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Understanding Retinol and How to Choose One That Gets Results

Retinol Molecular Serums .10 - .20 - .30 here

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Retinol has either transformed your skin, or it’s been a giant waste of time and money...

There is no other product more confusing than Retinol because it’s one of the most ABUSED ingredients in the skin care world. And Trying skin care products and not getting results… just stinks.

Especially with Retinol. You finally think you’re going to see amazing results and it never happens..

Well, in order to understand how to get amazing results from retinol, and it IS the BEST product period for skin care results…

You have to look at a 2006 study by a group of Indian and German researchers, who compiled one of the most in depth studies on retinol to date.

Retinol works to reduce fine line wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, develop fuller plumper skin, and more. 100%. There is nothing like it. Especially when used over the long term.

But… What you probably don’t know is that how the retinol is formulated….

and the percentage in the product matter more than anything else when it comes to results.

Because in that study they cover some formulations where nothing happened.

And that’s the thing.

Just because your product has retinol in it, doesn’t mean the kind you're using, or it’s percentage will actually do anything. Because unlike Platinum, a family owned, made in America brand…

Most big skin care companies start putting profit before people.

Not us.

So how can you tell if it’s actually worth it?

In that study the only Retinol that gets results other than RetinA which is prescription only.

Is nano particle based retinol,

Which is the basis for our molecular serums we use here at platinum.

So #1 - It must be a molecular based retinol because they absorb deep into the skin and convert well to vitamin A. Which needs to happen if you want it to work.

#2 - It needs to have a yellow hue. Just look at the over the counter product. It’s a white cream.. feels nice, but.. look at this… This is our Luminosity, which is a .50%, like the kind they used in the studies… SUPER YELLOW…bright yellow!

#3 - You need to get the right percentage. Which is why I created this chart. At first glance it looks like our .5% luminosity is the most powerful out there. But that doesn’t take into account the that RetinA is more powerful.

So let’s just assign it a “Power Number” so it makes more sense. This chart more accurately compares the percentages which produced results in the studies. Whether it’s RetinA or nano. And you can see RetinA is more powerful. BUT.. It’s not that simple. RetinA doesn’t actually penetrate as deeply and in one of the studies they covered there were no significant differences between the two concentrations of RetinA. However, the higher percentage WAS more irritating.

Which is very important. The higher on this chart you go the more irritating the product. We NEVER start someone at .5% Retinol unless they’ve been using it for YEARS.

#4 - If you want Retinol to work over time you have to periodically raise your percentage to get the same impact. Which is why we have 4 levels. So that you can upgrade when you need to instead of staying stuck at the lowest percentage like the over the counter drugstore products that are too weak to get results… And that’s assuming those OTC retinol are molecular based, when in reality many are emulsified or esther based retinols that don’t even work to begin with. Now can you see why I can’t stand most retinol products and why I created ours?

#5 - You need to use it long enough. A lot of times I’ll see these 28 day or 45 day programs when ALL of the studies show the best results come between 90 days and a full year. Now if you’re wondering which one to buy here’s what I recommend.

If you have sensitive skin start at .10%.

It’s the most sensitive we make and if you’re prone to irritation I highly recommend starting here.

If you have normal skin start at .2%.

And eventually you can work up to .3% or using .5% intermittently.

But call us before you try getting to that level.

So now you’re a retinol expert, all you need now is to try our molecular serums today!