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  • AB Cleanser. Acne Face Wash. Glycolic, salicylic, lactic acid.

AB Cleanser


Product Description

Professional Strength Deep Cleanser

You are already washing your face every day to help control your acne, right? *Actually, it should be two times (morning and evening). But here you are shopping .... yet again. We really need to fix that for you! The reason you are on this page right now is because what you have been using, well obviously it hasn't worked out for you! That is because what your skin NEEDS is deep pore exfoliation from a higher percentage of acids, and we can help you. There is a reason this is our #1 selling cleanser. Find out now.

THE BEST ACNE CLEANSER! Glycolic, Salicylic, and Lactic acids accelerate the removal of your dead, dull skin, increase collagen, and reduce the appearance of those fine lines at the same time!

  • Clean deep into clogged pores.
  • Accelerate the removal of dead, dull skin.
  • Slow sebum production in the skin.
  • Reduce pigmentation from acne.
  • Clear blackheads with salicylic,

All acids are great for sun damage and hyper pigmentation and this is no exception. Use this 2x daily and follow with a toner! Totaling a whopping 11% in acids.

This Active Cleansing Gel formula will thoroughly remove excess oil, surface impurities and make-up. Its alpha and beta-hydroxy acids and natural enzymes help to exfoliate the skin's dead cells, while the Trikenol and tea tree oil help with bacterial problems. Recommended for normal to oily and Acne skin types. Keep away from eyes and mucous membranes. It will also prepare your skin for at home acid peels, and help to maintain the beauty you have achieved.

  • Glycolic - Gently exfoliates all skin types.
  • Salicylic - Drawn to oil filled pores. Clears and exfoliates.
  • Lactic -Hydrating acid. Good for pigmentation and light exfoliation.
  • Sepicontrol tm - Seboregulator & Oily, Acne Prone Skin. An active ingredient for greasy, acne prone skins. It controls the five major causes of the skin imbalance.
  • Trikenol tm - Remarkably reducing the growth of microorganisms involved in skinrelated ailments.
  • Tea Tree Oil - Antiseptic and anti-fungal activity.
  • Eucalyptus Oil - Strong germicidal and antibacterial effects.



Purified water, Glycolic Acid ultrapure tm 8%, SD alcohol, Olefin Sulfonate, Cocomidopropyl Betaine, Propylend Glycol, Salicylic acid 2%, Lactic acid ultrapure tm 1%, Polysorbate 20, Eucalyptus oil, Tea Tree oil, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Methylisothiazolinone, Benzyl Alcohol, Methylropanediol, Leptospermone, Salix Alba (willow) Bark extract, Polysorbate 80, Flavesone. .

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  1. Did not try it yet 5 5 Stars

    Posted by on

    Did not try it yet

  2. One step to ZERO breakouts 5 5 Stars

    Posted by on

    I L-O-V-E this cleanser. I have been using it for over 3 months and I am super impressed with the results! When I use it consistently morning and night, I have ZERO breakouts. This cleanser keeps my skin clear and balanced without drying and it is very gentle. But this now, you won't regret it!

  3. AB Cleanser for Acne 5 5 Stars

    Posted by on

    My FAVORITE cleanser -- and I've tried nearly every cleanser ever made. My face feels clean but not dry, and medicated without any irritation. Smells great, like tea tree oil and eucalyptus. Aromatherapeutic but not too strong at all (I'm super sensitive to smells). Highly recommended.

  4. AB Cleanser 5 5 Stars

    Posted by on

    I have used this cleanser for a very long time. It is a staple in my cabinet. It is great at helping me keep my acne under control. It cleanses without leaving my face overly dry. I do not use this cleanser AFTER a chemical peel. I switch to the Lactic Cleanser. Anytime my skin is too dry, due to peels or climate, I use lactic cleanser. But most of the time this is my cleanser of choice.

  5. I will always repurchase!❤️ 5 5 Stars

    Posted by on

    ❤️I love my new AB cleanser. I had the skin where new bumps/pimples would appear almost daily, I also had a lot of hyperpigmentation from being impatient and popping them. Every blue moon I would get HUGE ( I MEAN QUARTER SIZE) cystic acne on my cheecks. Side note- I saw a picture of myself last summer with a cystic acne on my cheeck and OMG I was so brave because I wouldn't leave me house for anything now if I still had cystic acne.My skin is a lot clearer and softer. This cleanser never gave me that overly tight feeling like other cleanser have in the past. If you have acne prone skin no matter dry,oily,combination I would recommend this product all the way. I personally started seeing major results within 3-4 weeks. I just love Platinum Skin Care in and out and THIS CLEANSER IS WORTH EVERY PENNY!❤️

  6. Skin is getting smoother everyday. 5 5 Stars

    Posted by on

    Skin is getting smoother everyday. Love it!

