Ethnic Skin | TCA CROSS | Face Peel | Eye Peel

Ethnic Skin | TCA CROSS | Face peel | Eye peel

We are very pleased to share a video with you today. This is from a customer of ours, Janet. Make sure to check out her Instagram account: @detox_body_skin_n_mind

She did such an amazing job performing her TCA peel **with 3 different percentages** that we really wanted to share this with you.

First: TCA CROSS on acne scars **This is her FIRST treatment. She will do at least 3 more and her collagen will continue production for up to 9 months after a peel.

Second: TCA Face Peel

Third TCA Eye Peel

See this extremely informative interview with Dr. Davin Lim speaking about performing CROSS and other modalities on ethnic skin coloring and how to be safe. It isn't about how STRONG the treatment is. ...Safety is the most important thing to consider. The Darker the skin the Longer the treatment will end up being using milder percentages. 

With ethnic skin you need to Pre-treat with a melanin inhibitor to help prevent PIH in the skin. She of course, did this perfectly. She explains which percentage she is going to use on her Eyes, her Face and also on her Scars which she obtained after a bout with cystic acne.

We have some wonderful before, during and after photos so that you can see how the process works. Enjoy her video. When you are ready to purchase the TCA Peel, please go here: