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Dry Skin No More! Learn What To Do Here

Posted by Jennifer Tilney - CEO Platinum Skin Care on Nov 20, 2015

Dry Skin No more Derma Snap 8LM

Now you should know by now, here at Platinum Skin Care, we have something for everyone!

Are your wrinkles looking deeper? Is crepey skin making your face (and neck) look like it is just laying across your bone structure? If you pinch a piece of your skin, does it stay pinched for a couple of seconds before relaxing?

Your skin is DEHYDRATED!

Go drink 8oz. of water and then come back here to read more. Seriously! Go... your skin's health is important. We will wait. 

tick - tock - tick - tock -

Feeling refreshed now? Good, now I am going to give you a few hints on how to get your skin looking like it is ALIVE again!

Hop On The Scale

First of all, go weigh yourself. *You don't have to tell me what it says - it's your secret. We only need to know the number. Let's say its 140. Ok? If you weighed 140 you would cut that number in half. So 70 now. OK, easy. You need to drink AT LEAST 70oz. of water every single day.

Drink Water

You can do this. I like to buy the 33oz. Smart Waters. *I love how that water tastes with the electrolytes. Yum. Now you know you have to drink at least 2 of those every day then a couple more glasses. Put a teaspoon of lemon juice in there if you want a different flavor. Lemon also helps the water get deeper into your body. Good all the way around.

Take Supplements

After your body's hydrated now you can do something more. I like to take pure Hyaluronic Acid supplements every single day. Hyaluronic acid is excellent for your skin, inside and out. You can find pure supplements at just about any vitamin store or on Amazon. After a month you will find your skin is more hydrated, your joints will be moving better (less pain if you have any issues), and you will be looking better too. *Don't believe they are working? Stop taking them... I dare you. You will see the difference then! That will be a supplement you don't ever want to run out of. Trust me!

Another supplement you NEED to get into your daily regimen is EFA's, or essential fatty acids. Key word here, "essential" meaning your body needs it but can not create it by itself. EFAs support cardiovascular health, brain function and development, skin health, and offer many other benefits for your body. You can get EFA's from oily fish like salmon, herring and mackerel as well as dark leafy vegetables, walnuts, eggs and almonds. Want to know the easiest way though? Hey, just in case you don't eat everything "perfectly" you can always grab another supplement. You can find EFA's in every vitamin store around. You can ALSO get your EFA's from a teaspoon of Emu oil.


If your skin is dry and flaky you MUST exfoliate. You need to remove the buildup of dead skin layers so that your skin can function at its best. Also, with a buildup, your skin doesn't get to absorb the topical treatments you apply as easily. You don't want to waste your DermaSnap 8LM do you? Of course not. So exfoliate with a good scrub like our Diamond Dermabraion Cream, or perform a daily washing with a Lactic acid cleanser (which is also hygroscopic - meaning holds water) then our cream will penetrate to right where it needs to go. Now, in the evenings apply a super regenerating serum like Retinol Molecular Therapy. Our molecular serum will gently exfoliate and encourage new cell turnover while penetrating hydrating actives deep into the layers of your skin.

Deep Exfoliation

Peels, never forget a deeper exfoliation. Now you don't have to do this every day - PLEASE do not. But on a weekly basis, we highly suggest an acid peel. Lactic is great because it is gently exfoliating while remaining a hydrating acid. This is great if your skin is fragile or sensitive or if you are new to peels. If you are looking for a bit more then look to mandelic or glycolic as a nice weekly or bi-weekly peel.


Hydrate with a great moisturizing and anti-aging cream like Derma Snap 8LM every day which combines botox alternatives with intense hydrators like emu oil, hyaluronic acid and squalane *from the olive NOT the shark. Feel free to mix pure emu oil with our pure hyaluronic acid as an alternative moisturizer - just in case your face is perfectly line free and you just need moisture. ;)  ... and lucky you!

Don't Wait. ... Get the skin you always wanted with Derma Snap 8LM NOW.

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