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Fade Bright | Lightening Pigmentation | Dark Skin Peel Prep | Melasma | Spotting | Treatment

Fade Bright | Lightening Pigmentation | Dark Skin Peel Prep | Melasma | Spotting | Treatment


Treating Hyperpigmentation and Fading Dark Spots With Fade Bright

Hey everybody Jen Here! Today I want to show you a product that can help to get rid of Hyperpigmentation, sun spots, Brown spots and more.

Considering it’s the #2 biggest concern for women and men in the United States it’s serious stuff.

Which is why I wanted to create a potent daily treatment that could minimize brownspots and even out skin tone so that you can finally get CONTROL over your skin without prescriptions, costly medical treatments or using harmful bleaching creams.

Introducing: Fade Bright. Fade Bright is a thin, daily serum that can be used to control and lighten excess pigmentation caused by sun exposure and other hormonal factors.

There are 2 key ingredients.

1.Alpha Arbutin


 Alpha arbutin promotes lightening - and an even skin tone on all skin types. It does this by doing 2 things.

1 - blocking melanin synthesis

2 - and inhibiting the oxidation of Ty-Ra-Sine ….. Tyrosine.

Inhibiting melanin is key, as this is what creates the actual COLOR in the skin. 

And tyrosine is what controls how MUCH pigment is actually deposited. 

So if we can control those two things, we can fade back and control excess pigmentation and spotting

***Remember*** This is not a skin bleaching agent. Fade Bright will never make your skin lighter than your natural coloring. It will only help to remove excess pigmentation, balance and brighten your natural tone. 

Regu(R)-fade is the branded name for resveratrol. It is a potent antioxidant found in red grapes, and it helps to reduce the appearance of skin pigmentation in similar and a few different ways than the Alpha arbutin does. 

So the combination of the two ingredients will result in noticeably brighter, younger-looking skin in approximately *2 weeks.  *This is going off 2 clinical studies – and of course feedback from our past customers – many of which tell us they start seeing results in a matter of days! 

How do you use it? 

Youll want to apply our Fade Bright 2x per day onto freshly cleansed skin. 

So in terms of layers. 

First is your wash. 

Then toners 

Then fadebright. 

Then after 30 seconds you can follow up with any other treatments, serums - then creams and finally oils that you wish to apply.

And last but not least. If you really want to get sun spots under control… it is MANDATORY that you always apply an SPF of at least 40-50 as a final layer! 

Now for those of you with darker skin, it’s also recommended to use Fade Brigtht for 2-4 weeks before a chemical peel to help prevent Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation…. I cover that in more depth in other videos. 

But, there are always some exceptions. Dermal Melasma is one.  If you are dealing with melasma, understand that this one modality will not be enough to remove all of your hyperpigmentation – though it WILL help! Most likely you will need to combine this with deeper chemical peels and lasers as recommended by your dermatologist. 

So, if you’re ready to fade sun spots, and get hyperpigmentation under control look no further than this easy to apply, non greasy formula to use every day. 

And the best part it LASTS. Each bottle can last up to 3 months. So that’s 3 months for pennies a day. 

I’m Jennifer Tilney, CEO of Platinum Skin Care and Here’s to getting you one step closer to your best, glowing skin.