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Skincare and Traveling The Absolute BEST Tips to keep skincare easy while on holiday. Also-- a handy packing list

Posted by Dana Ramos, author of the best-selling book: The Skin Regime; Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin on Jul 16, 2015

Travel and skin care

It’s hard enough to stick to your diets when you are traveling—you surely don’t want to have to think too much about sticking to your skincare routines. But it’s good to do some maintaining; after all, you put a lot of effort into getting great skin and you don’t want a few days to set you back—there’s nothing worse than returning from a holiday and bringing back unwanted souvenirs of zits and sun discoloration.

I break down the tips for you below—and you’ll find a handy packing checklist of skincare and related items. Modify it to your specifications and you’ll be good to go!

Basic Tips:

  1. If traveling by air, keep in mind the limits of carry-on liquid products: Bottles cannot be larger than 3.4 ounces and all bottles and jars—including toothpaste—must be able fit in a quart-size Ziplock bag. If you need more, put less-important items in your checked luggage, along with anything sharp like small scissors or needle-pointed tweezers.
  2. Another air-travel tip: Cabin air is drying, so keep a little moisturizer and lip balm for your face and hands handy (Pure Shea Butter can be used for both). Moisturizing eye drops can be helpful as well.
  3. Get sample sizes of your needs, if possible (many products here on Platinum are offered in sample sizes—if you aren’t sure if your products are available in a sample size, call them at 1-800-917-3155).
  4. Be sure you get leak-proof travel bottles; use permanent markers or masking tape and pens to label them easily. And keep them in plastic bags just in case those “leak-proof” bottles end up leaking. Better play it safe rather than ending up with the dress you were gonna wear to the wedding smeared with makeup foundation and hair conditioner!
  5. Pack for where you are going: To a Cold climate?—bring extra moisturizer. To the beach?—extra waterproof sunscreen with the highest SPF possible. To a Middle-East War Zone?—bring along a psychiatrist.
  6. We tend to get off our usual routines when traveling, and that means we tend to forget to drink our daily water requirements. Set reminders on your phone to stay well-hydrated throughout your trip; your skin will look better and you will feel better as well.
  7. Pare down your makeup needs to the minimum. Decide on the absolute necessities, such as one all-around neutral color eye-shadow, matching eyeliner, etc (see my Handy Packing List for suggestions, below).
  8. Make a trip to one or two of the big drugstore chains and check out their selections of travel and sample-sizes; For the sake of convenience, consider changing from your usual brands of deodorant or toothpaste to whatever is available in the travel-sizes. In the same section, you’ll probably find other useful items and bottles and jars for travel.
  9. Consider painting your nails in a very light, neutral, sheer color because chips will be less likely to show during your trip. Or just shine-buff your nails and/or use a clear base coat for the week; this will eliminate the need to pack nail care items.

What You Just Have to Bring:

  1. Cleansers and moisturizers. Many hotels provide soaps and lotions, but I have yet to find a hotel with products that can work for every skin type. Pack the ones you love.
  2. Sunscreen. Keep in mind that SPF has expiration dates, so if you have sunscreen more than a year or two old, throw it out and get new bottles.
  3. Prescription Treatments: You don’t want to stop using what the doctor has prescribed for your skin, so put some in small bottles or jars that are carefully labeled. Many dermatologists have sample sizes of prescription treatments; ask her office if they have some they can give you.

What You Can Leave Home:

  1.  If your hotel has complimentary shampoos and conditioners (you can call ahead and ask) and you are not picky about them, leave them home.
  2. Makeup remover: Try bringing disposable remover wipes instead. Your moisturizer can double as a decent makeup remover while you’re traveling. Give it a test-run before deciding whether that works for you.
  3. Perfume bottles: Buy a small atomizer to fill with your favorite scent, or bring little samples sizes. I know a woman who saves up tear-out magazine perfume samples—she has a new scent to try every day on vacation!
  4. Mouthwash: Can you go without for a week? Or maybe the hotel supplies little bottles for you to use? Toothpaste is a must, of course, but mouthwash is an extra.
  5. Don’t need scrubs and peels: Your skin is likely to be more sensitive from air-travel, sun, heat, cold, or salt and chlorine water exposure. Wait until you get home to freshen up with your favorite at-home treatments.

Some of Our Products You Might Like to Consider for Traveling

  1. Pure Virgin Shea Butter. This can be used all over—even the lips. Always keep a small travel jar stuffed with it in your pocket. Available in sample size!
  2. Advanced Care Moisturizer: Not as thick as the Shea butter, this great moisturizer is good for face and body and for all skin types, eliminating the need to bring different moisturizing lotions on your trip.
  3. Gentle Cleansing Lotion:  A mild cleanser for all skin types.
  4. Basics 3-in-1 Cleanser: A little more cleansing power with fruit acids and scrubbing crystals.
  5. Pure Emu Oil:  If you get too much sun, a sand rash, wind burn, or an allergic reaction—this oil is great for all skin types to calm and soothe.Pure and Certified.

travel packing list

Skincare and Beauty Travel Checklist
Modify this handy packing list with your must-haves and specifics, and you’re good-to-go!
Want to Download and print this list? Click Here

Body soap
Face Cleanser
Body Lotion
Facial Lotions/Moisturizers
Sunscreen: facial and body
Self-tanning lotion
Facial prescription creams
Facial other: toner, special preparations
Lip balm

Cotton balls or pads
Shaving razor, blades and shaving cream
Hair removal cream
Disposable hand sanitizer wipes or baby wipes
Nail care: polish and remover, nail files, cuticle trimmers

Hair conditioner
Hair brushes /or comb
Hair other: bands, clips, blow-dryer, styling tools

Teeth retainers (if you use them)
Denture cleansers and paste
Eye Shadow
Eyebrow pencil
Mascara and eyelash curler
Makeup brushes and sponges/applicators
Sharpeners for crayon-type makeups
Makeup remover

Ear-drops/swimmer’s ear drops
Contact lens solution and case
Bandaids and/or mini first-aid kit
Bug repellant
Feminine hygiene, pads, tampons

Clean undies (yeah, I know—not skincare related. But I just had to put it in here! )


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