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Fusion A Retinoid Concentrate

If there was an ingredient that was worthy enough to be deemed “magical” … Vitamin A would be it! Far from fluff, and backed by decades of studies, retinoids are one of the most highly regarded ingredients recommended and used by dermatologists.

Fusion A Luminosity Retinoid Concentrate

Long-time high strength RetinA™ users choose Luminosity 0.55.

1 Bottle

Derma-Zyme Enzymatic Scrubbing Mask

4 oz.

TCA Peel 7

If you want to peel, TCA is routinely the number one peel that hundreds of thousands swear by. It is known for stimulating collagen, evening skin tone, minimizing pigmentation, and so much more. This peel is your gateway to high-impact skin transformations.

1 oz. Box with 6 Vials - 18 Individual Applications

Regenerate - Maximum potency EGF & Stem Cell Therapy

1 oz. Bottle

Fade Bright

This advanced formula features lightening ingredients such as Alpha Arbutin, Azelaic Acid, Kojic Acid, and newly added Granactive Retinoid and Glutathione for effective pigment inhibition. Consistent application, paired with sunscreen, is essential for achieving and maintaining optimal lightening and an even complexion.

2 oz. Bottle

Copper CP Serum

1 oz. Bottle

Learn How to Peel

Introducing Peel University

We’ll send you access to Peel University & our Facebook group so you can learn how to peel & get all the support you need!

Just grab your discount to get started!

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Testimonials from the Penn Smith Facebook Community

Sarah’s Story

I'm excited that Penn will be reviewing PSC. it really is so popular in this group I've used their glycolic acid 50% peel and TCA peel and their video and written instructions make the process clear and less daunting. I did try the Dream Peel too but as a long term tretinoin user it didn't really do much for me. I also feel my results from a TCA 13% peel may have been less dramatic than for somebody who is not a long term tretinoin user or who does not use exfoliation AHA/BHA products in a regular basis.

Angela's Story

I love PSC products!!! I'm very pleased with the results I've seen since I started using their products approximately 3 months ago. I use the revitalizing cleanser, regenerate, vitamin C, GHK lux, super cop, multi acid 30, and fade bright

Laura's Story

I regularly use this line and have seen incredible results! I use many of the products in the line now and continue to see nice results. This was after a series of Jessners/TCA peels from Platnium. I also microneedle every other week cosmetic level. I recently added the Mandelic peels and they are amazing too! I do not to Jessners/tca and Mandelic. I only switch to Mandelic in the summers

Chewey’s Story

Yay! Finally! Been waiting for Penn's feedback on PSC peels or any at-home peels. I have been using the Jessner peel focused on removing/reducing years of accumulated sun spots. I'm 52, Fitzpatrick IV and an avid distance runner/triathlete. Even with spf 50 + and re-applying, the sun damage/sun spot accumulate and starts to appear in the 40-50's. I'm on my 3rd Jessner peel session (2 layers, then 3 layers and now completed 4 layers). I'm seeing significant results with the peels more than 5 sessions of derm office laser treatments. I plan to add TCA 13% to my Jessner peel for anti-aging. The sun damage impacts collagen production and my wrinkles are deeper because of the sun damage. The Fade Bright is a great alternative when cycling off Hydroquinone 4% as pre-peel prep. My HG is ascorbic acid, niacinamide, tretinoin 0.1%, Azelic Acid 20%, HQ 4% or FadeBright and PSC peels.

Sandra’s Story

I LOVE Platinum Skin Care! I love their products so much I no longer have rouge status at Sephora because almost every single skincare product I use is from PSC. Their peels are amazing and keep my skin looking its best.

Cia's Story

a bit over 2 years with them, this is after my last Jessner's, TCA 20% x 3, Dream Peel finish. This was day 5 so still some peeling, and noticeable tinted sunscreen. It was an aggressive peel that I worked up to over time. I go mandelic for summer. I'm 66. I use their other actives , washes, body lotions too.

Michele's Story

Platinum's reputation for educational beauty is far superior than any other brand. They want you to know and understand how to properly use the products you are purchasing, including peels! Always excellent customer service! I use several products daily and love them.

Lynn’s Story

Nothing but good things to say. Reliable, honest, quick service. High quality, multiple peel products that are effective, that really work, and are fairly priced with many discount options. No over promising, no hucksterism. Spectacular, deep bench of detailed, good humored educational videos covering every detail. Very responsive and infinitely patient with customer concerns. Track record of incremental improvement of products over time as they tweak formulations in response to feedback and new research. Innovative company run by a woman. Platinum saves women a bundle compared to doing peels in a medical office. Acne products are first rate and their recommended regime for acne is excellent. My impression is that Platinum really knows what they are doing and are a great company. Would make a great case study at Harvard Business School IMO.