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Reak people, Life changing Results.

Real people, Life changing Results.

Real people, Life changing Results.

Dakota Brown

October 22, 2023

“ Story time:

Soooo picture on the left (June) I had been on Tretinoin for about 6 months. When I discovered PSC and other sisterhoods like us, I quit and invested in actual skin care.

Picture on the right = tonight. Makeup is heavier but my texture is **insert chef’s kiss **
My regimen is 99% PSC ”

Stephanie Fillman

September 29, 2023

“ Just want to say that I’m really happy with my 4 month before and after! I am so encouraged to see progress! I started out with basically no skincare routine other than sunscreen. Here’s what
I’ve been able to do for 4 months consistently:

Wash with Microfiber face cloth
Fade bright
Vitamin C
Foam cleanser
Fade bright
Copper Peptides

Every week:
Switch between cosmetic microneedling and mandelic 40 peel. I’ve done around 7 or 8 peels ”,

Rebecca Lynn

April 7, 2023

““ Update after 3rd TCA/Jessner peel series. Doing the series to deal with my horrible melasma. Did my first ever TCA peel, 13% in January. I got such good results that I did 2 more peels, a month apart each. So I wanted to post my final results of the peel season. No makeup, no photo touchups.

1st peel- TCA 13% 3 layers
2nd peel- 2 layers Jessner and 2 layers TCA 13%
3rd peel- 2 layers Jessner and 2 layers TCA 13%
I also used Fadebright 2x daily for the entire before, during, and after.

My face is still a little bit pink in the after pictures as the skin is still healing. ”

Cari Leu

February 23, 2023

“ I’ve been using TCA and dream peel on my face and neck. Monthly- November, December,
January and February.

My chest I use 20%.

Also been using fade bright and emu oil and tret.

As far as vitamin C, cleanser, and moisturizer I’ve been using up what I have on hand before
purchasing more.

I did purchase the 7% mini bottles for around my eyes, but quickly learned my face handles the 13% just fine, so didn’t use them. I’ve been working on my entire body as I have lots of sun damage. I’m trying to take it slow, but I’m so happy and anxious with my results I don’t want stop! I also recently purchased Jessner for my body. Only used that once in combination with TCA. I also purchased 30% TCA, but haven’t used that yet.

I received samples of the diamond dermabrasion, antioxidant enzyme mask and multi serum 30, so been mixing that in as well. I love the emu oil, it’s been a life saver on raw sensitive skin! ”

Simonne Lones Poff

April 12, 2023

““ Holy cow (yes, I’m from Tennessee). Look at my neck. I have 3 pics - “1” is just before I startedskincare AT ALL at 58 yrs old. “2” is (6 mos) after starting good skincare and “3” is after a series
of (6) Mandelic-40 and a series (6) of TCA 13. I am also seeing some tightening in my hooded eyes but I’m not sure I’ve captured that. Just shocked at the last (6th) TCA 13 I did. Upated to say: I’ve switched to ALL PSC products. Looking forward to seeing my progress:) ”

Andrea’s Story

OMG - the pic on the left popped up for me last night. This was a year ago. My face on the right isn't perfect (no makeup except a little mascara), but it's soooooo much better thanks to Platinum! I'm so glad this pic popped up - I didn't realize how much progress I had made! Thank you, Platinum and Jen!!

Results achieved with the following:

  • Months 1-4: Jessner / TCA 13% combo once per month. 2 layers Jessner and 3 layers TCA
  • Months 5-10: Jessner / TCA 20% combo once every 4-7 weeks. 2 layers Jessner and 2-3 layers TCA
  • Months 11-12: Jessner / TCA 20% combo once every 6-7 weeks. Topped with the dream peel.
  • Regular treatments: Always lots of sunscreen and I love the Emu Oil. I have oily skin, but it seems to provide enough moisture without making me greasy (maybe even helps combat it).

Consistency has been my friend!

J’s Story

I just don't notice that much difference.


