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What can I do to shrink my pores?

What can I do to shrink my pores?

Hi, I’m Jennifer from Platinum Skin Care and it’s time to answer another one of your questions. What can I do to shrink my pores?

I bet you think that since ice water can “close” your pores, that cold should do the trick, right?     Nope.  *By the way, that doesn’t really close them. Wink.

Maybe one of those super sticky pore strips?     Nope. Though it’s helpful for clearing them

Egg white mask for 15 minutes?    Nope.   Nope     Nope….

None of these things can actually change your pore diameter.

I’m sorry, but pore size is genetic. So you are “mostly” stuck with what you have.

Here are the FACTS:

Drier skin types will have smaller looking pores. 

Oilier skin types have larger looking pores. *It makes sense. Sebum flows out of the pores and thus they are larger.

Lighter skin tones tend to have smaller looking pores.

Darker skin tones tend to have larger looking pores.

Clogged pores will STRETCH even larger to accommodate dead skin.

Now what CAN you do about it?

Permanent solutions:

 This is a bit tricky, because there are only a couple of things that will truly “shrink” the pores. Everything else is temporary! If this is big on your list though, you should look into it.

  1. 1.     non-ablative laser such as a Fraxel or Medlite will work, as will an
  2. 2.    IPL photofacial such as a Palomar MediLux.   That’s it.

Long Term - Temporary solutions:

Prescription Accutane, or Tretinoin will shrink your pores, as will a strong retinol – like our Retinol Molecular Serum

*The KEY is that you must keep using them religiously – or your pores will loosen again.  That’s ok though, because you should be using retinol every evening anyways!  **I can attest to this one. I use Retinol for my acne (and antiaging) and my pores are definitely smaller.

Keep your skin clean. Wash every day.

Use exfoliating acids, serums, enzymes and peels to keep your pores clear. Then they will stay the appropriate size and not stretch to accommodate the debris.

Short Term Temporary solutions

Try a tightening serum like Lucky Potion No 9 or AuraSmooth Express. They can last 5-8 hours and sometimes that is all you need.

I will be back soon to answer more questions.  Have a great day! 

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