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Our Guarantee

What makes Platinum Skin Care special? It is our diligent attention to our customer's needs and safety. We have your best interest at heart when we create our products. We utilize only the purest, most technologically advanced ingredients, which will not only meet, but hopefully exceed your personal skin care needs.

Our products are formulated in an FDA and EPA registered laboratory. This insures not only that your products are free from contaminates, but that they are created in a location which will not add to our governmental contamination problems. Everything is regulated and disposed of properly.

Our products are guaranteed to be the exact formulations, pH levels and ingredients as specified. Our chemical peels are formulated using only reagent acids. These are the highest quality acids available. We utilize Ultrapuretm acid which has been refined to be a 99% pure solution. Since the acid is free of contaminates, it leads to a more comfortable peel for the user.

Our products have the true Free Acid Availability stated on each label. As unfair and misleading as it seems, this is often not the case with many product lines who utilize blends, and can lead to vast confusion on the true potency of a product.

FREE ACID - This means that our 30% solution (formulated from a pure 100% glycolic base) is a true 30% glycolic peel. There is 30% Glycolic acid in our formulation.

Other companies would state that their products are 30% - when in actuality - they may be only a 30% blend. A blend can consist of the acid plus other ingredients.

Our pH levels are set at a level which will most benefit your skin. There is not a perfect pH level for a chemical peel. Most doctor's utilize lower levels for quicker, more obvious results, where as most at-home peelers prefer the safety of a buffered peel (and the minimal downtime involved).

Our adjusted peels are set within a range 2.0-2.3 pH level (glycolic 30 & 50, salicylic 3, 15, 25, & lactic 50), and our unbuffered peels (TCA 7, 13, 20 & 30) are set at their natural pH levels. *The lower the pH the more aggressive and quickly the acid works.

A peel will have a low pH level to aid in penetration and strength.

A leave-on product will command a higher pH level (usually around 3.8-4.5) as not to irritate the skin, but to still provide action with the acids.

Our site is geared to be extremely informative - not an annoying "sales pitch". We try to help our customers choose the products that are right for them ... and also to lead them away from products that are NOT right for them. We give you published information about the efficacy of the products for you to review, as well as the most common uses for the ingredients posted. If you are having a problem deciding, we are in the office (M-F 9-4:30 Est 1-586-598-6093), or are available by email to help steer you towards the products we think will work for you.

Our products are formulated to be Non-Comedogenic! This means that the ingredients we use will not clog your pores or cause acne.

We do not utilize miniscule amounts of active ingredients just to say we have them in our products. We put in the full, necessary amounts to give you the benefits you are looking for! You will be hard-pressed to find this in many other "major" brands.

“The supplier affirms by fulfilling this order that it does not conduct or commission animal testing of any cosmetics and/or household products, including without limitation, ingredients or formulations of such products, supplied to Platinum Skin Care after January 26, 2016.”

Please read through our testimonials to see what our customers have to say.