Two peels: TCA 20% - 2 layers on 12/15/20 and 2 layers Jessners plus Dream Peel on 2/24/21.

Editing to remind everyone to wear your sunblock. This is the left side of my face (driver's side) and it had significantly worse sun damage. I've always worn sunscreen but was outdoors a lot last summer and my sports sunblock wasn't sweat-proof, as you can see. I'm now a fan of hats.

Carol’s Story

My first hand peel ... I spot treated with 30% which gave me a healthy respect for tca.

The second picture is after 3 weeks... spots appear pink but hardly noticeable after they faded( 2nd pic is in the comments). I had pretty dark (age) sun spots as I was raised in sunny Eastern Washington prior to sunscreen.  

The 2nd pic is showing my last peel as it flaked and the last is my hands today.

I’ve had way too much caffeine today so I get veiny. Tonight I am doing a 13% face peel focusing around my eyes and mouth. Nothing too drastic...maybe 3-4 layers plus Luminosity. I think I peeled faster with Luminosity than the Dream Peel but that could be my imagination. Sorry I don’t have my beginning photos... I had dark spots so I’m sure I cropped them out of pictures.

Florence’s Story

A result of my sun spots
Tca 13%, luminosity and fade bright.
With no makeup on!

My monthly peels in order:

  1. 2 layers tca 13%
  2. 2 layers tca 13%+ cross méthode on sun spot with q-tips with tca 13% for frozing
  3. 2 layers tca 13%+cross + luminosity
  4. 3 layers tca 13%+cross + luminosity
  5. 3 layers tca 13+ cross + luminosity

Annette’s Story

Karen’s Story

June 24 (left) - Aug 1, 2021

I’ve been using Glycolic cleanser / toner / Fadebright, Vit C and Cotz 50 faithfully since June 24.

I’ve done one peel with 1 layer Jessner, 1 TCA 13, 1 addl TCA 13 on my big spot.

I hadn’t noticed such a difference until this picture today in the sun! I’m 50! Next peel coming soon!

Sandy’s Story

A little late to the game but this is my progress so far! I don’t have an updated pix since I haven’t done a peel yet since May or Jun (was waiting on the Jun sale to get more products). It’s actually much lighter now than this latest photo taken (the Apr 2021 one).

And I’ve been inconsistent with my pre-treat (I know, my bad, every 2 weeks come around & I still feel I’m not ready to do a peel). This time around I’m ready to do one soon!

This is testament to PSC & Jennifer George Tilney! Your products work! Thank you so much for saving my life! And I have learned so much from you!

This is PIH on my arm that I didn’t pre-treat properly & used another brand’s TCA 25% which I have now thrown out! I was so depressed & stressed out & I found PSC & PSC literally saved me!

Edit: Updated pix Sep 2021

Lorise’s Story

Sheesh! My hyperpigmentation was so bad!!

2 TCA peels and monthly maintenance with Dream Peel
Fade Bright and High Octane daily
Enzyme Mask 2x a week.

These products are 💣

Jodie’s Story

PSC has helped to change my life!!!

I have been on a life improvement journey since January. 4 years ago my son passed away and I fell into a deep depression which caused me to not take care of myself. I never took very good care of my skin anyway, but the last 3-4 years it was really bad.

So in January I quit smoking after 30 years of smoking over a pack a day, I got Botox, and started researching skin care. I stumbled upon PSC and the rest is history!!!

I still have a ways to go. Many more peels to go and I’m still battling with these pores and blemishes. But they are so much better that I can look in the mirror every day and love what I am looking at. I enjoy taking care of my skin and am always counting down the days until I can do another peel!!

I will be 45 next month and feel like I am turning back the clock now instead of making my skin older. I always wear sunscreen… always.

Thank you PSC and Jennifer George Tilney. I hope it makes you feel so good knowing you have been a part of changing so many peoples lives. Bad skin can really bring people to a horrible place within themselves. And PSC products really work, and quickly. Thank you!!!

