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  • Super hydrating, pure virgin shea butter. Soothe and heal skin. Treat skin conditions on children and adults.
  • Moisturize severely dry skin, massage use, Stretch mark prevention, Heal and soothe irritated skin,  treat Psoriasis, Eczema treatment, babies and children. Shea butter, naturally soften skin, protect against elements. Heal and soothe irritated, itchy skin. Shea butter is anti-inflammatory.

Pure Virgin Shea Butter


Product Description

Please choose a scent or you will receive UNscented.

*Butter will be firm in cooler temperatures and can become liquid in extreme heat. Be cautious when opening your jar.

Pure Virgin Shea Butter

Shea Butter Nut

The Natural Choice for body care.

With out a doubt, this is the finest moisturizer you will ever use on your body. Pure, natural shea butter melts into your skin and leaves it silky soft and smooth all day long. Not just a few minutes like other less emollient butters. If you have not experienced shea butter - we highly suggest it! You will probably never go back.

It has an array of amazing healing properties stemming from its physical make up of vit. A, vit E, and cinnamic acid. Our shea butter is manually refined to give it a super creamy, light consistency with minimal to no scent. Our shea butter is collected from the Karite tree in the savannah grasslands of West Africa. It is a very soft butter and is considered to be of superior quality.

Platinum Skin Care is exceptionally pleased to be able to offer you this preferable variety of butter! It is unprocessed and does retain a slight aroma. It smells like an oil or fat (hence its high moisturization properties). We suggest a light fragrance is added. *We have several to choose from.

Our butter has been lab tested for its high vitamin A and cinnimic acid content as well as its low moisture content, all very important for a top grade shea butter. Our butter is of very consistent quality, creamy color, with a typical shea butter aroma. Color: Pure white to off white. Shea butter is perfect for:

  • Moisturizing severely dry skin.
  • Shea butter leaves skin supple and soft.
  • Excellent for massage use.
  • Stretch mark prevention.
  • Heal and soothe irritated skin.
  • Psoriasis, Eczema

Shea butter is excellent for use on babies and children. Shea butter naturally softens their skin and protects it against elements. We recommend Unscented for babies.

Heal and soothe irritated, itchy skin. Shea butter is anti-inflammatory. It increases the healing of wounds and improves scars. It is used to heal eczema, burns, rashes, severely dry skin and to lessen the irritation of psoriasis. Soothes skin after shaving or waxing.

The sun produces free radicals which in turn increases the rate at which skin ages and can even become cancerous. To avoid damage skin needs year round protection- especially with the decreased ozone layer. Shea butter contains natural UV sun protection. Daily usage of Shea butter on the face and body drastically reduces sun exposure- slowing down the rate of aging due to external factors, as well as acts as a natural mantle to protect against elements such as cigarette smoke, smog and chemical pollutants in the air.

Shea butter can be naturally or chemically extracted using the chemical hexane. Hexane alters the affect and purity of Shea butter. Our Shea butter has been naturally extracted, cleaned and deodorized by our African Shea Butter source withOUT the use of hexane.

Shelf life of approximately two years from date of purchase.

Available scents

Awapuhi Seaberry - Awapuhi is Hawaiian for "White Ginger." Imagine a fresh ocean breeze with a whisper of floral accompanied with a perfectly mastered blend of melons and berries. This is truly an island sensation.

Angel - Same as perfume

Apple Jack - A festive combination of McIntosh red apples, juicy oranges and Madagascar vanilla perfectly complimented with our own special blend of spices. This one has "tis the season" written all over it.

Baby Powder -A classic baby powder scent including subtle cedar, rose and ylang ylang

Bay Rum - animalistic growl for men!

Bergamot & Chamomile Fragrance - A smooth bergamot scent with hints of tangerine, neroli, green moss, pear in a light chamomile tea.

Bitter Orange Orchid Fragrance - it smells just like orange pekoe tea with a touch of floral. It's rich, but not too heavy and lingers on your skin.

Blueberry Muffin - Blueberries, vanilla, butter, sugar and a hint of spice make up this fragrance.

Brown Sugar & Spice - Vanilla hints and light baking spice breezes are companions to the brown sugar anchor.

Chocolate Mousse - Chocolate mousse smells like a freshly made milk chocolate dessert.

Coconut Lime Verbena - A tantalizing fusion of fresh coconut, lime and invigorating verbena soothed by luscious vanilla. *Compare to Bath Body Works*

Cotton Candy - Cotton Candy is more than just pink fluff, it has vanilla notes mixed with hints of cherry.

Cucumber & Melon - A perfect blend on melons and cucumber with incredible results in cold process soap!

Energy Fragrance - A revitalizing and refreshing citrus scent with fruity notes of mango, papaya and lime.

Gingerbread and Spice - This old fashioned medley is the perfect infusion of molasses and brown sugar; topped with the perfect blend of cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger.

