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​Beauty Gifts Ideas (That won’t offend!). Great ideas for her, him--and kids!

Posted by Posted by Dana Ramos, author of the best-selling book: The Skin Regime; Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin . See below for purchasing info. on Dec 04, 2015

Beauty gift ideas that won't offend. Great for her, him and kids

Now that we are past Thanksgiving, I’m starting to feel a little Santa-mental… I’m looking over my list of gifts I want to give… and my savings account. I bet you’re doing some of that, too!

Here are some ideas for beauty-full gifts that won’t break your budget and won’t offend anyone, as in: “You gave me pimple cream? Are you trying to tell me something?”

1. Let’s start with getting a gift for you: This is the time of year where big department store brands like Estee Lauder will sell you highly-discounted makeup kits in attractive bags or boxes if you buy one of their fragrances. These seasonal makeup packages are stuffed full of items with many different colors and if sold separately, would cost much more. So, you can buy the fragrance for yourself and give away the kit—or vice versa. Or give them both away to two different people.

2. Sephora (online and in the stores) also feature discounted packaged kits this time of year, such as huge palettes of eye shadows with every imaginable color, or a perfume sampler kit with miniature bottles of several fragrances, or kits with tons of different shades of lipsticks or nail polishes. Consider breaking up the sampler kits and use each individual item as stocking stuffers, or wrap each item in pretty paper and hand them out to your office friends along with a Christmas card. Giving a gift of a new set of makeup brushes to replace the old grungy ones is a good idea, too.

You can find less expensive holiday palettes in larger drugstores or at Target, Kohls and Walmart and use the same idea of breaking up the sets to give as individual gifts.

3. With the same idea in mind—and even less expensive—visit one of the large drugstore chains or dollar stores and head for the discounted beauty bins. Pick out lots of nail polishes, lipsticks and glosses, pretty hair ties and bows or clips, inexpensive mini-fragrance bottles and the like. Take a look at some of the fun and easy-to apply and remove nail decals, too. Then get a bunch of colorful little gift bags or cellophane wrap and assemble grab-bags: Fasten each of them up with a glittery strip of ribbon or bows and ta-da!—you have a bunch of customized beauty gifts ready to give away (and you can enjoy any left-overs for yourself).

4. Another great idea: You cannot put a price-tag on something you create. You’d be surprised how simple it is to make luxurious homemade sugar body scrubs and scented hair-oils that you simply pour into jam jars or bottles and tie with ribbon; it’s easy to find the instructions on the Internet (where you can also find great recipes for making natural, attractive soaps). Just search for “homemade body scrubs,” or oils and soaps and you’ll find plenty of no-fail recipes made with sunflower, coconut, avocado and Vitamin E oils to name a few. Tip: consider adding in some  wonderful Emu Oil for a truly unique and skin-tastic recipe.

Gift ideas for Christmas

5. Do you have a friend who gets stressed out during the holidays? Write “Stressed is ‘desserts’ spelled backwards” on a holiday card and include a gift certificate for a massage at a local salon or spa or Massage Envy chain. Or a pamper-yourself gift certificate for a mani-pedi is sure to please anyone, including some guys on your list.

6. Don’t overlook us for do-it-yourself, either! Your salon-happy friends who appreciate good skin would surely appreciate discovering that she can save tons of money by giving themselves at-home peels and other treatments with our products. Because it’s hard to know what sort of skincare to give someone else, let me suggest some combo sets that are good for ALL skin-types, even those with sensitive skin.

7. The 1-4-All Peel and products by The Skin Regime are made for all skin types, and because the 1-4-All Peel is layer-able, from mild to strong, even a newbie can use it with confidence! The Skin Regime Starter Pack even comes with everything—including a copy of the humorous book The Skin Regime; Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin.

8. For the teens in your life, the  Basics combo pack has a good-for-everyone starter line of great skincare products: cleanser, toner, a day cream and a night cream. It is never too early to start taking great care of your skin, and learning good habits.

9. For the men on your list, check out the  Nitro Line of men’s care products for all skin types. There is even a combo kit for him, too!

10. Children (and Moms) will appreciate the gentle and nourishing unisex lotions and hair-care items in the L’il Ones line. (How about giving it to a Mom-to-be, who will surely appreciate a baby gift that is not another bib). The L’il Ones 4-piece kit comes cutely packaged with a rubber duckie—sure to bring a smile!

Have a BEAUTIFUL holiday season!

Where can I buy Dana's Book?

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