Bee Lou’s Story

I've done two 20 percent tca peels lately about 4-5 weeks apart in July and August 2021. The first time I did two layers and the second time three. The second time I had much more frosting and a full weeks' worth of peeling. The results are dramatic to me!! **I've also done both IPL and BBL lasers to remove the brown spots and neither laser helped. These results are just from the 20% TCA **

Carol’s Story

I started using the 13% TCA peel in May. I completed a series of six peels between then and November. I have done as many as 5 layers, but only once. There were times the third layer felt like my face would burst into flames! I also did 2-3 Mandelic 40 peels during that time as well. I would suggest taking photos of your journey so you can see the progress. They may not be pretty, but they sure are telling. The photos on the left are the before. Obviously no make up and no filter!

Phyllis’s Story

Just finished peeling!! Did a Jessners x1 plus TCA x1 plus Dream peel on Saturday night. I’m 54 for reference. Use PSC products for my daily routine since July and love it!!!

EDIT: I started using PSC products in July 2021 (1st pic). I did about 9-10 Mandelic 40 then I did a peel in November that was 2 layers of TCA 13. In December I did a layer of Jessner and a layer of TCA 13. This time I did one layer each of Jessners and TCA 13 plus I used the Dream Peel as a topper

Megan’s Story

Before and after of using Platinum. Regimen is listed below. I am 32. I have autoimmune hashimotos and celiac disease. I have to be soooo carful what I use on my skin. As an esthetician I love top grade products that work. My mom gifted me Platinum for Christmas I am blown away by Platinum!

I started using Platinum mandelic peel, eye lift express, intense eye treatment, retinol 30, face wash, toner, vitamin c cream, fade bright, and B complex vitamin B cream in December of 2021. Putting both the eye serum and the cream on at the same time made a HUGE difference! Also I have on no makeup in both pictures. I believe the eye roller made my eyelashes grow too! Sooo happy with my results of just two months!

Tonya’s Story

I can’t believe the difference in my skin in just a short time. FYI, until recently I had been washing my face with a bar of Irish Spring and never even used a moisturizer. A big part of the change was probably getting so much dead, damaged surface skin off. I’ve been solely using Platinum Skin Care products with the exception of botox on my forehead and using a dermaroller now and then, mainly on my lips. I always had problems with redness and I’m so glad not to see that anymore!

No makeup in either pic. I have on sunscreen in the second pic and it is reflecting in spots and looks a little shiny.

I use glycolic face wash, fade bright, hyaluronic acid vit C, vit B, emu oil, serum 30, derma snap, caffeine eye roller and glycolic peels. I’m working my way to a TCA peel next.

Lara’s Story

This post is just to say thank you Platinum for changing my skin.

I’ve just been to the dermatologist today.

I am 41. The consultant said my skin was beautiful.

I have terrible low confidence in this area and I have never had anyone say that to me in my 20’s or 30’s let alone now I’m over 40.

I have no make up on at all in this pic and although you can just see a little mild rosacea (I really flush up after a glass of wine), my skin texture this last year is so much healthier.

I’ve used TCA (gently) a number of times and a series of mandellic peels along with a healthier lifestyle and the results are better than anything else I’ve ever tried

Pamela’s Story

I have been using PSC products for just over 1.5 years. My goal was to have a more even skin tone, reduce pores, fine lines and treat the dark circles and bags under my eyes.   I have never had sensitive skin and other than having very oily skin, I've never had any real skin issues.  

Today, I went to get my hair cut (new stylist) and she said to me "oh my God, you have such beautiful skin. What is your secret?" I have never had anyone ever tell me that, EVER!!!   We are both the same age and she was so jealous of my skin and said that she looks like a bag of dirt. Lol. Of course I did share my secret because I love PSC products.

I was so ecstatic and felt so good about how I looked.

I have been using Fade Bright, Eye Duo, Jessners, TCA (worked up to 20%) and Dream Peel, a couple other products and sunscreen. I am from Canada and it can be get expensive so I am selective about my purchases and there is no doubt they work!!

I will be 56 this Dec and am a mother of three grown children and 2 grandchildren. My hubby says that he is aging, while I am not.

Pics are not before and after. They are within 8 weeks of each other. I am not a big selfie-type person lol, but really wish I had of taken 'before' pics.

Thank you PSC!!

Sherry’s Story

"Your products are absolutely amazing. I have tried other products and they were all useless. Once I found your website and bought your products I was so impressed and I no longer had to look for anything else. Yes you can absolutely use my photos to show other people results from TCA and Dream Peel."

Megan’s Story

Wow! I just finished my third jessners peel. The first one I did two layers with luminosity. The second one I did three layers with luminosity. This one is did four layers with dream peel!! I cannot believe the peel I experienced! I will always use dream peel from here on out! It enhanced the jessners and exccelerated the peeling process!! So happy with the results!! I’m sloughing the last bits off on day 3!!

Crystal’s Story

6 months in and I’m so happy.

I lost my confidence for so many reasons . I let myself go and I couldn’t stand to look in the mirror, I can’t be more thrilled to find PSC.

2 TCA peels and 2 series of mandelic . I’m not sure if it’s noticeable in the photos but in person to me I can’t believe the change, firmer skin. I don’t care if I don’t wear makeup anymore. I know I have a ways to go but wanted to update. Here’s to products that deliver! Thanks to all who have helped me along the way.

T.A.’s Story

I wanted to post my results for anyone scared to try TCA peels with the cross method. I’ve just started doing peels in September and have a long way to go until I have the results I want, but so far I’m pleased with how things are coming along.

I did the cross method on my pores and a few large scars on my face. I was scared so I only did a few areas. Next time I’ll cover more of them.

I followed the protocol from PSC and gradually added layers each peel. Adding the jessner peel is a game changer for pore size. I saw the most dramatic results on pore size from that combo peel.

Here’s what I did:

Heather’s Story

My first chest peel I did correctly! Last year I tried, but the itching was too much and I got scared and washed off once the itch kicked in.

This is 3 passes TCA 13 and light coat of dream peel topper. This second or after pic is day 8. I am shocked and beyond happy with results!

Brenda’s Story

I just got my Platinum products today!! My Christmas present to me.. I can't say enough about these wonderful products.. I have been using them 10 months. February will be a year.. And my skin looks and feels amazing..Thank you Jennifer and Platinum Skin Care for everything..   I'm 58 years young thanks to these wonderful products...

I've been using Fade bright, Dr Platinum formula, Vitamin C and sunscreen in the mornings.... Evenings Fade bright and Retinol.. I started out doing a series of Glycolic 30.. Then moved up to Glycolic 50.. then I moved on to TCA peels. After my peels I apply Fade bright, Luminosity and Emu oil.

Jennifer’s Story

3 peels done between beginning of March to May of COVID.

3 - 13% TCA with one including Dream Peel.

I use the whole anti-aging line everyday am/pm. Adding Syn-TC, Syn-Ake & Matrixyl-Syn6.

Using the Lactic Acid to wash Am/PM.

Melissa’s Story

In December, I did my second TCA 13% (3 passes) plus Dream Peel. I see improved texture and a softening around my eyes.

Very happy with the results and will do a January peel next week along with arms and legs.

Monica’s Story

PSC products have worked awesome on my skin. Fade bright, TCA 13% + dream peel, eyes peel and emu oil are my game changer. I have been using them for hyperpigmentation, eyes wrinkles, texture etc.

Christy’s Story

I love how clean it makes my face feel with the dry feeling afterwards.

Lisa’s Story

Meet Lisa. She sent us this video to tell us all about her skin and the products (peels and treatments) she is using on her 50 something skin.

She has a very fair complexion, so any of the peels will work nicely on her. She chose TCA since it helps to stimulate collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans. It is truly the Anti-Aging peel.

