is excellent for all normal skin types, and if you are dry then choose our Anti-aging 5% Lactic cleanser instead. Both will help to give you a more refined complexion.

For the body: Choose our 15% Lactic and Glycolic body wash on a scrubbing puff to instantly remove some of the dead skin that makes your skin look dry and lifeless. By exfoliating first, this will ALSO make it easier for your treatments to penetrate into the layers of skin.

Another option to exfoliate is to use an acid body Lotion. Our Triple Treat 25% Body Lotion is an excellent choice that you can use on all crepey areas 1-2x daily. Just apply it after your shower.

Now onto Stimulation.

For the Face: The main emphasis is to stimulate collagen and elastin. These are responsible for keeping the skin plump and firm. We have several amazing products that focus on these key building blocks.

In our highly intense Dr. Platinum Potions line we have 2 key products that would be amazing for crepey skin:

Syn-TC 75% Complex. Just remember that the TC stands for Total Collagen and you will know exactly what this product is used for. It also helps with skin texture and elasticity.

I also want to mention that you can apply it full strength at 75% or you can dilute it into one of your favorite creams or serums. The studies performed with this ingredient were done using only a 2.5% active.

Citrustem 35% Complex. Citrus stem cells are all about building elasticity in the skin. Their slogan is

“Regain the elastic properties of a skin 12 years younger with Citrustem™”. Another very helpful job of this serum is to make a more refined microrelief. That means it can help your skin to be smooth and healthy. Studies for this active were done at a .3%, so you can apply it full strength with our 35% or you can dilute this into another product.

The combination of Syn-TC and Citrustem is one of my favorites to recommend to anyone concerned with aging skin. This works perfectly for crepey skin as well. Get our 2 potion combo and we will custom mix the two solutions for you into an easy to apply daily serum.

Another great ingredient to help with crepey skin is EGF or Regenerate Epidermal Growth Factor. EGF will stimulate your skin to regenerate itself more quickly. This can be very helpful when you are dealing with thin, fragile skin. Another key ingredient in our Regenerate EGF formula is Syn-Hycan.

Syn-Hycan is excellent for tightening the loose skin around the jowls, neck and chest area. Prime locations for sun damage and crepey skin. You would apply this 2x per day.

Once of the most well-known collagen stimulating ingredients known to man is Vitamin C. Our High Octane Vitamin C can be applied each morning to help stimulate collagen growth, increase elasticity, smooth the skin’s texture and help to repair sun damages on the skin. Even if you aren’t dealing with crepey skin, a daily application of Vitamin C will help to prevent future damages. It is a product that absolutely everyone should be using daily.

Another KEY product that is so beneficial for crepey skin – and anti-aging in general is Vitamin A or Retinoids. One of the #1 treatments you will see when searching out crepey skin fixes is retinol. This is because retinol can literally transform your skin.

Not only does it stimulate quick cellular turnover, it also benefits the skin by stimulating the body's natural production of collagen. This rebuilding action can make wrinkles look less severe and it can reduce the appearance of splotchy-ness, age spots, sun damage and crepey skin.

You will apply your Retinol every evening before bed. If you are also applying the Potions, you will apply them first and then follow with your Retinol Molecular Serum.

I want to mention one other topical that is amazing for crepey skin. That is Crepey Skin Escape by Dr. Pickart. As the name suggests, this GHK Copper based product was created to fight crepey skin. Apply a small amount 1-2x per day to all affected areas and watch your skin hydrate and smooth over the course of a couple weeks. This can be used right alongside all of the other products I have mentioned previously that help to exfoliate and stimulate collagen and elastin that I have mentioned above.

This is especially simple and effective for the décolleté, legs and arms.

There are some other helpful treatments out there that you can look into such as an IPL photofacial or Ultherapy. Those will have to be done in a professional establishment – but some can be very helpful. Even with those professional treatments though, you will still need to update your regimen to keep future issues at bay.

Chemical peels are also very helpful. Fortunately, you can do those at home.

Always pre-treat your skin with Retinol (preferably) or an acid serum prior to applying a stronger peel. This will help to make your skin texture more even so that you receive a better peel … and it will also help you to heal more quickly after your peel due to vitamin A’s regenerative properties.

I would highly suggest our TCA 13% at 1-3 layers for your face, neck and decollate. If you are dealing with crepey-ness on your arms and legs a higher percentage will be warranted.

If you have very light skin, choose the TCA 30%

If you have medium to dark skin, choose the TCA 20% and make sure to pre-treat for 2 weeks with Fade Bright prior to applying your peel. This will help to prevent PIH or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Needling is another very easy process that will help to stimulate collagen in the skin. You can do this on a weekly basis for 10 minutes or so on your problem areas. I suggest that you apply the Regenerate EGF Serum immediately after your treatment for exceptional results.