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Post-Summer Skin Rescue * Get Your Skin Back in Shape and Fix Your End-of-Summer Skin Issues

Posted by Dana Ramos, author of the best-selling book: The Skin Regime; Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin on Sep 18, 2015

summer skin issues

Did you slack off your routine this summer?

Well, it was summer after all, and maybe you were traveling and didn’t want to use products and then go out in the sun, maybe you weren’t always using sunscreen, maybe you were also a little lax in cleansing your skin as well as you’re supposed to…

We’ve all slipped up on skincare from time to time. But now maybe you’ve got some breakouts, maybe those brownish spots you had succeeding in getting rid of have come back--and the tan you shouldn’t have been working has faded and you can see that your skin isn’t looking so hot (even though the weather might still be).

Don’t feel bad—we’ll get you fixed up in no time! First, I need to give you a mini-lecture: Next year, try not to expose your skin to the sun—it is the number one culprit of aging and skin cancer and nearly every unwanted skin issue. But what is done is done and I’ll not beat you over the head with it; but it would be remiss of me not to be sure you also know that using peels and retinoids and then going in the sun is a very bad idea and you should not let it become a yearly vacation ritual. You can take a break from your products, no problem, but adding in the sun—especially on exfoliated skin—is extra harmful.

sun damaged skin

Here’s the quick fix: Give yourself a series of peels (2-6 over the course of a few weeks). When you have finished the series, then go back on your retinoids and other maintenance products, adding them in slowly, for instance—one product a week.

Here’s the SUPER quick fix: While you are waiting for your skin to regenerate, and want to tighten up some lines and under-eye puffiness NOW, why not try out Lucky Potion #9 . It works immediately and lasts several hours.

Here are some peels for you to try, depending on your skin type

Newbies or those with sensitive skin: If you are unsure about peels because of sensitive skin or if you have rosacea, you can use a very mild peel, like the Mandelic Peel at 22% strength. Another great choice is the 1-4-All Peel because it is layer-able: One layer is very mild, and if you want a stronger peel you simply keep adding layers.

Normal and Combination Skin: A great all-around peel is the Glycolic peel in the 30% or 50% level . Glycolic peels are tolerated by most skin types, are simple to use, and are very effective for fixing all the problems we noted above. And as mentioned above, the layer-able 1-4-All Peel (Link, same as above), contains not only some glycolic, but other effective acids as well.

Once you have re-booted your skin with peels, you can easily maintain and continue to improve by adding in other products to target your specific needs. One of the most important additions you should consider is the Retinol Molecular Serum , a close cousin to prescription Retin-A. If you are new to retinoids or have not used them in a while, start with Level 1 and move up to stronger levels one your skin has become tolerant.

Keep in mind: While you are getting your skin back in shape you may have some periods of irritation or peeling. This is normal and you’ve probably been there before. If that happens, back off and treat your skin gently for a few days, using very mild cleanser such as the Gentle Cleansing Lotion. And hydrate and soothe your skin with the Apple Stem Cell Caviar Extract Hydration Mask.

For a full discussion on creating a personalized skincare routine and a maintenance program that is right for you, check out my book The Skin Regime; Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin (see info, below)

Where can I buy Dana's Book?

The Skin Regime; Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin, available as a Kindle download or Buy paperback to buy your paperback copy from Platinum Skin Care. You can also read the first chapter--FREE--by click here to read 1st chapter.

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