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STRONGEST skin care,  Dr. Platinum Potions, highest percentages of actives, Available in 35% - 75% versions.  syn-coll, syn-tc, apple stem cells, citrus stem cells, matrixyl synthe'6, syn-ake, custom skin care

2 count - Dr. Platinum's Custom Potion

Custome Skin Care! You want the very STRONGEST skin care potions available, right? Our amazing Dr. Platinum Potions Line contains the absolute highest percentages of actives. Available in 35-75% versions. You can:

  • Apply each super potent active alone.
  • Mix your potion directly into your favorite creams or serums.
  • Mix you PURE potions together and create a "Super Product" right here on this page.

No more measuring. Each potion is 1oz. You wont have to dilute into a cream or serum. Let us mix them up for you. Just a dollup and you have the perfect amount. Easy application for those who want to apply their potions directly. Combine your favorite Actives:

  • Syn-Ake
  • Syn-TC
  • Apple Stem Cell
  • Citrustem
  • Matrixyl Synthe'6
  • Epidermal Growth Factor 2000iu

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Our Combos are mixed according to your specifications.

You will receive an entire 1/4oz.(2 dram) potion bottle amount for each individual active.*A Potion sticker from EACH active you chose will be applied to your bottle so you can keep track of your Potions. Choose from the drop-down options which potions you want added to your bottle. You can choose up to four different actives (all the same or all different) mix them however you wish.

We currently have six selections for you to choose from. These will be updated as new items come and go. If you are NEW to our potion collection, you are in for a treat! These are individual potion ingredients that are many, many times stronger than a percentage that would be put into a skin cream. They range from 35% to 75% when you would normally only find 1-5% in a finished formulation.

If you prefer to purchase your potions separately, click here to learn all about Dr. Platinum's Potions.

Individual Potion Spec Sheets:

Syn-ake --Relax facial muscles (btx-alt).
Syn-TC --Total collagen care and tightening.
Apple Stem Cell --Combat chronological aging. Protect stem cells.
Citrustem --Elasticity of a skin 12 years younger. Smoothing.

Matrixyl Synthe'6 -- Crows feet reduction

Epidermal Growth Factor -- Tissue Generation

*Since this is a CUSTOM FORMULA just for YOU, it is non-refundable*