Platinum Gift Box

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Platinum Gift Box

Platinum Gift Box

Platinum Gift Box - perfect for a few smaller items or 1 large and 1 small. 

This beautiful glossy foil stamped box has the following dimensions.

5.5" x 2" x 2"


It holds most items including:


5oz. Cleansers/Toners/Emu oil.

1oz. GABA & DermaSnap 8LM on an angle.

2oz. Vitamin B Comples on an angle.

2oz. / 1oz. and smaller.



9oz. Virgin Shea Butter sideways.

2oz. jars Scrubs/Masks on side. Acne wipes.

1oz. Luminosity and High Octane Vitamin C.

Peel pad jars and prep jars.

.5oz. Platinum Eyes.


Has a teeny-tiny bulge *but will work perfectly fine for 1 item.

9oz. bottles. (cleansers/toners/bodywash) on an angle.