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Ethnic Skin Care A Guide to TCA Cross & Chemical Peels

Ethnic Skin | TCA CROSS | Face peel | Eye peel

In today's age of beauty and skincare, chemical peels are increasingly becoming a popular choice for those seeking smoother, clearer, and more youthful skin. Especially for individuals with ethnic skin, understanding the nuances of chemical peels can help achieve better results while preventing unwanted complications.

A Real-Life Journey with Janet

We are thrilled to spotlight a real-life experience with chemical peels. Janet, one of our esteemed customers, has graciously shared her journey with us in a video. For those of you interested in a personal take on the process, be sure to check out her Instagram account: @detox_body_skin_n_mind.

Janet expertly performed her TCA peel using three different percentages, offering invaluable insights:

  • Firstly, she showcased the TCA CROSS method on acne scars. Remarkably, this was her inaugural treatment. Janet has plans for at least three more sessions, with the understanding that her collagen production will continue for up to nine months post-peel.
  • Secondly, she delved into the TCA Face Peel.
  • Lastly, Janet discussed and demonstrated the TCA Eye Peel.


For those seeking a deeper understanding of the TCA CROSS method, especially on ethnic skin, an interview with Dr. Davin Lim is highly recommended. Dr. Lim emphasizes that the focus shouldn't be solely on the intensity of the treatment. Safety, especially with ethnic skin, is paramount. As he notes, darker skin might require longer treatments using milder percentages to ensure safety.

Precautions for Ethnic Skin

Janet's approach is an exemplary model for ethnic skin chemical peel treatments. She meticulously pre-treated her skin with a melanin inhibitor to stave off potential post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). This preparation is vital for ethnic skin, as it aids in preventing the formation of dark spots after the peel. Janet thoroughly explains the percentages she opted for, detailing her choices for her eyes, face, and the scars she unfortunately acquired from cystic acne.

Discover the Journey Visually

We invite you to witness Janet's chemical peel journey. We've compiled a series of before, during, and after photos to provide a clear understanding of the process. If you're a visual learner or simply curious about what each stage looks like, these images will be particularly beneficial. Dive into Janet's insightful video to see her firsthand experience.

Ready to Embark on Your Chemical Peel Adventure?

Inspired by Janet's journey? When you're ready to embrace the transformative power of the TCA Peel for yourself, we have you covered. Visit us at Platinum Skin Care to purchase the TCA Peel suitable for your needs.

Expert Tips & Final Thoughts

Venturing into the world of at-home chemical peels requires thorough research, understanding your skin, and seeking guidance when needed. With the right products and techniques, the results can be transformative. Resources like Platinum Skin Care, testimonies like Janet's, and expert advice from professionals like Dr. Davin Lim can guide you on a safe and effective journey to rejuvenated skin. Always prioritize safety and remember: every individual's skin is unique, and results can vary. Happy peeling!



Q: What is the TCA CROSS method for ethnic skin?
A: The TCA CROSS method involves applying a concentrated TCA solution to acne scars, promoting collagen production and reducing scar depth.

Q: How does ethnic skin react differently to chemical peels?
A: Ethnic skin has a higher risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Pre-treatment with a melanin inhibitor can prevent dark spots after the peel.

Q: How many TCA treatments are required for visible results?
A: Typically, multiple sessions (3-5) are recommended, with results enhancing over 9 months due to continuous collagen production.

Q: Are chemical peels safe for all ethnic skin types?
A: Yes, with proper preparation and post-care, but it's crucial to use milder percentages and prioritize safety.

Q: Can TCA peels help with cystic acne scars?
A: Yes, the TCA CROSS method specifically targets deep acne scars, promoting skin healing and scar reduction.