Her favorite MAIN peels are the TCA and the Vitamin A Dream Peel. She did most of her peeling over the winter time and through the early spring.

She loves the Matrixyl Synthe'6 in our Dr. Platinum Potions for her eye area. It is excellent for crows feet and has a whopping 35% active to really give her great results.

For her dry skin she uses our DermSnap 8LM full of anti-aging peptides to help deeply hydrate her skin and also help with fine lines.

Retinol .20 at night helps to keep your pores clear and tight, your skin turning over and always looking fresh and "glowy" all the time.


Christy’s Story

Came across this pic i took right before my very first TCA peel (3 yrs ago). My melasma is almost nonexistent now. Three years of consistent peels, switching over to Platinum products, applying sunscreen religiously, and staying out of the sun has changed my skin tremendously.

Came across this pic i took right before my very first TCA peel (3 yrs ago). My melasma is almost nonexistent now. Three years of consistent peels, switching over to Platinum products, applying sunscreen religiously, and staying out of the sun has changed my skin tremendously.


Marisella Beat’s Acne

Katie Loves Dream Peel

Marisella Beat’s Acne

Katie Loves Dream Peel

Amber’s Jessners Peel Results

Amber’s Jessners Peel Results

Jacqueline’s Story

Jacqueline’s Story

Laura Smoot
Has Complete

Anja’s Story

For the past year Anja has been doing TCA 13% and these are her results after 4 peels.

Her goal was to minimize my huge pores, scars and sun damage.

So excited for her!

Anissa’s Story

Anissa loves to use the Jessners and TCA 20 peel for her 49 year old skin.

She is getting amazing results and is following our protocol of doing a full regimen for the best results.

**We always suggest beginning with the TCA 13% at 1-2 layers your first time. Work up to 5 layers - if you wish - before moving up to a TCA 20. Take your time and let your skin regenerate. TCA has been proven to help stimulate collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglyans in the skin. It is the prefect anti-aging peel.

Jessners is a dual purpose acid with Acne and Pigmentation being the most common uses. Many like to layer both the Jessners and the TCA together for a deeper peel. You can see our video on how to do that here.


Carrie’s Story

So yesterday I posted a pre and post peel pic from this past week. This is my pre and post after using the peels and products for almost 2 years now, and getting monthly facials.

It’s mind-blowing! My major concerns were sun damage, pores and anti-aging. Hats and sunscreen are now my best friends!


Michelle loves our Masks

Victoria Love’s Our Retinoids!

Jaime’s Lip Transformation

Andrea Mink

Here are my results from my first combo peel. I did 2 layers of Jessner's, spot treated my "old lady lines" with TCA 13%, and one layer of Dream Peel as a topper, on 2/17. Today is a full week later, and it's improving a little more every day!

Alphabet Cream Testimonial : I always forget to mention this as part of my daytime regimen. I haven't used foundation in years. I decided to put myself together today, and am dragging my hubby out to dinner lol! Forgive the harsh bathroom lighting, but I wanted to provide really accurate, natural photos (I HATE SELFIES LOL!)

These photos are no filters, Alphabet Cream (light), a little blush, and obviously eye make-up. I'm 47.

Esparanza’s Story

To any of the new folks wondering if peels work…

This improvement has occurred after only 4 months, and three peels.

Also, using fade bright twice a day.

Even I didn’t realize how much improvement there had been until I compared photos.


Why Choose Platinum?


At Platinum, we pack our products with top grade actives and provide the best at-home peel education on the internet. If you’ve been looking for answers, we have you covered.

Why Choose Platinum?


At Platinum, we pack our products with top grade actives and provide the best at-home peel education on the internet. If you’ve been looking for answers, we have you covered.


When you’re starting a peel series, nothing is better than having a community to support & guide you.


We created Peel University so you can learn what to do step-by-step. You can’t get this anywhere else.


Doing your first peel will be simple and easy with our “peel with me” videos.


Our timeline guides walk you through every stage of the peel.