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How to treat melasma - daily products - peels


Hyperpigmentation, PIH and melasma are very common issues today. Melasma is mainly caused by hormones.

This often stems from pregnancy, but can be related to many things. Depending on how deep the pigmentation lies in the skin can make this an easy or very difficult process. Most will use a daily melanin inhibitor [Fade Bright with alpha arbutin or hydroquinone] with SPF 50 every day to help minimize the spotting and help prevent new.

Things like Vitamin C can also be exceptionally helpful.

Retinoids should also be used at night. We recommend the Fusion A .15 (new users) or .25% (advanced users) to start off with.

Most likely peels will be initiated into the treatment. And depending on if you want little to no flaking [Lactic 50] a bit of dryness and some small flakes [mandelic 40] or if you are OK getting a lot of shedding with stronger peels such as Jessners, you will be looking at a series of peels (6-8 in a row) to help minimize the darkness on the skin.

The key is NOT to get discouraged. This will most likely require quite a bit of treatment time to get a result you are happy with.

SPF is very very important as is wearing a wide brim hat to protect the skin.