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About Free Sample Request with purchase

All Platinum customers can choose 1 free sample during checkout process. We want you to be able to try all of our products. You may choose one item from the drop down menu. It will be sent to you in your order.  If you do not choose, we will put in one based on the items in your order - because we are AWESOME like that! 

Will I always get my sample? 

There are a couple of occasions where you might not get a sample. 

1. We are out of that one. This does happen. We try to put an alternate sample in your order if at all possible. 

2. We may have missed it. We apologize, but we are only human and on a very RARE occasion a sample may be missed. We do sincerely regret when this happens - but we can NOT send a replacement one to you. This is cost prohibitive for us with today's shipping fees. 

3. Damaged samples are rare, but can not be replaced. 

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