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The results of a glycolic peel can be dramatic or minimal - depending on the strength (%) and intensity (pH level) of the peel. Seeing a drastic improvement in texture with just one peel is not usual, but best results will be had over time. Over the course of 5-8 treatments, a noticable difference will be seen in fine lines, wrinkles, and the effects of solar damage. Usage Before a glycolic peel is even performed a pre-treatment program should be followed for at least 2 weeks to prepare the skin properly. Any time less than 2 weeks will not allow even penetration of the peel solution due to the many different levels of build-up on the Stratum Corneum (outermost layers of skin). 2-Week Pre-Treatment Program. This program is a combination of a Glycolic Serum, Vitamin C, RetinA or Retinol, Hydroquinone (for spotting), Sunscreen, and Moisturization. We recommend the following: Glycolic Serum 15, Vitamin C 20, Retinol .10%, Fading Gel, SPF #29, Hyaluronic Acid or Emu oil. Glycolic peeling is a progressive treatment and a desirable result will not be achieved with one or even three peels. A series of 5-8 peels, administered every other week, is the recommendation for our "Lunch-time" peels. the time between peels allows for the skin to heal and a new cellular growth to occur. Eventually, the peel should be done on a 4-6 week rotation in rhythm with the skin's natural process. To determine sensitivity, perform a patch test (behind ear) and check in 24 hours for excessive irritation. Read all precautions before beginning!NEVER do a peel more than 1X per week on your entire face! *Unless you are following specific instructions for scar removal, or are doing a spot treatment!



  1. Thoroughly cleanse all areas that are to be treated with an acidic pH cleanser. You may need to wash 2x. *The 10% Glycolic is ideal.
  2. Defat the skin with Peel Prep Solution A.
  3. Get a timer and set it for desired peel time. (see chart on reverse side).
  4. Pour a small amount of solution into medicine cup. Dip a folded gauze pad and saturate. Squeeze out any extra against side of cup. *Never use dripping gauze on face
  5. Apply peel in a HORIZONTAL motion across the entire face/neck.
  6. Apply peel again, this time in a VERTICAL motion across the entire face/neck. This is to ensure the best coverage possible. Re-soak your gauze as necessary to make sure you are applying an even coat of peel solution.
  7. The cheek, lip and nose areas are the most sensitive, so they should be done last to avoid excess irritation. Avoid eye and mucus membrane areas.
    *A stinging/itching sensation is normal when using the Glycolic Peel Solution. Watch for any redness and neutralize acid with a dab of water if necessary.
    Use the time chart as a guide on how long to continue the peel. Watch for pinkness or redness.
  8. Neutralize for 2-3 minutes with a neutralizer. Rinse with cool water.
  9. Pat skin dry and follow with a plain moisturizer -Emu oil or a pure Hyaluronic Acid would be ideal. Now is not the time for any active ingredients a.k.a. glycolic, retinol etc..
    An Enzyme mask or gentle grain exfoliant can be used on the 3rd day to help remove any light flakes.
  10. Make sure that you use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. (Because this product may make your skin more sensitive to the sun, be certain you have adequate sunscreen protection while using this product and for several weeks after wards). *per FDA
  11. Repeat next week on the same "spa" day!


1. What is the next step now that I have finished my 8x treatment? Now you have a few options. You can stop doing your weekly/Bi-weekly peels for another 2-3 months, and then start over again, or you can cut back your peels to 1x every month.
*Acne sufferers may want to keep peeling every other week or two to keep on top of their issues.
No matter what your choice, continue using your ACID cleansers, toners and serums during the week.

2. I think the solution I purchased was too strong for me. How can I lessen the %? You can lessen the percentage by mixing in either pure aloe gel or purified water (in a separate container) by following the formula 2/3 Peel solution 1/3 Aloe or Water.

3. I think the solution I purchased was too weak for me. What can I do? EXTENDING TIMES! If you have reached your maximum time, and you still feel you need more, don’t waste your solution.
*You can apply the solution in layers to keep it active. Apply solution, wait 2 minutes and reapply again. This will drop the pH level back down so you can leave it on for longer! You may apply again if needed.

4. I do not see peeling, is it working? Just because you do not see any visible flaking does not mean the peel isn’t working. Most of the loosened skin comes off during your daily cleansings. If your skin “feels” smoother, it is working.

5. How many peels will I get from my bottle? 1/2oz.=22.8 peels
1oz. = 45.6 peels
2oz. = 91.2 peels
4oz. = 182.4 peels (average 10 drops pr peel).

If you have any medical questions as to whether you should be performing these peels...Consult your physician or dermatologist before you proceed!

See FAQ #3 If you are an EXPERIENCED peel user you may extend the times, at your own risk, for a deeper peel.
*See directions in F.A.Q #3 to strengthen peel/ leave on for longer!
It may take 2-3 days to notice the results of your peel. There may be more color on your sunspots for the first few days, until the new skin cells grow. You will get results! Be patient, and let your skin rejuvenate itself!


Check with your doctor before use if you are pregnant for ok.

Never apply another transdermal product during a glycolic peel (No Emu oil until after you have rinsed thoroughly!)

Never use a glycolic peel if you have been/are-using accutane in the past 6 months.

Never apply a peel after another facial exfoliating product (scrubs of any type).

Stop using Retin-a at least 3 days before performing a peel.

Keep the Glycolic Peel Solution at least a quarter of an inch away from the eyes and mucus membranes.

If severe skin irritation occurs, remove the product by rinsing with cool water and consult a physician.

Do not apply to irritated, sensitive skin or skin with open wounds or after extraction.

Do not apply the Glycolic Peel Product more than once in a 7-day Period.

Do not expose your face to the sun for 24 hours before or after the application of the Glycolic Peel. Then use a minimum SPF 15 on a daily basis.

Do not apply the Peel to skin that has been waxed or shaved within 24 Hours.

Slight reddening of the skin may occur for a limited period of time especially with sensitive skin types.


I understand and acknowledge that I am under no obligation to follow any recommendations made by the seller. I understand the seller does not treat illnesses and any information received is intended to help me make an informed decision. I assume the risk of any adverse effects or consequences resulting from the use or misuse of any of the suggestions, preparations, or procedures. I hereby release, hold harmless, and discharge the seller and all of its officers, employees, agents and suppliers from all claims of damages, demands, or actions whatsoever in any manner arising from or growing out of my participation.
Misuse of this product can cause injury or burns! Always follow directions exactly! Do not extend peeling times past 15 minutes! Used as directed, our peels and products are safe and effective. By using this product you agree that Platinum Skin Care and or Platinum Skin Care Inc. assumes no responsibility for misuse of this product or for any consequences or injuries as a result of using any of our products. KEEP OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN!

Due to the pharmaceutical nature of these products, all sales are final.

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