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How Important is Prepping for a Peel? | Simple Regimen

How Important is Prepping for a Peel? | Simple Regimen | On a Budget? 2 key products


How important is peel prep?

Well… if you want a great peel session and end result – it’s VERY important.

Milder, hydroxy acids like glycolic, mandelic, lactic and salicylic don’t require as much prep….
But if you are doing a stronger peel such as a TCA or Jessners, your prepping is extremely important.
Let’s get into WHY you should prep your skin - and how simple that can be. ..Also, if you are on a budget – what is the most important thing to use.
Your prep can be as simple as just having a good daily regimen you follow – its true! You may already be set to do a peel. Let’s see …
Firstly, you need daily exfoliation to thin the outermost layers of the stratum corneum.
This makes for a nice Even surface to lay the acid on.

You can accomplish this with everyday Acids predominantly – but Enzymes could be ok as well.
An acid Cleanser – like our Revitalizing Glycolic or our Serum 15 are perfect for this task.
**Don’t think you can accomplish this with a SCRUB though. That’s not the same at all! Your layers will be very uneven instead as you are more aggressive on some spots and not others.
Next, it is always preferable if you are using a retinoid such as our Fusion A at least 3x per week.
Now the biggest reason to use retinoids prior to a peel is to help with the healing process.
Vitamin A will put your skin into a hyper-regenerative state. This means that pimples heal faster, pigmentation is reduced more quickly – and of course your skin will regenerate itself faster after a peel.

Now … this one is mandatory if you have ethnic skin, and highly recommended if you have pigmentation issues…, it’s a melanin inhibitor.
Our Fade Bright can be applied 2x per day to help slow down the melanin production in the skin – as well as … to begin the lightening process on your pigmentation.
We recommend using this for a bare minimum of 2 weeks – and preferably 3-4.
The darker your skin – and the stronger the acid - the longer your use would be.

Antioxidants. Help to reduce DNA damages in the skin. They also reduce inflammation and help to brighten and protect the skin – while stimulating regeneration! Super beneficial.
During the daytime, follow your acid cleanser with an antioxidant like our High Octane Vitamin C Serum, or in the evenings try one of the copper products like CP serum.
Lastly. Don’t forget your SPF of at least 40 to protect your skin before heading out. *You will need this after as well.

So, if you already have products like these in your regimen – congratulations! You are ready to do any of the peels that we offer. Head to our website and answer a few questions in our Peel Finder Tool … to see which acid is best for your needs.

If you are on a budget, here is the bare minimum you can get away with:
For the Mild, AHA peels: Use an acid product daily. Whether that is a cleanser or a serum – get that skin gently exfoliated. Then, use your SPF

With the Stronger TCA and Jessner peels: Use an acid cleanser and a retinoid like our Fusion A to exfoliate and condition your skin. … and your SPF.

BIG NOTE!!! If you have ethnic skin *Fitzpatrick higher than 3 you MUST prep with a melanin inhibitor like our Fade Bright with alpha arbutin,
… or use a hydroquinone product for 3-4 weeks. You MUST.
This will help to greatly lessen the chances of your skin getting PIH .. .. that’s Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation.
PIH is much easier to PREVENT … than to treat after-the-fact!
AND even if you have light skin for your ethnicity – you should STILL prep as though you have darker skin. If your background is Asian, Mediterranean, Hispanic or African … DO NOT SKIP THIS! I can’t state it enough.
Be safe – not sorry.
That’s it! Just a few products and your skin will be ready for a Peel Transformation!!!
As always, if you have more questions – just reach out to us.