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Is He Man Enough - For Skin Treatments?

Posted by Dana Ramos, author of the best-selling book: The Skin Regime; Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin on Feb 19, 2015

Men's skin care

It’s true: Men and women are different. Their skin is, anyway, and not just because of the amount of hair they grow on it. One of the key differences concerns the dermis—and collagens within it—which is considerably thicker in a man's skin. Also, men often have worse acne, they sweat more, and get ingrown hairs more readily.

Even with those differences, most commercial products for men in the drugstore are essentially the same as women’s; companies often just slap on a more “manly” looking label so a guy won’t be embarrassed by feminine-looking bottles on his side of the medicine cabinet. But there are some products that really do address a man’s needs; for instance, moisturizers that are lighter because a man’s skin tends to have more natural oils and they don’t need—or like—heavier products or those with a greasy feel.

But one thing is the same for men and women: They can both benefit tremendously by doing regular skin peels and using preparations containing some glycolic acid and/or hyaluronic acid. Those products address fine lines, mild acne, pore size, skin tone, and overall skin improvement for men the same way they do for a woman.

Okay, so if you’re a guy who says, “No way, no how, end of discussion,” then at least, at the very least, please don’t use your deodorant soap on your face. Get a moisturizing soap like Dove (in the drugstore) and use that on your face. If you insist on using only ONE soap for your entire body, and you require a deodorant soap, then at least find the most mild and moisturizing deodorant soap you can.

But if you are a man who is [secretly] interested in some easy first steps toward improving your skin, consider starting with the Nitro line which has 4 simple products: A cleanser, an after-shave balm, a light morning moisturizer and an evening moisturizer.

Maybe you are a guy who is really interested in looking younger or better, and want the kind of great skin you see some women attaining, but you don’t want any side effects—such as having post-peel redness or flaking. Maybe you want to use a peel, but aren’t sure what strength to use or how to get started. Then try the easy 1-4-All Peel by The Skin Regime. This peel is LAYER-ABLE; one layer will be very mild and won’t give away your little “secret.” And it only takes a couple of minutes!

Keep in mind that it might take a little longer to reach your skin goals if you stick to more mild peels. So try this: When you have some time off, or during the winter or summer when you can blame some redness or flaking skin on “a ski trip” or “a weekend at the beach,” use 2 or 3 layers of the layer-able 1-4-All Peel. Additional layers of the 1-4-All Peel will give you a stronger peel with more exfoliation and smoother skin, more quickly, and can also help eliminate or reduce the occurrence of ingrown hairs. A man’s skin is tougher due to a thicker middle layer (the dermis), so using stronger peel products are often recommended.

If you are a guy who wants to bring out the bigger guns and get rid of your fine lines NOW and look younger NOW, you have the same choices women have in a doctor’s office: You can get “filler” injections, Botox, and laser treatments for scars and deeper resurfacing the skin. Look for a good “cosmetic dermatologist” for those kinds of treatments.

And finally, guys—just like women, your skin will age quickly without sunscreen and put you at greater risk for skin cancer! So you really should use sunscreen, every day if possible and especially if you will have outdoor exposure!

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