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Adipofill Complex 35

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About Adipofill Complex 35

Concentrated 35% Adipofill'IN(tm) Complex for BIO-Controlled Lipofilling!

You will receive

  • A 2 dram* (1/4oz) glass dropper bottle of Adipofill®. *You may choose a larger size.
  • Direction sheet for mixing

Dr. Potion Combination suggestion!

  • Adipofill = Naso fold filling
  • Sculptessence = Hyaluronic Acid injection effect
  • Perfect combination if you are working on filling in deflated areas! Consider our 2-potion combo here

Adipofill was created to help fill in the Nasogenian fold (nasal labial) that we get as we age. It has been shown in vivo studies to have a lipofilling-like effect. It helps the skin to appear smoother, plumper and more lifted. The recommended dosage is between 0.5% and 2%. *2% was used in the studies performed. 

An alternative use for this is as a Breast Tissue enhancer. So feel free to apply this to your bust area 1-2x per day. 

  • 20 women(18-36 years old) having bra cup size (preferably) or (maximum), stable weight for at least months, and regular menstrual cycles.
  • Twice daily application of cream with 2Adipofill’in™ on split breast vsplacebo, by massage until complete penetration for month.
  • Self-evaluation by filling in a questionnaire after 14 and 27 days



Subcutaneous adipose tissue is responsible for the plump aspect of our faces. Our fat pads melt away and time goes by reducing the size and number of adipose tissues. This atrophy makes the facial bones appear more prominent. To reduce the appearance of aging, many turn to injectables to help plump the deflated areas of the face and hands. 


Can you imagine how wonderful YOUR skin is going to look after using this super strong formula created specially for Platinum Skin Care?

Adipofilltm is an alternative to injectables. Great "no-surgery" option with L-ornithine amino acid. 




Key concepts:

Ionosometm = New Generation of the Delivery system consists of a polysaccharide coated encapsulation. This gives a protective coating to the active. 

Hormesis = homeostatic and adaptative beneficial response of cells to micro-stress exposure in order to correct a physiological imbalance. Comes from the Greek root "hormeticos" which means "stimulation".

Lipohormesistm = hormesis applied to adipose tissue equals EXPANSION!




See the Evaluation of Adipocyte volume and diameter In Vitro with only 0.2% adipofill'in tm. 




Applications: Skincare and make-up designed to fight wrinkles.


SEE detailed direction sheets in product photos (top of page). Apply this powerful elixir to your problem areas 2x daily before all other serums or creams. Expect to see noticeable changes within 30-45 days.


Purified Water, Glycerin, Ornithine, Phospholipids, glycolipids, Ethoxydiglycol, Propanediol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium PCA, Xanthan Gum, Ethylhexylglycerin.  2dram (.25oz).\

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All information is provided by LucasMeyerCosmetics. We do not guarantee results - only high percentages of actives for you to work with. Please see all photos and documentation by provider on this page for your reference. 

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