  7. Skin is getting smoother everyday. 5 5 Stars

    Posted by on

    Skin is getting smoother everyday. Love it!

  8. I have been using AB 5 5 Stars

    Posted by on

    I have been using AB cleanser for about two years. I have oily, acne prone,and aging skin. In my personal experience, it is the best cleanser I've found: it cleans my problem skin effectively without being overly drying.

  9. It is the best at 5 5 Stars

    Posted by on

    It is the best at keeping my acne under control. Note that you have to use on a regular basis to get good results.

  10. I regularly purchase the Platinum 5 5 Stars

    Posted by on

    I regularly purchase the Platinum SC AB Cleanser for my son. He is a young adult now living away from home. The important point here is that he lets me know when his supply is nearing it's end!! If you parent a son, you know that's truly remarkable!! AB Cleanser works to keep his really tough skin clean and clear. We appreciate your products so much, Jennifer. Thank you!! A Mom

  11. Awesome cleanser! I purchased the 5 5 Stars

    Posted by on

    Awesome cleanser! I purchased the cleanser, toner and scrub for my twin teenage boys. In just two short weeks, there is already a visible improvement in their skin. Just one more reason I love Platinum Skin Care.

  12. I have been using this 5 5 Stars

    Posted by on

    I have been using this cleanser for 3 years and I get it sent all the way to Australia because I have never found anything that helps clear up my breakout prone skin! Feels great, leaves my skin soft and reduces oiliness. Won't ever use anything else!

  13. I love the AB Cleanser. 5 5 Stars

    Posted by on

    I love the AB Cleanser. My face feels smooth and clean after using it. I started using it with my Clarasonic, and together they work hard & give a clean like no other.

  14. Amazing!!! 5 5 Stars

    Posted by on


  15. I love the AB Cleanser! 5 5 Stars

    Posted by on

    I love the AB Cleanser! I thought it might sting, but it doesn't--plus, it smells really good!

  16. Great price, works well! 5 5 Stars

    Posted by on

    This product line and brand definitely works for me! Ever since I started using this cleanser, the AB toner, and the B complex serum my constant moderate acne has been reduced to the occasional pimple! I use the AB cleanser and toner at night, for when I really want a deep clean, and then a more gentle cleanser in the morning. Definitely plan to continue using this brand :)

  17. The AB Cleanser has performed 5 5 Stars

    Posted by on

    The AB Cleanser has performed better than prescription formulations, other online available formulations, and any drug store formulation. My son, now in his early 20s, fought with physicians' assistance persistent acne on his face for several years before we discovered Jennifer's site, Platinum Skin Care. What impressed me early on was her detailed explanation of skin behavior and how her products address it. What impresses me now is the clear, radiant appearance of my son's skin and the accompanying confidence boost. He does not want to be without the AB cleanser (or the face-wash brush)! This is my go-to gift for him for any occasion! It IS a gift! Thank you, Platinum Skin Care !!

  18. This stuff is great 5 5 Stars

    Posted by on

    This is the first acne cleanser that I've used that actually works without over drying my skin. I'm 51 and still have some acne, and now wrinkles to combat. This stuff is great.

  19. Superb Cleanser 5 5 Stars

    Posted by on

    I've been using this for one month along with the AB toner. The first week, immediately after use, my skin itched but applying emu oil stopped it and made it comfortable again. I use it daily now with no itching. I also use the emu oil 2x day after washing my face. I'm late 40's with LARGE pores, some small blemishes, but small clogged pores. After one week's use I noticed the debris in the pores started to lift right out without any prompting other than a wash cloth. After week one, I applied 15% salyc acid for 1 minute followed by 30% glycolic acid for 5 mins. After 3 of these treatments (weekly) and using this cleanser/toner daily along with emu 2x day. my skin is glowing. The pores will require tca which I'm working up to - hopefully I will try next week. So I wouldn't run out, I re-ordered this cleanser and the toner. Products were ordered on the weekend and delivered on Wednesday. Great service. I just ordered the vit C and Copper Serum and can't wait to see more results.

  20. Highly recommended! 5 5 Stars

    Posted by on

    At 23 years old, my skin started breaking out badly and nothing couldn't get in in control. All the cleansers I've tried either dried out my skin or made it worse. This cleanser is the best so far! My skin is glowing and it doesn't dry out my skin!

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