Green Tea - Green Tea is celebrated for its unique, refreshing and subtle aroma.

Hibiscus Passion - Top notes of green pear, crisp apple, a fresh pineapple are intertwined with cress, hibiscus, muguet, and violet blossoms while sheer musk adds character and sophistication.

Iced Pineapple - Ever thought of bringing sand and a wading pool into the family room? Deliciously tropical pineapple and coconut.

Juicy Pear - This new pear will have you drooling. Fresh, fruity, green and staying power!

Lilac - A fresh spring floral that can almost melt the snow away by itself. Refreshing and soft, not heavy. Northern gardeners will recognize this fragrance immediately, just as Southern gardeners recognize gardenia.

Love Spell - Just like at Victoria's secret.

Pink Sugar - Pink sugar is a blend of bergamot, raspberry, fig, vanilla, caramel and musk. Many references show a scent of barbe-a-papa which means Papa's Beard meaning cotton candy. Absolutely fabulous!

Plumeria - Plumeria is a Hawaiian delight that is out of this world. The fragrance is also known as the Flower of Bali or frangipani. Like B&B works.

Punch Party -A fun, fruity scent that is fabulous for summer! An umbrella drink blend of pineapple and coconut, with a touch of banana and a twist of lemon. How could we make it better? We topped it with a single raspberry! MMMMM!

Strawberries and Champagne - Created as a mimic of Victoria's Secret.

Tangerine & Tulip - A blend of citrusy notes and fresh spring florals. Tangerine, lemon, white lily, tuberose and carnation make this fresh breezy fragrance a winner.

Warm Vanilla Sugar - Yes, it is a type! Bath & Body Works has the original. We have just improved upon it.

Perfume Scents

Paris Hilton Can Can Version - Casis, clementine flower, wild orchid, nectarine, musk, orange blossom, woods, amber

Paris Hilton Women's Version - Frozen Apple, Peach Nectar, Wet Ozone, Sparkling Muguet, Freesia, Mimosa, Jasmine, Tuberose, Musk, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Oakmoss

Halle by Halle Bery for Women Version - Floral Woody scent with fig and mimosa.

Ed Hardy Women Version - Tropical Mango, Wild Strawberries and ruby red grapefruit with a rock n' roll edge including black freesia

I am King for Men Version - Tangerine juice, orange, cranberry, french berries, kir royal cocktail, currant, ream, champagne, mediterranean aquatic notes, key lime pie lemon cream, labdan

Issey Miyake for Men Version - A spicey geyser, citrus, mandarine orange zest, bergamot, yuzu and sweet orange, camphor, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg and saffron, blue water lily, incense, ambergris, benzoin and papyrus wood.

Ed Hardy for Men Version - Citrus effects of bergamot and madarine, clary sage, sequoia wood accords, musk and amber.


Massage into skin. 9oz./266ml

Product Reviews

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  1. LOVE, LOVE IT 5 5 Stars

    Posted by on

    Great for chest.. I put it on at nite over my chest..and I don't get this chest wrinkles during the it.. plus for anyplace that needs the scents!!!


    Posted by on

    Love this stuff for chapped lips as it doesn't wear off fast and is a good moisturizing base under lipstick. It is thick but warms up in your hands when applied - great for dry heels and protects against chapping of hands in winter. I got the Bitter Orange and Orchid scent which DOES smell like Orange Pekoe tea - pleasing, mild scent. ( I wish you could get it in a coconut-vanilla or pineapple scent) The large jar is well worth the price, especially when on sale. **Platinum comment*** Yes, we have a great Warm Vanilla Sugar that smells heavenly! We will try to get in a pineapple scent.


    Posted by on

    I have used unscented shea butter in the past and, it doesn't smell great. Not bad, just not great. I purchased the cucumber melon, and while wonderfuly hydrating, the stuffy nose and watery eyes, is just not worth it. **[[[ Platinum Comment ]]]** Generally speaking the Pure Shea butter has a very light nutty scent which goes away after application. If you want the product scented with a fragrance super lightly, please just let us know in the info box on our PVSB page. We will do whatever we can to make the product work for you.


    Posted by on

    This is hands down the best moisturizer for dry itchy skin. I put it on and I can feel it all day long, no need to keep reapplying. I gave it 4 stars but that is not because the product doesn't work. The product is hard almost like a cold coconut oil consistency so I need to use a mini spatula I received with a different face cream to scrape it out of the jar and then warm it up with my hands before applying. My suggestion would be to include a tool like this with the product because you really can't get it out any other way. I ordered the warm sugar scent and it was very light. I will request it be scented heavier the next time because I will be ordering this product again when I run out. ***Platinum comment*** You will find that the natural consistency of Shea is usually quite firm in the winter months and a bit softer in the summer months. It liquefies as soon as you rub your hands together. Yes, lol, I believe if you have long nails the scooping may not work as well.

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